Yearbook Bio

Hey blog world! Recently I was sent home with the hardest assignment I had to complete all year! My yearbook bio! Some of the categories were harder to fill out than others because I have so many things I want to say but only so little space in the yearbook for me. Tonight I managed to get it finished! Hopefully it can all fit into my square! I thought I’d share it with you!

Leah McDonald

Date of Birth: November 20th 1997

Activities: Best Buddies, Special Olympics (Bowling, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Athletics), guitar lessons, voice lessons, Connect Student Ministries

Pet Peeve: People who bully those with special needs and people who throw around the R word (“Retard”) nonchalantly. It’s a hurtful and derogatory term and it makes me very sad and angry when people use it.

Favorite Saying: (It was hard to choose one so I chose three) “God bless us, every one!” Tiny Tim, “Stretch your mind beyond fantastic, dreams are made of strong elastic!” Mary Poppins, “Always look on the bright side of life!” Monty Python

Ambition: To be a successful children’s author, start a theater company for individuals with special needs and be a music teacher for those with special needs.

Probable Fate: Artistic Director of a theater company for people with special needs, successful children’s author and a music teacher for individuals with special needs at City Performance Academy (my friend Kelly-Ann’s music school.)

Strengths: Music, Drama, Writing

Weaknesses: Histoire Mondiale (it’s a very difficult course) and cheesecake (I can’t say no! I will do anything (legal and non-lethal) for cheesecake!)

Best Memory: (again choosing one was hard so I picked three) Rocking out to Rod Stewart in the workout room during Healthy living in Grade 10, my awesome summer job at Spirit of Newfoundland as an office assistant last summer and eating recess and lunch with Miss Hemmings’ special needs class every day.

Worst Memory: Eating alone in the cafeteria when Miss Hemmings’ class was on a field trip (I haven’t many friends at school and the ones I do have I never see in the cafeteria so I sit alone and feel awkward.)

Last Will and Testament: I leave my lunchbox to the school. I’m probably going to end up forgetting it on the last day anyway LOL! (I’m famous for leaving my lunchbox in my classrooms at school.)

What did you say in your yearbook bio? What do you want to say when it comes your time to write one? Tell me in the comments!



Ideas for Spirit of NL Shows

Hey blog world! Spirit of Newfoundland has announced their summer shows!!! I’m beyond ecstatic! I’m certainly checking out all 3. They have brought back “Our Celtic Spirit Written in Crayon” and “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change” and are debuting the new show “It’s My Party”. They all sound amazing! I have a few ideas myself for shows that Spirit could do! Here they are!

“Men Doin’ Women”: Starring Darrin Martin, Peter Halley and Keith Power. They have had a huge success with “Women Doin’ Men”, Dana Parsons, Janet Cull and Kelly-Ann Evans singing songs by male artists. I think it would be really cool if they did a reverse version and Peter, Darrin and Keith sang songs by female artists! I can see it already! I think Darrin would do a beautiful rendition of “I Will Always Love You”. I think he would do well singing Adele’s songs too. I would love to see Keith do something by Brittany Spears or maybe even “Wrecking Ball” by Miley! I think Peter would sound great doing Donna Summer. I think he wound do a lovely job of “Beauty and the Beast” too. Together I think the three of them would harmonize wonderfully on “Travellin’ Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks and it would be so much fun to see them all do “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls!

“Take Me out to the Ball Game”: A show about sports! There are plenty of great sports related songs at their disposal for this show. For example “Centerfield” by John Fogerty, “The Boys of Fall” by Kenny Chesney, “The Good Old Hockey Game” by Stompin’ Tom Connors, one of my personal favorites “Right Field” by Peter Paul and Mary and of course “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”. For the skits in-between they could do perhaps something with a Leafs fan and Habs fan, a pre or post game pep talk, skeets playing sports, elders watching sports and maybe one of the actors could do Andy Griffith’s “What it was was Football” monologue about a pastor who was going to hold a tent service in a college town and happens upon a football game.

“Tonight’s The Night”: Spirit has done a lot of tributes to various artists and bands. Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, ABBA, etc. I think it’s time they do a tribute to Rod Stewart! Darrin played him really well in “Go Duet Yourself” so I think that if this show ever does happen he should play Rod again. This show should of course include all his well known and popular songs and throw in a few of his lesser known gems too like “Broken Arrow” and “The Killing of Georgie“.

