Broadway Nights

Hey blog world! This is a belated blog post. I would have written it much sooner but school, sports and living on my couch in pain for almost a week last week have gotten in the way. May 8th was marvellous! My sweet Glen (who, if I may pause to brag won a gold Duke of Edinburgh award that night!), Best Buddy Allison and I took in Justin Nurse and Erin Winsor’s “Broadway Nights” show. It was stellar!

When the show started Justin didn’t want to go on. His head had gotten too big from his success with short films (“Infanticide” was a very funny short film that he made with Krystin Pellerin. I reccommend checking it out. It’s under Canadian Reflections in the CBC app and maybe it’s on demand too, I’m not sure.) Erin managed to convince him to go on by singing “You’re The Top” from “Anything Goes”. It was a really catchy song. I liked it a lot.

Erin followed that with Alto’s lament. It showed off her range really well. One minute she was begging in soprano for the melody and the next she was unhappily singing her alto parts. It was impressive.

Justin is a very impressive singer too. He did a stunning performance of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” from Les Mis. It was really emotional. As was the duet of “All I Ask Of You”. It’s my favourite Broadway love song. Erin and Justin sang it beautifully! I loved it so much that I cried.

My favourite duet (and Glen’s too) was “Love Is An Open Door”! When I’d heard they would be singing from “Frozen” I was hoping to hear this song. I was thrilled when I found it in the program! It was so much fun!

Evan Smith was the pianist in the show tonight. Not only is he a superb piano player but he has a lovely singing voice as well. I was very happy to hear him sing last night. He did a duet with Justin. They sang “You’re Nothing Without Me” from “City of Angels”. This is a duet between an author and his fictional P.I character. I thought that was really neat. Justin and Evan sounded amazing together.

“Getting Married Today” from “Company”, the penultimate song of the first act was funny and very lovely at the same time. Claire Rouleau joined them onstage as the wedding singer and my mind was blown by her beautiful operatic voice! Glen said after the show that he was surprised that glass didn’t break when she sang! I’m looking forward to hearing her again on Sunday in “I’m Alive”, my friend Keith Power’s concert at the Masonic Temple. Erin was really impressive in this piece. She was singing about a mile a minute! I was really impressed at how she was able to go that fast! It was cool! She was really funny. It was her wedding day yet she didn’t want to get married! She was having a breakdown!

The 2nd act was my favourite act in the show. There were lots more pretty songs balanced out with some funny ones too! I loved “Hello Little Girl” from “Into The Woods”. Justin was a fabulous wolf! So sly and evil.

He was really funny when he sang “The Baby Song” from “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change”. It’s about a new father who can’t stop speaking in baby talk! Justin is a new father himself (his daughter Ella is the cutest!) I wonder if he can’t stop talking baby either?

“The Tennis Song” from “City of Angels” was awkward and made me feel a little uncomfortable. I’m old enough to understand all the double entendres that they made. Let’s just say that tennis isn’t all their singing about!

“The Girl In 14G” was a funny and super impressive piece performed by Erin. It’s about a girl who moves into apartment 14G and thinks that all is well until a “Shelley Neville wannabe” in 13G starts belting out opera music! When Erin sang the opera parts she sounded stunning! She has a lovely opera voice. Soon she discovers a nuisance living above her in 15G. This one is a jazz singer who scats incessantly! That was my favourite part! I Was really impressed with Erin’s scatting! It was awesome! I think she has a promising career as a jazz singer.

“If I Sing” from “Closer than Ever” and “Once Upon A Time” from “Brooklyn” were both lovely songs. I was holding back tears during both of them! “If I Sing” is about a son whose father inspired him to become a musician. Justin sang it with a lot of passion. He did amazing! Everyone, including Claire and Evan and also their friend Abra Whitney came onstage to sing “Once Upon A Time” and it was magical! All the stunning voices blending together sounded fabulous! I loved it!

After a reprise of “You’re The Top” with a neat little Newfoundland twist (you’re a stroll down Gower, you’re jiggs dinner etc) the show was over. Glen, Allison and I stood up and gave them the standing ovation that they deserved! All three of us loved every minute of the concert!

Before we left Glen and I got to see Justin and Erin! We got hugs from them (which was awesome) and we chatted for a while. Both of them are kind people with hearts of gold. Glen and I feel priviledged to know them and be friends with them. Here are some pictures we took together! With Justin Erin, Glen and me. Thank you both for a wonderful night of music! Glen and I look forward to seeing you both perform again sometime soon! XO!



