I Dream of Jim

Hey blog world! Last year on my Facebook wall my friends and I wrote a story two words at a time about a goat named Gilbert and his adventure with Doctor Who. Tonight my friends and I wrote another two words at a time story. It’s a little random at times but I think it’s sweet. I call it “I Dream Of Jim”.

One night At bed time I dreamed about a pony. His tail was a rainbow and very fluffy and he liked to eat tacos. I found it hard to believe! He then went to the bathroom and had a dance party with a lady friend named Jesse. She smelled like hay and makeup.

Her boyfriend’s name was Jim. He had a sports car that he liked to drive every day, but he had a confession. He was gay. He told Jesse and she told him she was ok with that. He smiled and said “Thank you.” They lived happily ever after until he cheated on her with her brother who was a dwarf who liked apples and bananas.

One day Jim decided he would give the fairies a gift which were orange leather boots. Jesse wanted them so Jim ended up giving the fairies gift to Jesse. He said he wished that she would promise to never give fairies the address to their cabin in the mystical forest!

She said she was moving to Torbay and he didn’t want to go so they broke up. But then they got stuck in a ditch full of snow and they freaked out! Then they got out. They were sad so they fell in love all over again, got married  and had two foals named Max and Shelley. They were cute and cuddly!

The end 


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