“Land Of 1000 Dances”: In this show they could take a look at different dance styles and the dance crazes from the past like the Time Warp, twist, jitterbug, moonwalk, locomotion, YMCA etc and the present, twerking.

I don’t know if any of my ideas will ever grace the Spirit of NL stage but it would certainly be amazing if one of them did! If you want more information on Spirit and their new summer shows and schedule call 579-3023 or visit their website


Newfoundland Dictionary

Hey blog world! Last night I was skyping with my sister Christa. Christa is from Newfoundland originally but now she lives with her husband Ben and son Lincoln in Australia. She’s going to host a Newfoundland party for some friends of hers soon. We have our own special way of talking here in Newfoundland and Christa wants to brush up on her Newfie talk and Ben wants to learn it in time for the party. To help them in doing so Christa asked me to write her a Newfoundland dictionary. challenge accepted

I thought I’d post some of it up here and educate all of you in Newfienese as well!


A bad good: Something that’s very good. “Purity Jam Jams are a bad good.”

Arn: A question asked by one fisherman to another. It means “Are there any fish biting?”

All mops and brooms: Untidy hair


Bayman: A Newfoundlander not from St. John’s

Biver: Shiver

Blow the back end right out of ‘er: Let out a large fart

Blowed up like a sculpin: You’re full and unable to eat anymore. “Dat was some good feed a jigs! I’s blowed up like a sculpin now b’y!”


Cheap enough to take the coppers off his mother’s eyes: A stingy, greedy, penny pinching person.

Come from away: A tourist.

Come here I thinks I wants ya: I’d like to have a word with you.

Crooked: Grouchy


Da roads are like da bottle: Dangerous and slippery road conditions.

Da skitters are some tick b’y: There are lots of mosquito’s around.

Deed I is me ol’ cock: Yes I certainly am.

Done it brown: Alluding to burnt bread this means you’ve overdone something.

Done up like a stick a gum: Dressed to the nines.

Don’t pick the red ones, they’re green: A Newfoundlander giving advice on blueberry picking. Don’t pick the red ones because they are not ripe yet.

D’rackly: In a few minutes. “I’ll be dere d’rackly.”


Falling weather: Rain or snow. “Get yer umbrella ready b’y. Eddie Sheerr is calling for falling weather tomorrow!”

Fousty: Spoiled, rotten, unfit to eat.


G’wan b’y: Are you serious?

Get a crop: Get a haircut.

Get da smell a da house off ya: Go outside for a while.

Go on home yer mudder got lassy buns: What you would say when trying to get rid of someone.

God love ya me ol’ trout: An appreciative thank you.

Gutfounded: Very hungry.


Had like: Something that almost happened. “I had like to die laughing at dat foolish crowd on “Codco”” (“Codco” is an old Newfoundland sketch comedy show.)

Hand like a foot: A clutz. “Jim just tripped over his own shoelaces! He’s got a hand like a foot b’y!”

Hard ticket: A trouble maker.

Heave your stomach: vomit.

Hop yer carcass here: Come here this instant.


I dies at you: What you would say to someone you find funny.

I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him: I haven’t seen him anywhere.

I spose: I suppose.

In a tear: In a hurry. “Sam was in a tear because he was running late for work.”


Let drift with: Throw something forcibly. “1 year old Lincoln who was having a tantrum let drift with a building block.”

Loggy: Feeling tired. “After a long day at work I’m right loggy.”

Long may your big jib draw: Well wishes for the future.

Luh: Look!


Me nerves is rubbed right raw: I’m very agitated.

Me ol’ cock: A friend “‘Ow is ya me ol’ cock?”

Mind yer mouth: Be careful of what you say.

More lip than a rubber boot: This person talks too much.

Mug up: Having a cup of tea.

Mummering: A popular Christmas tradition where disguised people would go around from house to house singing and dancing. The homeowners had to try and guess who the mummers were.


Narn: The response if there are no fish biting. See arn.

Nice day on clothes: The weather is good enough to put the clothes on the clothesline.

Nice enough to trow a rock at: I don’t like that person.

Now da once: Soon. “I’ll be over now da once.”


Oh me nerves ya got me drove: You’re driving me crazy!

On the dole: An unemployed person who is collecting unemployment insurance.

On the rag: A bad tempered person.

‘Ow’s she cuttin: How are you?


Pelt of a tripe: A rascal. “At times Billy can be a pelt of a tripe.”

Planchen: The floor.

Puddock: Stomach.

Put da side back in ‘er: Close the window.