Mormon Fever

Hey blog world! In my writing class at school we have been tasked with writing another short story. To see the previous one I wrote click here. This time around I wrote two! I can’t decide which to pass in. This first one is titled “Mormon Fever”.

“Hello, my name is Elder Price” sang Jeremy Wells’ voice on the radio “and I would like to share with you the most amazing book!” He then spoke “Come see Atlantic Light Theater’s production of “The Book of Mormon” starring Jeremy Wells and Justin Goulding June 5-8th at the Arts and Culture Center!”

Show day was fast approaching and the whole cast was very excited, Jeremy especially! Elder Price was his dream role to play and he finally landed it! He was always first to rehearsals and sung the songs from the show wherever he went! Little did he know that something would soon get in the way of his performance.

A few days before opening day Jeremy had a sore throat and cough. He thought nothing of it and figured it would go away before the show started. It didn’t, he got worse. He soon developed a stomach ache. Opening day arrived and when he woke up he felt miserable! He had aches and pains all over his body, he felt very hot and weak and he had a stuffy nose. He took his temperature and to his dismay he discovered he had a fever. He was devastated that he couldn’t do the show!

He called Jacinta, the artistic director of Atlantic Light to break the bad news to her. “Hello.” she said when she answered the phone

“Hi Jacinda” Jeremy said in a stuffy voice.

“My name is Jacinta. Who’s this?”

“Id’s me, Jeremy! I have a sduffy nose and cand say D.”

“You just did.”

“D as in deacup.”

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that. Try using a neti pot. That should clear your nose up and have you ready for rehearsal later on and the show tonight.”

“I wond be able do perform. I have a fever.”

“Oh dear! You poor thing. It’s terrible this had to happen opening day.”

“I agree. I wish I could jusd…” he attempted to sing “Durn id off, like a lighdswidch, jusd go flick!” he groaned “Ugh. I cand even sing! Dis is derrible! I’m really sorry Jacinda.”

“It’s ok Jeremy.” she said with a sigh “Get well soon. I’ll try and find a replacement. Bye.”

“Bye.” Jeremy replied and hung up.

“Doug what are we to do!” exclaimed Jacinta worriedly to her business partner “Jeremy just called and he has a fever. He can’t do the show!”

“Relax Jacinta!” said Doug trying to calm her down “This is why we cast understudies! I’ll give Evan a call and ask him to fill in.”

So he did. Unfortunately there was a family emergency and Evan was unable to perform as well. Jacinta began to panic. “What now?!” she exclaimed “Who in the world can learn the script, choreography and songs in…” she checked her watch “8 hours?!”

“It is a difficult task” replied Doug “but I’m certain that there must be someone out there who’s able.”

Several hundred phone calls later they realised Doug was wrong “I told you so!” Jacinta said “I guess we’re going to have to cancel. We cannot do “Book of Mormon” with no Elder Price! It’s almost time for final rehearsal. We best get to the Arts and Culture Center. You go to the lobby and let the box office know the show is off so they can start calling people and refunding. I’ll let the cast know when they get here.” “Ok then.” Doug replied sadly.

As Jacinta was heading to the rehearsal area she heard a voice, one she’d never heard before. “I believe that Satan has a hold of you!” it sang “I believe that the Lord God has sent me here, and I believe that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people! You can be a Mormon, a Mormon who just believes!”

Jacinta was astounded by this voice! It was breathtaking! She turned the corner and saw that it was the Arts and Culture Center’s elderly janitor singing the song as he mopped the floor. “Yes! Yes! The Lord God HAS sent you here!” she exclaimed joyously!

“Excuse me?” said the Janitor confused

“Jeremy Wells, who was to be playing Elder Price came down with a fever today and try as we might Doug and I had no luck finding a replacement. I was just about to tell the box office to cancel the show! Thank goodness for you sir! You sound absolutely amazing!”

“Thank you very much.” he kindly replied

“Would you mind playing Elder Price in the show?” Jacinta asked “I would really appreciate that.”

“I would love to get back on stage!”

“Back on stage?”

“Yes. I was on Broadway for several years. “Phantom”, “Les Mis”, “Wicked” and back in the days when I had it “Hair”! He chuckled.

“That’s remarkable! Why haven’t you been in any productions since coming to Newfoundland?”

