Big Announcement

Hey blog world! As the title states I have some very exciting news! A few months back I sent in an audition tape to some producers in New York hoping to get cast in a Broadway show. They called me last night! I’m going to be playing Glinda in a world tour production of “Wicked”!!! I nearly jumped out of my chair when I got the call! I couldn’t believe that I’d gotten the part! This is literally the experience of a lifetime! I can’t wait to defy gravity tomorrow night and hop onboard a flight to New York to begin rehearsals!

When they told me who my co-stars would be I was out of my mind! To name a few of them Andrew Rannells (Elder Price in “Book of Mormon”) Andrew Rannells will be playing Fiyero and Idina Menzel will be reprising her role as ElphabaElphaba!!! I fangirled when they told me that! Idina is one of my favorite Broadway performers! She is a superstar who I am beyond honored to share the stage with!

Rehearsals start on Friday in New York and go until September, at which point we begin the tour with our first stop at the Adventure Theatre in Washington. We then move on to the rest of the 50 states then Europe, Africa and so on. This is literally a world tour. If it’s on the globe we’re going there! We are hitting every province, state, country and continent on earth!

The final performance is right here at home in Newfoundland. In 2020 we will be performing at the Arts and Culture Center. The date of the show is April… FOOLS!

Yep this is a joke! I wish I were telling the truth. It would be a dream come true to perform alongside Andrew and Idina! I would love to tour the world and perform in brilliant “Wicked”. Maybe someday if it gets produced locally I’ll get the chance! Happy April Fools day blog world!



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