Put the kettle on maid: A man telling his wife to make supper or that they have company coming.


Right: A synonym for very. “Newfoundland is a right nice place to live.”

Run like a scalded cat: Run very fast.


Say nothing and saw wood: Keep your mouth shut and don’t make any comments.

Scoff and a scuff: Dinner and dance.

Scrub up: Get clean.

Shag it: A term for when you’re fed up with or have had enough of something, as to say “Forget it!”

She’s aimin’ to blow: There’s going to be a storm.

She thinks she poops Dixie cups: Referring to someone snobby.

Sleeveen: A mischievious person.

Slew around: Turn around.

Smot: A combination of “Some” and “Hot”. “Janet looked smot in her dress.”

Some shockin’ good: The meal you just ate was delicious.

Stay where yer to till I comes where yer at: Stay there till I get there.

Streel: A messy and untidy looking person.

Stunned as me arse: Very stupid.


Take a gawk at dat b’y: Look at that.

The doors not an arsehole, it doesn’t shut itself: Shut the door.

Three sheets to the wind: Extremely drunk.

Think about: To be in love with. “Jake’s been thinking about Leslie for some time now.”

Time: Any sort of social function.

Tongue banging/lashing: A scolding.

Tother: The other.

Townie: A Newfoundlander who lives in St. John’s.

Touton: A popular breakfast item in Newfoundland a touton is a piece of fried bread dough often served with syrup or molasses.


Whaddaya gettin’ on wit: What are you talking about?

Wha: What?

Wait a fair wind and you’ll get one: Await opportunity.

Wasisname: What you call something or someone you don’t know the name of. “Pass me dat wasisname”, “Buddy wasisname”

What odds: Who cares?!

Who knit ya: Who’s your mother?


Yarn: A story.

Yer cracked b’y: A response when someone says something unbelievable.

Yes b’y: 1: Confirmation of what was said. 2: Exclamation of excitement or joy. 3: Used in a sarcastic mannor as to say “Yeah right!”

You can eat the funks me son: You’re eating a lot.

You got da face only a mudder could love: You’re ugly.

You’re not too mossy: Referring to a bright/intelligent person.

Your paws will never maintain your jaws: Said of a person who lives extravagantly. You will never earn enough to support yourself.

If you have any suggestions for words or phrases I should add in let me know in the comments! Long may your big jib draw blog world!


The Interview

Hey blog world! Today’s Daily Post is “The Interview”. It says to interview a fictional character but I thought that I’d change it up a bit. I’m going to interview my cat Prince Ozzy Prince Ozzy.

Q: What was it like for you when you first arrived: A: It was scary. I’d been driving all day, I didn’t know where I was going and I was away from all my friends and my sister Elsa. When I first arrived at your house I was scared of all the new faces. I didn’t know where I was or who anybody was or if I was safe here. That’s why I jumped from your mom’s arms when she was carrying me. I didn’t know what she would do with me!

Q: Have you adjusted well since: A: Yes. I’m getting a lot more used to you all and my new surroundings. I really like it here. I have you all wrapped around my paw! Your mom especially.

Q: What’s so special about the bathroom? Why is it your favorite room in the house? A: It’s fun to play with you all but I need some me time too you know! The bathroom is perfect for privacy. The bathtub is nice and long, perfect for me to stretch out and relax in.

Q: Continuing with the bathroom why do you use our toilet as a personal water fountain? I give you clean water in your bowl every day! A: Variety is the spice of life!

Q: Why do you like “Les Misérables”? A: It’s lovely music that I find calm and relaxing. I love when you sing it to me! I’m really enjoying the book as well. It’s a beautiful story. I can’t wait to curl up on your lap and have you read me some more!

Q: Why are you so silent? A: Meowing is so last century! I prefer showing instead of telling what I want and how I feel.

Q: Why do you sit at the table with us? A: I’m part of the family too! I deserve to sit with you all during mealtime! Would it kill you to set me a place? Eating on the floor is not what princes do! 

Q: Why do you steal our stuff: I sell it in exchange for catnip on the kitty black market… I mean.. I’m dabbling in abstract art and make sculptures out of everything I find! (He laughs nervously.)

Q: How do you feel being an indoor cat? A: To quote Belle “There must be more than this provincial life.” It’s nice to be an indoor cat but I long to experience the outside world! I’m awestruck when your mom picks me up and lets me look out the window!

 Thanks Ozzy. It was great to hear your thoughts.