“My last performance was when 10 years ago when I was 60. I was Wilbur Turnblad in “Hairspray”. I suffered a heart attack a month after the show opened. My daughter got all flustered and blamed it on Broadway. She claimed that all the late nights, dancing, Starbucks etc. did this to me. She made me move in with her so she could “take care of me”, got me this job and hasn’t let me act since! I would be honored to take on the role of Elder Price and prove to her that I’ve still got it!”

“Wonderful!” exclaimed Jacinta “You just saved the show! I can’t thank you enough for doing this!” she checked her watch again “The show opens in 5 hours. Do you think you can learn everything by then?”

“That’s plenty of time. I’m certain I can. I’ll Skype with my grandson Andrew and ask for his help.”

“Excellent. By the way, what’s your name?”

“Bob Rannells.” he gave Jacinta a wink.

Later on Jacinta assembled Doug and the cast onstage to introduce them to Bob. “Everyone, I have some good news and some bad news.” she said “Bad news is that Jeremy has a fever and can’t perform.” Everyone was disappointed by this. Gasps and exclamations of “Oh no!” came from several cast members.

“The good news” said Jacinta “is that I found a relative of Andrew Rannells, the actor who originated the role of Elder Price on Broadway to replace Jeremy in the show!” This time the cast erupted into cheering!

“Everyone, meet Bob. He’s Andrew’s grandfather and the janitor here.” Bob smiled and waved. The cast once again had a switch in emotions. They were very confused and uncertain. “Really Jacinta?” said Justin unsurely “He looks a little too old for this.” To his amazement Bob cartwheeled across the stage! “Who you calling old Goulding?” he retorted.

“You think that was impressive” said Jacinta “you should hear him sing!” Bob sang a little bit of “Hello” and the cast was astounded!

As was the audience. Night after night Bob stole the show! He got two standing ovations per night! At the end of “I Believe” and at the final bow.

His daughter happened to be in the audience for the closing night and she couldn’t believe what she saw! She was very impressed. She realized that he was not yet too old to stop acting and allowed him to continue. He has since starred in several local productions and is always happy to fill in should a performer get sick!

The end!

Senior Prom

Hey blog world! Last Thursday night was magical! It was one of the best nights of my life so far. I went to my Senior Prom!

My day started with hair, makeup and nails courtesy of my mom’s friend Shelley. I don’t usually wear makeup but this was a really big and special night so I made an exception. It was fun, however I am NOT wearing mascara or eyeliner again! How do you women do that to yourself? The application process is super firetrucking uncomfortable! Anyway Shelley did a wonderful job and I looked stunning! 003 (the photo editor isn’t cooperating so please put up with having to turn your head.)

When I got back home we had Mary Brown’s for lunch. Soon after my date arrived! I of course asked my wonderful, sweet boyfriend Glen to the prom! When he walked in the door I was absolutely speechless! I couldn’t think of any words to describe how handsome he looked! 007

He gave me a beautiful purple corsage to wear and as a grad gift he gave me “Noah’s Ark”, the newest “VeggieTales” movie! I’m a huge “VeggieTales” fan! You’re never too old for Bob and Larry! His grandparents didn’t even have to but they gave me a grad gift as well. Some lovely bath products and a bracelet. I really appreciated the cards and presents they gave me.

Glen and I were very lucky. We got to ride to the prom in style! Our friend Katie and her date rented a limo and let us and a few of her other friends and their dates ride in it with her! That was very nice of her. When the limo pulled up into my driveway I was floored! I couldn’t believe that was my ride to the prom! Glen was out of his mind too!

The limo ride was lots of fun! I had my iPod with me to take pictures and I played music on it too. My friends and I all had a blast singing and dancing! Glen especially! Here are a few of the pics I took in the limo. 012 013 014

After we picked everyone up our next stop was Signal Hill for some photos. It was beautiful outside but also very cold! I was happy to get back in the limo!

Soon we arrived at the Sheraton Hotel, where our Prom was taking place. I was wowed by all the beautiful gowns and dapper tuxedos. Everyone looked stunning! The most stunning in my opinion (next to Glen of course) was my friend Brooke 036! She looked like a princess!

To begin the Prom we had a grand march into the ballroom. The grads were paired up alphabetically and walked in two by two. I walked in with my friend James.

