Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now

Hey blog world! Yesterday I had a meeting at the Blundon Center at MUN to set up my accommodations for MUN in September (I need to use a computer to take notes, I need extra time for tests etc.) I can’t believe that come September I’ll be going to University, or as the lady at the Blundon Center called it “Big Girl School”! 

I have one piece of advice for you blog world. Slow down! Life goes by super fast so take your time and enjoy it. It feels like yesterday I was three years old and blew dad’s mind when I sang him the “Blue’s Clues” planet song from memory! Now I’m 17, I had my first job last summer (and loved it) and am in my last year of high school. Holy cats where did the time go? 

 In September I will be studying education at “Big Girl School”. I want to be a special education teacher. I love people with special needs! They are the kindest, happiest and friendliest people I know. The world could really learn a lesson from them. I eat my recess and lunch with the special needs class at school everyday and I always leave with a smile on my face. They make me so happy! I would love to teach them for a living. I think I would be great at it. I have a special need too so I feel that will be beneficial to me in this career. I’ve been in their shoes and know what they’re going through and know how they learn and how to help them. 

 As a side project I want to start a theater company for people with special needs. I think it would be great to let them have a chance in the spotlight and show everyone what they can do. It would be a great confidence booster for them too and they can gain some new skills. I’m going to name the company Shining Star Productions and our inaugural show will be “Rent”! It’s one of my favourite musicals and I think it would be lots of fun to do. 

 I’m really hoping for success with my future endeavours. I’m actually a little nervous about University! Here’s hoping I survive! What are your plans after High School? Tell me in the comments! 



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