Ozzy: You’re welcome! Now if you’ll excuse me Samantha left her door open. I think I’ll go explore and see if she has any goodies laying around!

Now it’s your turn! Pick a fictional character (or family pet as I did) and interview him/her! Have fun!


Horseback Riding

Hey blog world! Today was awesome! I went horseback riding with Peter Halley Peter Halley! I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Peter has two horses, Max Max and Jesse. I’d seen lots of pictures and videos of both of them and they are beautiful! I was really looking forward to seeing them in person for the first time today. They are even more beautiful in person!

I learned how to groom a horse today. I got to groom Max. It took me a while to get the hang of it but I eventually got it! Max was very cooperative so that was a good thing.

Once he and Jesse were groomed Peter put the saddles on the horses. I wanted to ride Max. I’m not sure exactly why but I knew he was the horse I wanted to ride. Peter thought that it was best I ride on Jesse, I soon discovered why.

Jesse was a very easy going horse. Gentle, well behaved, easy to control and she obeyed my commands. I hadn’t ridden a horse in years so I was glad that Jesse was so easy going. We started out riding around a little fenced area so I could get used to Jesse and learn how to properly control her using the reins. Peter had planned to stay in the fenced in area but he saw how well I was doing with Jesse and decided to go on a trail ride!

It’s a gorgeous day in Newfoundland today! The scenery along the trail ride was lovely! Perfect for a Norman Rockwell painting. Winter makes things look so pretty (I know it’s spring now but there is still snow in Newfoundland. Mother nature doesn’t bring us spring on time)! Here and there it was bumpy due to deep patches of snow and that resulted in several utterances of “Firetruck!” (my go to substitute expletive) but other than that it was a nice ride. I tried trotting for 10 paces and was glad when the 10 paces were done! It was a little too fast for me. I was bouncing on and off of Jesse a bit. Maybe someday I’ll be ready but for right now I’m going to stick to a nice slow walk.

After the trail ride Peter let me try Max for a while. He was a very stubborn horse! I would kick, kiss and yell “GET UP!” but he wouldn’t budge! It took a while for him to eventually move! It was a nice experience getting to try him out but I soon dismounted and got back on Jesse’s back.

Jesse showed her stubborn side when Peter brought Max back into the barn. What was going through her mind was “Ok, rides over! Peter is putting Max back into the barn so I have to go in too.” I would bring her around the fenced area in a circle traced out in the snow. When we would approach the barn Jesse would try and go in. I would have to pull her away and turn her around. It was difficult at times but I managed!

I had a blast with Peter and his horses today! It was a perfect way to spend Good Friday! I’m really looking forward to the summertime when we get some nicer weather and I can go out on the horses again! How did you spend Good Friday? Tell me in the comments!


Big Announcement

Hey blog world! As the title states I have some very exciting news! A few months back I sent in an audition tape to some producers in New York hoping to get cast in a Broadway show. They called me last night! I’m going to be playing Glinda in a world tour production of “Wicked”!!! I nearly jumped out of my chair when I got the call! I couldn’t believe that I’d gotten the part! This is literally the experience of a lifetime! I can’t wait to defy gravity tomorrow night and hop onboard a flight to New York to begin rehearsals!

When they told me who my co-stars would be I was out of my mind! To name a few of them Andrew Rannells (Elder Price in “Book of Mormon”) Andrew Rannells will be playing Fiyero and Idina Menzel will be reprising her role as ElphabaElphaba!!! I fangirled when they told me that! Idina is one of my favorite Broadway performers! She is a superstar who I am beyond honored to share the stage with!

Rehearsals start on Friday in New York and go until September, at which point we begin the tour with our first stop at the Adventure Theatre in Washington. We then move on to the rest of the 50 states then Europe, Africa and so on. This is literally a world tour. If it’s on the globe we’re going there! We are hitting every province, state, country and continent on earth!

The final performance is right here at home in Newfoundland. In 2020 we will be performing at the Arts and Culture Center. The date of the show is April… FOOLS!

Yep this is a joke! I wish I were telling the truth. It would be a dream come true to perform alongside Andrew and Idina! I would love to tour the world and perform in brilliant “Wicked”. Maybe someday if it gets produced locally I’ll get the chance! Happy April Fools day blog world!


April Friend Day

Hey blog world! Today as you all know is a special day. April Fools Day! However, today is special to me for a different reason. Instead of celebrating a fool I celebrate a friend (but then again he is quite silly so I guess I’m celebrating both today!) Four years ago today I met one of my best friends! Peter Halley Peter Halley!