After the grand march the principal gave a little speech. Then it was time for the banquet! What a banquet it was! There was lots of really yummy food! Stuffed chicken, pasta salad, lasagna, potato wedges etc. It was all delicious! The desert buffet was too! My favorite deserts were the triple berry sponge cake and the oreo cheesecake. They were both heavenly! Glen and I both ate our fill of food and were both stuffed to the brim!

After the banquet, some of my fellow graduates got up on stage and gave toasts. One to the parents, one to the grads and one to the teachers. I was very impressed. They were funny and touching. Great job to those who spoke!

After the toasts we had an awards ceremony, the Oscar awards! Some of the awards were “Most Artistic”, “Friendliest Senior”, “Best Nickname”. I got to be Vanna White and hand out the awards to the winners. That was a lot of fun! A lot of people complimented me on my job well done afterwards and several said they liked my dance moves (they played music as the grads came up to accept their awards and I couldn’t help but dance)!

Soon it was time for my favorite part of the night, the dance! As people were filing back into the ballroom the DJ played “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. Of course Glen and I got out onto the floor as soon as the song started. We never miss a dance! We had so much fun dancing together to that song! I even got on one knee and pretended to propose to him! Soon when everyone was inside it was time for a very special dance, the father, daughter dance. It was my favorite dance of the night. The song chosen was “My Little Girl” by Tim McGraw. I’m not a fan of his but “My Little Girl” is a nice song. I promised myself that I wouldn’t cry at grad but I broke my promise halfway into the song. I managed to make it through the first bit but halfway in I lost it and cried. I love my dad very much. He means a lot to me. It was very special dancing with him.

The next dance was the mother and son dance. The song chosen was “Have I Told You Lately” by Rod Stewart. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song and I love Rod (he’s my favorite singer in fact) but they could have picked a better song for mother,son. “Have I Told You Lately” would have worked better as one of the grad, date dances. It’s more of a romantic love song, not a parental love song. I think “Forever Young” by Rod would have been better.

Next was the male grad, date dance. I took Glen onto the floor anyway. I love slow dancing with him! He’s the best slow dancer that I know. The song chosen was Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”. It was a lovely dance. Glen and I really enjoyed ourselves. Next was the female grad, date dance, “You and Me” by Lifehouse. We enjoyed dancing to that one as well.

After those dances and the class of 2015 dance (a remix of “Best Day Of My Life” by American Authors) I was pooped so I sat out for a bit. Glen stayed on the floor. When “Uptown Funk” came on I got back up. I cannot not dance to that song! I then took another break, Glen didn’t. I was amazed at how he was able to dance that long! After “Does Your Mother Know” I was ready to call it quits because I was exhausted. Glen was too. The poor dear had lost all his energy. It was close to midnight at that point and he didn’t take any dance breaks so that was understandable. I helped him to the car and we headed home.

It was an unforgettable night for both of us. It was awesome having one final party with the class of 2015. They are all amazing people who I’m certain will go very far. A lot of them I’ll really miss when I’m off to CONA in September. I wish you all luck in your future endeavors! I leave you with some words of wisdom from the Lady of the Lake (from “Monty Python’s Spamalot”) “Life is really up to you, you must choose what to pursue. Set your mind on what to find and there’s nothing you can’t do!”


Sophie At Work

Hey blog world! In my writing class at school we’re writing short stories. I thought that I’d share the one that I wrote. It’s a story about Spirit of Newfoundland! I call it “Sophie At Work.” Enjoy!

“Good morning sleepyhead!” Mary Ennis said happily as she pulled the covers away from her three year old daughter Sophie’s bed.

“Mama!” exclaimed Sophie happily.

“Ready for another day of fun with Alice?” Mary asked.

“Awice! Awice!” Sophie cheered. Alice is a young woman down the street that looks after Sophie while Mary is at work.

“Let’s get you all ready for the day honey.” Mary said.

After helping Sophie get dressed they headed downstairs to get breakfast. “What would you like this morning Sophie?” asked Mary.

“O’s!” Sophie said.

“Cheerio’s it is then!” said Mary. She had just finished pouring the cereal into a bowl when the phone rang. “Hello.” said Mary picking up the receiver

“Hi Mary.” said the voice on the other end. It was Alice.

“Hi Alice. Sophie is really looking forward to seeing you today, as always.”

“About that…I meant to tell you this but I forgot. I’m about to take the bus to Gambo. I have a volleyball tournament there all week. Sorry!”

