Screen Free Fun

Hey blog world! The world has been taken over by screens! We rely on technology for everything and spend way too much time on it! There are plenty of other fun things to do that don’t involve a screen! Here are my favorite non screen related activities.

Reading: I love curling up on the couch and reading a book. Also I like reading aloud to Prince Ozzy (my cat). He seems to really enjoy that. My favorite books are American Girl books. Especially the historical books! It’s fun to be transported back in time and learn about what things were like back then! My favorite American Girl series’ (each girl has a two book anthology) are Addy from 1864, Molly from 1944 and Kit from 1934. 

 Musical Theater: As my friend Steve once said, “If you like 3D go to a play”! He’s absolutely right! Being at the Arts and Culture Center seeing a musical is a much more thrilling experience than sitting in a crowded Cineplex theater eating horrendously overpriced popcorn and staring at a  screen! Musical theater is a magical experience! You’ll laugh, cry, sing and maybe even dance in your seat! Coming soon are “Jesus Christ Superstar” presented by TaDa Events March 19th-22nd at the Arts and Culture Center, “Urinetown” presented by Best Kind Productions.

Sewing: I find hand sewing (sewing with a hand needle instead of machine) is very relaxing and I feel really proud of myself when I finish. It’s really rewarding when I give away things I’ve sewn. I made a chew toy for my friend Peter’s dog for example and she loved it! Seeing her so happy with something I made made me really happy!

Board games: I actually prefer these to video games! They’re challenging, lots of fun and you interact with the other players. My favorites are Scrabble, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: This is very graceful and pretty. It’s a lot different than regular gymnastics with tumbles and splits. Rhythmic is more like dancing. We twirl ribbons!

Cooking: I love cooking meals for my family. It’s lots of fun and it’s really rewarding when everyone says they love it. My specialty is Italian food. I make pasta a lot since it’s my favorite food. Sometime I make a simple goulash or macaroni and cheese but sometimes I go all out and do spaghetti, meatballs and cheese bread.

Cloud gazing: it’s very peaceful and sometimes I see funny designs in the clouds!

Racket sports: I’m not really the best at tennis or badminton but I try hard and have fun! It’s a great way to pass time on a summer day and bond with Mom.

Jigsaw puzzles: These are a fun way to keep my mind sharp.

Going to the carnival: Thomas Amusements, a local, travelling carnival comes around during the spring and summer! It’s a blast! There are lots of fun rides and games there. My favorite rides are the Tornado (your seat goes up high in the air and goes around and around), Catch N Air (you sit in a car and go really fast around the track and there’s a little drop and you go backwards too) andthe Scrambler (enough said).

What are your favorite things to do that don’t involve a screen? Tell me in the comments (and then get off the computer and do one of the above.


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