Hey blog world! Yesterday was a pretty big day! I applied to MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland). What I’d like to be when I finish university is a special education teacher. However, when I went into the online application form I discovered that was a second degree course, meaning I had to get another degree first.

I chose to do a bachelor of education for primary/elementary with a focus on music. I love little kids so I thought primary/elementary would be the best choice and I chose to focus in music because it’s something I’m good at and really enjoy.

I’m crossing all my body parts that can be crossed that Shelley Neville is one of my teachers! She is an immensely talented opera singer who performs a lot with Spirit of Newfoundland. It would be an honor to be one of her students! It worried me a bit though that it may take me a long time to get used to calling her Miss Neville. I’ve known Shelley for a number of years and am so used to calling her by her first name. I knew It would be a difficult transition if and when I became one of her students. Thankfully, my Best Buddy said that a lot of her profs allow their students to call them by their first name. That was a relief! I hope Shelley is one of them.

I’ve been to MUN before and it’s a LARGE campus. I’m very directionally challenged so I’m likely going to very easily get lost. I hope MUN has maps!

I wonder what kind of clubs and such MUN has? I hope they have a drama club or improv team! I love acting and improv and have tried hard for the past three years but didn’t make the team at my high school. If MUN hasn’t got a team then at least there’s still a flicker of hope with “Who’s Got the Mic”, an improv show my friend Greg does on CHMR, the university radio station.

I’m hoping to run into my friends or make some new ones. It would be nice to have some companionship in the cafeteria for once (when the special needs class at school is on a field trip I eat in the cafeteria. No one I know is usually there so I wind up sitting alone. It sucks!)

MUN will be quite the adventure. I’m nervous but at the same time looking forward to it! Here’s hoping I survive!



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