Mary was very upset by this. “How could you forget to tell me?!” she exclaimed “Finding a babysitter on short notice is barely possible! I trust you to be responsible when it comes to Sophie and this doesn’t cut it!”

“I’m sorry Mary. I’ve been so busy with volleyball practice and my night courses at MUN that it just slipped my mind.”

“I’ll forgive you this time but please don’t do it again!”

“I won’t.”

“Good. Thank you for calling and good luck in your tournament!”

“Thank you Mary. Goodbye!”

“Bye!” Mary replied. When she hung up she went into full panic mode. “Fudge!” she exclaimed “What am I going to do?!”

“Mama pwobwem?” asked Sophie

“Yes dear.” Mary said frantically “Mama big, BIG problem! Alice can’t look after you all week. I have to find someone else.”

That was not as easy a task as Mary had thought. She called everyone she could think of but no one was able to take Sophie. Mary was very downhearted. She looked at the clock and it was almost 8:30, the time she leaves to go to work every morning. She works at Spirit of Newfoundland as a receptionist. “I guess I’ll have to take you to work with me this week.” she said.

“Mama erk!” Sophie exclaimed excitedly.

Mary called Paul, one of her bosses to see if she would be able to take Sophie with her. “I don’t know.” he said unsurely. “Three is a very young age. I’m a bit concerned about her behavior.”

“I promise she’ll be good Paul!” Mary pleaded “She’ll take her crayons with her to keep her occupied. I promise she won’t cause any trouble! Please let me take her. She has nowhere else to go!”

“Alright” said Paul with a sigh “she can come with you, BUT if she misbehaves she will not be allowed back. Understood?”

“Yes Paul. Thank you. Goodbye.” Mary hung up the phone. “You’re coming to work with mama” she said to Sophie “but mama’s boss said that you have to be good. Do you promise to be a good girl all week?”

“I pwomise.” Sophie said sweetly.

A half hour later they arrived at work. “Good morning Kara!” Mary said to her co-worker as she set her things down at her desk in the bar.

“Good morning Mary!” she replied “Who’s this adorable little girl with you?”

“Sobie!” Sophie announced.

Mary and Kara giggled. “This is my daughter Sophie.” Mary said “Her babysitter will be in Gambo all week for a volleyball tournament so she’ll be coming to work with me.”

“How nice.” said Kara “I’m sure we’ll all enjoy having her around this week.” she said giving Sophie a smile.

“Sobie ig earl. Erk!” Sophie said happily.

“Yes, Sophie is a big girl!” Kara said “I bet you’ll be a big help to us! Speaking of big help, it’s your turn to do inventory today Mary.”

“Ok then.” Mary said. She took the inventory sheet from the bar and left.

Paul popped his head into the bar. “Kara, can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked

“Sure Paul.” she replied. She stepped outside the bar to have their conversation.

Sophie decided to look around the bar. The first thing that caught her eye was the computer. “Puter!” Sophie exclaimed. Opened up on the computer was a list of people that were getting Screeched in that day and where they are from. It was to be sent to Hillary, one of the office assistants so she could type the information onto Screech in certificates. Sophie sat down in the steno chair and began hitting the keys. “Sobie erk!” she happily said. By accident she deleted the document!

Kara walked back into the bar and smiled at Sophie. “Look at you!” she exclaimed “You look like such a big girl sitting at my desk!” Then she realized something “Wait a minute.” she gasped “I had a document opened!!! Oh my goodness, please tell me you didn’t delete that Sophie!!”

Sophie shrugged her shoulders. “Sobie no know.” she innocently said

Kara frantically scrolled through My Documents searching for the file. She panicked when it wasn’t there. “Oh Sophie! It’s gone! There were 75 names on that list! Hillary wants it this afternoon! It will take me forever to do it again!”

Mary walked back into the bar “Did you plan on keeping Sophie up here with us?” Kara asked her

“No. She’s going to spend the day in the boardroom drawing pictures.” Mary replied

“Good! Please bring her down there now! I don’t want her near the computer anymore. She deleted the Screech in list that Hillary needs this afternoon! I’m going to need your help re-doing it.”

“I’m really sorry about that Kara. I’ll bring her downstairs right away and I promise she won’t bother you anymore.”

Mary brought Sophie downstairs to the boardroom. “This is the boardroom where you’ll be spending your day.” she said. “You get to sit at the big girl table in a cool chair that spins and draw mama pictures!” She laid Sophie’s crayons on the table and gave her some paper to draw on. “Have fun sweetie! If you need mama I’ll be upstairs.”

