Horseback Riding

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! I went horseback riding with Peter Halley Peter Halley! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Peter has two horses, Max Max and Jesse. I’d seen lots of pictures and videos of both of them and they are beautiful! I was really looking forward to seeing them in person for the first time today. They are even more beautiful in person!

I learned how to groom a horse today. I got to groom Max. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I eventually got it! Max was very cooperative so that was a good thing.

Once he and Jesse were groomed Peter put the saddles on the horses. I wanted to ride Max. I’m not sure exactly why but I knew he was the horse I wanted to ride. Peter thought that it was best I ride on Jesse, I soon discovered why.

Jesse was a very easy going horse. Gentle, well behaved, easy to control and she obeyed my commands. I hadn’t ridden a horse in years so I was glad that Jesse was so easy going. We started out riding around a little fenced area so I could get used to Jesse and learn how to properly control her using the reins. Peter had planned to stay in the fenced in area but he saw how well I was doing with Jesse and decided to go on a trail ride!

It’s a gorgeous day in Newfoundland today! The scenery along the trail ride was lovely! Perfect for a Norman Rockwell painting. Winter makes things look so pretty (I know it’s spring now but there is still snow in Newfoundland. Mother nature doesn’t bring us spring on time)! Here and there it was bumpy due to deep patches of snow and that resulted in several utterances of “Firetruck!” (my go to substitute expletive) but other than that it was a nice ride. I tried trotting for 10 paces and was glad when the 10 paces were done! It was a little too fast for me. I was bouncing on and off of Jesse a bit. Maybe someday I’ll be ready but for right now I’m going to stick to a nice slow walk.

After the trail ride Peter let me try Max for a while. He was a very stubborn horse! I would kick, kiss and yell “GET UP!” but he wouldn’t budge! It took a while for him to eventually move! It was a nice experience getting to try him out but I soon dismounted and got back on Jesse’s back.

Jesse showed her stubborn side when Peter brought Max back into the barn. What was going through her mind was “Ok, rides over! Peter is putting Max back into the barn so I have to go in too.” I would bring her around the fenced area in a circle traced out in the snow. When we would approach the barn Jesse would try and go in. I would have to pull her away and turn her around. It was difficult at times but I managed!

I had a blast with Peter and his horses today! It was a perfect way to spend Good Friday! I’m really looking forward to the summertime when we get some nicer weather and I can go out on the horses again! How did you spend Good Friday? Tell me in the comments!



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