Women Doin’ Men

*This post is completely SFW (Safe For Work), the title doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Hey blog world! Last night mom and I were at Spirit of Newfoundland! We saw “Women Doin’ Men”, my 16th Spirit of NL show. It was, as Spirit’s shows usually are, phenomenal!

When we arrived at the Temple I got to catch up with some friends. Colleen and Blaine, two of my co-workers who I hadn’t seen in ages! It was nice getting to see them again and chat.

Soon after talking with them the meal began. The appetizer was a beet salad. I’m not a fan of beets so I didn’t enjoy it that much. Lovely presentation though. Very colourful.

Spirit puts lemon in the water and Mom usually asks for a pitcher without lemon because she doesn’t like the taste. I asked her to leave it in tonight so I could try it. The reason why is because Peter Halley (one of my best friends and Spirit’s artistic director) had said earlier this week that I should have a glass of lemon water each morning. There are a lot of benefits to it. I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste but when I tried it last night I did! It may take a while to get into the daily routine but I’ll try!

I was very impressed with the main course, screech barbecue chicken. It was sweet with just the right amount of tang from the screech. It was delicious! The vegetables on the side were nice. The mashed potatoes were very rich and creamy, just the way I like them.

After the main course the show began. It started with an awesome medley of songs played by the band (Scott Mansfield, Sandy Morris, Mark Pedal and Evan Smith). They are fabulous musicians and they sounded amazing together!

Then the girls (Janet Cull, Kelly-Ann Evans and Dana Parsons) came out on stage. If looks could kill the audience would have all dropped dead! As usual they all looked “smot” (it’s a Newfoundland term. Smush “some” and “hot” into one word and you get “smot”!) They sang “9 to 5” and it was fantastic! They sound awesome together and harmonize wonderfully! They were government workers about to get laid off. Dana’s character was my favourite. I died every time she let loose with her nail file! She was going at the speed of light and bouncing. It was hilarious! I also thought it was funny when she would quote her father. In one part of the show Dana gave Janet a warm bottle of Molsen and when she complained it was warm Dana quoted her father, “SHUT UP AND DRINK IT!” LOL!

When the girls sang it was incredible! They each have astounding voices that sound even more astounding together! I really liked when they sang songs by the top 10 bestselling male artists of all time. Especially Elton John! They sang a bit of “Candle In The Wind” and it was so pretty! I can’t remember what number he was but it was funny when they got to Bing Crosby. They sang “White Christmas” and stopped in the middle and were like “enough of this!” It was also funny when Dana impersonated Aaron Neville! He has a funny voice and she was spot on!

They did a little tribute to Johnny Cash in the first act and I thought it was great! Kelly-Ann did an awesome job of singing “I Walk The Line”. Janet’s bit was my favourite part of that scene. She came out in a black suit, cowboy hat and moustache! She recited a bit of “Boy Named Sue” in a baritone voice. I loved it!

The girls as I said sounded great together but separately they sang some very powerful solos. My favourite solo from the first act was when Janet sang “Crying”. I was holding back tears! It was beautiful.

When the first act was over it was time for desert, screech cake! Spirit’s screech cake is to die for! On the sides of the plate were some different things to dip the cake in. Whipped cream, screech caramel sauce and raspberry sauce. They all tasted yummy (especially the raspberry sauce) and paired very well with the cake.

In the second act there were lots more wonderful songs. They started with a tribute to boy bands. My favourites were The Temptations, The Monkees and One Direction! “My Girl” sounded marvellous and “Daydream Believer” made my heart happy! It’s one of my favourite songs and it makes me smile and it makes me and my heart really happy. When they got to 1D I went nuts! I was singing along and dancing like crazy in my seat! “What Makes You Beautiful” is such a fun song! I also thought it was sweet when they did Boyz II Men and Janet serenaded her very lucky fiancé Eric with “I’ll Make Love To You”. It was so cute!

I’m not a Backstreet Boys fan and prefer “Subway” to “I Want It That Way”, however I really enjoyed when the girls sang it! The harmonies made the song sound really cool!

They of course paid tribute to a lovely male singer from our province. The man of a thousand songs, Ron Hynes. Dana sang “Atlantic Blue” and it sounded wonderful!

The most beautiful part of act two was when Kelly-Ann and Janet sang “Hallelujah”. It was breathtaking! Again I was holding back tears! It’s my new favourite cover of the song. I loved it so much that I gave them a standing ovation! 

Kelly-Ann dominated the end of the show with a stellar tribute to Freddy Mercury and MJ! She is a big ball of energy and she never ceases to amaze! She always has on amazing outfits too. I loved the replica Freddy Mercury jacket she wore when tributing him. My favourite song in that set was “Somebody To Love”. Kelly-Ann did a marvellous job of singing it and I had a ball interpretive dancing in my seat!

For the MJ tribute she wore a black outfit with lots of sparkles! It was awesome! “Thriller” was lots of fun but my favourite part was the final number. Janet and Dana came out (Dana had a sweet Afro that I think looked great on her) and they sang “Bad”! It was a phenomenal way to end the already phenomenal show! When they took their bows I gave them another rightfully deserved standing ovation!

Then came one of my favourite parts of the night, the singing of the Spirit of Newfoundland song. It’s a beautiful song written by Peter that they sing at the end of each show. I remained standing, put my hand over my heart and sang along.

Then they gave shout-outs to their friends and family in the audience. I was lucky enough to be one of those people! I thought it was nice of them to acknowledge that I was there.

If I could add anything to the show I’d put in a little more country music. I think the girls would sound lovely doing George Jones, Jim Reeves and Marty Robbins! Also I’d add Fun to the boy band segment. The girls would do a stellar job of “Carry On” I think!

Once the show ended I got to get pictures with the girls! me and Kelly-Ann Janet and me Dana and I Aren’t we all smot!

 While waiting in the bar to pay my bill I got to meet Janet’s fiancé Eric (who looks a lot like Hugh Jackman!) He’s really nice. Janet is very lucky to have him and vice versa. I think they’re a cute couple!

I had a fantastic night out at “Women Doin’ Men” last night and can’t wait to come back in the summer to see another show! I think it would be cool if they did a reverse version of this show next summer “Men Doin’ Women”! It’d be fun! For more information or to make reservations for a show visit www.spiritofnewfoundland.com or give them a call at 579-3023! Also if you like the jacket Janet is wearing in the above picture (she’s the one in the middle) it’s part of her “Great Northern Girl” clothing line. Drop by the Facebook page for more info.


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