Mary left the boardroom and entered Bridget the accountant’s office a few doors down. “Morning Bridget!” said Mary “Can I ask you a favor?”

“I’m really busy Mary.” she replied “I don’t know if I can. What is it?”

“I have to take my daughter Sophie with me to work this week.” said Mary “She’ll be in the boardroom all day drawing pictures. Can you keep an eye on her for me please?”

“I have a lot of T4’s to do and a mountain of receipt forms that need to be filled out! I’ve got my hands full but I’ll see what I can do.”

“Thanks Bridget.” said Mary, then she headed upstairs.

In the boardroom Sophie took out her crayons and spread them across the table to begin her artwork. What Mary didn’t notice when she was setting things up for Sophie was a pile of important documents belonging to Peter Halley, one of Mary’s other bosses sitting within Sophie’s reach. “Specal paber!” she said eyeing the sheets. She made dozens of drawings all over them.

Upstairs Mary was hard at work. Soon, in his usual laid back, happy nature Peter walked into the bar. The warm smile on his face made it easy to tell that he was, as usual in a very good mood.  Good morning Mary!” he said cheerfully “Can you type something up for me please? My iPad died so I had to write everything down.”

“Certainly Peter” Mary said “what do you need?”

“Prop, costume and slide lists for our upcoming summer shows. Also some edits for the “Our Celtic Spirit” script. I watched the video last night and the script we have is really messed up. I would love if you could get all that typed out for me.”

Then Sophie came running into the bar with her drawings. “Mama, mama, ook! Specal paber picdures!” she exclaimed proudly.

“How sweet!” said Peter with a smile.

“Peter this is my three year old daughter Sophie.” Mary said “She’ll be coming to work with me all week.”

“Wonderful! Let’s see the drawings you made Sophie!” She proudly handed Peter one of the pieces of paper. Peter gasped and his eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped. “Oh no!” he exclaimed.

“What’s the matter Peter?” Mary asked.

“Sophie drew all over the important papers I just told you about! Now I have to do everything all over again!”

“Oh my gosh! I’m really sorry Peter. I’ll help you with that once I finish helping Kara. When I brought Sophie downstairs I gave her blank papers to draw on. I don’t know how she managed to get her hands on yours!” Mary turned to Sophie “Honey you were supposed to draw on the papers mama gave you. Not these!”

“Oopsie!” said Sophie innocently.

“It’s ok Sophie.” Mary said with a sigh “Go back downstairs now and make some more pictures on the blank paper.”

So Sophie did. A little later she got thirsty so she went back upstairs to the bar to ask Mary for some milk. “Mama moo moo joo!” Sophie said knocking on the back of Mary’s steno chair. Mary, who was on the phone, shushed Sophie. Sophie knocked on the chair again and exclaimed “Moo moo joo!” even louder. Mary shushed her again and motioned for Sophie to leave the bar. “Mama no moo moo joo.” Sophie said sadly. Then out of the corner of her eye Sophie noticed a large shelf in the next room filled with bottles. “Moo moo joo?” Sophie wondered and headed towards the bottles. She was headed for the Screech room, a mini museum and shop where patrons could purchase Screech and various other Screech related products.

She entered the Screech room, approached the shelf with screech and took down a bottle of honey flavored screech with a yellow label. “Yewo moo moo joo!” Sophie exclaimed happily. Yellow is her favorite color. She took the lid off the bottle and took a drink. She spit it out immediately! “Yuggy moo moo joo! No want!” She dropped the bottle on the floor and it shattered! “Yuggy moo moo joo go boom!” The shattering of the glass startled Mary who put the patron she was speaking with on hold and ran into the screech room. Paul, who was in the kitchen, did too. Both were horrified when they saw Sophie surrounded by the broken glass! “What in the world happened in here?” They both exclaimed in unison.

“Yuggy moo moo joo go boom!”

“You’re supposed to be watching her Mary.” Paul said sternly. “Screech doesn’t come cheap! We can’t afford any broken bottles! Flavored Screech is more expensive than the regular kind. The bottle of honey Screech she just broke costs $40!”

“I’m sorry Paul.” she said “I was on the phone taking a reservation. I’ll keep a better eye on her from now on.”

“Good. Now please clean up this mess, and the $40 to replace the bottle are coming from your paycheck!”