4 years ago today I was 12 years old and my parents took me to see Spirit of Newfoundland’s “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop” dinner theater show. It was my third time at a Spirit performance. I loved Spirit (as I of course still do) and couldn’t wait for the show to start! When it did it was mesmerizing! Flashing lights and live music. I was astounded! Even more so when the actors (Darrin Martin, Peter Halley, Shelley Neville and Sabrina Roberts) came out! They were really funny and their singing was impeccable!

At one point in the show the actors each came out to sing their favourite ABBA song. When Peter came on stage he said his favourite was from the perspective of two men but yet it was sung by the girls. He asked the audience what it was (click here to reveal.) I wanted to take a guess but since I was still new to dinner theater and it had been 4 years since I last saw one (“Viva Lost Elvis” in 2007) I didn’t know how to proceed. Do I blurt out my guess? Do I raise my hand? I chose the latter assuming it was the right thing to do. Peter saw my hand in the air and was taken aback. He said he felt like he was back in his classroom (he’s a former teacher.) He called on me to answer and I said “S.O.S”. I was incorrect but at least I tried!

Near the end of the show Peter asked the audience if they had a favourite ABBA song that wasn’t yet sung. I was hoping to hear “Dancing Queen” and they hadn’t sung it yet so I put up my hand to say so. When Peter saw my hand raised he told the women he was talking to that their answers were void now because they didn’t raise their hands LOL!

After the show I got to meet Peter! I was thrilled that he recognised me (when I came up to him he asked if I was the girl in the back who was raising her hand!) we introduced ourselves to each other and we chatted about the show. Peter was very nice. I liked him and I could tell he liked me. Here’s a picture of me with the cast that night ABBA show!

Two years later we saw each other again at Spirit’s “Go Duet Yourself” show. I saw on Facebook that it was Peter’s Birthday the month before so I made him a belated Birthday card. I flagged him over to my table and when I told him that I was the girl at ABBA who raised her hand, he remembered me! I was very happy that he did. I gave him the card and I’ll never forget the look on his face. His jaw dropped and his eyes were wide! He looked at the card, then at me, then back at the card. After he read it he said that I made his night! Just by hearing that he made mine! Then was the best part, he gave me a hug!

After the shows the cast gives shout outs to friends and family in the audience. During that segment Peter showed off my card! I was floating on cloud 109! I worked hard on that card so it meant a lot to me that he loved it that much and showed it to the audience. After the show when I got a picture with the cast Peter said “I want to stand next to Leah!” That made me feel special! I could tell that this was the start of a friendship. I was right and what a wonderful friendship it is!

I’ve learned a lot from him. Even something I didn’t want to learn LOL! He grossed me out last Canada day when he told me what hotdogs were made of! EW! Also Peter is my voice teacher now and a lot of people have said that my singing has improved! He’s very picky but that’s what makes him great! It really helps. Peter is also teaching me about puns and idioms. Because of my Aspergers I find them hard to understand. I really appreciate that he takes time out of his busy schedule to teach me these things. I’m teaching him too! Little by little I’m helping him learn about Aspergers Syndrome (the form of Autism I have.)

I enjoy chatting with Peter. He’s very interesting. He often has a funny or interesting story to tell when I come to his house for a voice lesson. I like telling him about my week and what’s going on in my life too. When I have good news he’s always very happy for me. When I’m going through a tough time I’m glad to have him to talk to. He’s a good listener. I also really appreciate that he prays for me when I ask him too. For example earlier in the year I had some involuntary shaking spells. They were scary! I was even more scared when I had to go to the Janeway for EKG’s. I was afraid of what the results would show (thank goodness they were both fine.) I told Peter about what had been going on and asked him to pray for me and he said yes. That meant a lot to me and knowing I was in his prayers and he was thinking of me helped make me feel a little less scared. I pray for him too. Peter means a lot to me. When I pray before bed I always ask God to bless him and his family and take care of his mom

What I like most about Peter is his kind and gentle demeanor. He’s s a sweetheart! He’s always got a smile on his face and he’s one of the nicest people I know. I don’t think mad, or angry are emotions he possesses! He’s also very patient and understanding of my challenges.

It was fate that brought me to “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”. Peter and I were meant to become friends and change each others lives. Thank you so much Peter for these past four years of friendship! Here’s to many more! I’ll raise a glass (of lemon water) in your honor today!