“I understand.”

As Mary was cleaning she didn’t notice Sophie leave the screech room to explore. She wandered into the grand room and was amazed when she saw the guitars set up on stage for the Eagles tribute show that night. “Mugic!” exclaimed Sophie excitedly. She ran onstage to look at the guitars. “Sobie ake mugic!” she said as she fiddled with the silver tuning knobs on the guitars. When no noise came out she tried playing the strings. Shrill, loud and out of tune music emitted from the instruments. Sophie was very pleased with herself. “Mugic!” she exclaimed happily. To go along with her “music” she began singing her favorite song in her jumbled three year old way at the top of her lungs. “Memwy! All awone in da moowight! Smile at de old ays! Boodiful den!”

Paul was not happy. “MARY!” he yelled. Mary entered the grand room slowly with her head down. “Sophie is really getting on my nerves! This is why I wasn’t very sure about allowing her here. You promised me that she would behave but yet she’s deleted Kara’s Screech in list, drawn all over Peter’s documents, broken a bottle of screech and has put all the guitars out of tune! I’m sorry but if you can’t control her and she can’t behave then neither of you can come back.”

“NO!” Sophie screamed “Mama need erk! Sobie ba gearl. Sobie sowwy.” she began to cry.

Peter, hearing all the commotion came into the grand room. “I think you’re being a little harsh on Mary and Sophie.” he said. “Sure Sophie caused a lot of trouble today but she’s only three! Toddlers are very curious and explorative and that can get them into trouble sometimes.” He walked over to Sophie and gave her a hug. “There there Sophie” he said gently “your mama gets to keep her job. I’ll give both of you another chance.”

Sophie smiled “Tank ou Peber!”

“Yes, thank you very much!” Mary said. “I really appreciate you giving me another chance.”

“You’re both very welcome.” Peter said.

“Are you sure about this Peter?” Paul asked “Sophie will cause more trouble if she comes back!”

“No she won’t.” said Peter “I have an idea. Come with me to the screech room for a minute Sophie. I’d like to talk to you.”

Sophie and Peter sat down in the screech room and Sophie finally got her milk. “Did you have fun today?” Peter asked Sophie

“Yes! Ig fun!” she said happily.

“Fabulous! Do you want to come back?”


“I thought so. The thing is, if you do then you can’t behave like you did today ok. There are a lot of important things in this building that are not for little hands to be poking at. You must ask before you touch anything. If you keep poking at things that don’t belong to you and causing trouble then you won’t be allowed to come back. You don’t want that do you?”

“No.” said Sophie shaking her head.

“Promise to ask before touching from now on?”

“Yes Peber. I pwomise.”

“Good girl!” he said patting her on the head. “I have an idea for a special job for you! One that won’t get you into trouble. Do you like playing dress up?”

“Wuv dwesses!” said Sophie excitedly.

“Wonderful! For the rest of the week you can help my friend Carol in our costume bank. You can help her get everything organized and I’m sure she’ll even let you try on some of the costumes! How does that sound?”


“Come with me and I’ll show you where you’ll be working.” On the way, Peter discussed his idea with Mary and Paul and they all agreed that it was the perfect job for little Sophie.

When they arrived in the costume bank Sophie was speechless. She stared wide eyed in amazement at all the pretty and colorful costumes. “Wow!” she said mesmerized.

“Oh, hello!” said Carol turning around.

“Hi Carol” said Peter “I have an assistant for you this week.”

“Sobie ig earl! Erk!” Sophie proudly announced.

Carol giggled “Hi sweetie!” she said with a smile.

“This is Sophie, she’s Mary’s daughter.” said Peter “Her babysitter is gone away for the week so she’ll be coming here. I thought it would be nice for the two of you to work together.”

“What a lovely idea! I’d love to work with her this week.”

As they were talking Sophie explored the bank looking at all the pretty costumes. She found the tall, swirly blonde wig and fluffy purple jacket with pink cotton balls from the Grinch show. Remembering her promise to Peter she asked “Sobie ear pwease?”

“Of course!” said Carol.

Happily Sophie tried on the jacket and wig. Peter and Carol couldn’t get over how adorable she looked. They brought her upstairs to look in the mirror.

“Sobie pwetty!” she said with a smile.

“You certainly are very pretty.” said Carol “and I’m certain we’ll have lots of fun together this week and you’ll be an excellent helper!”

The end