Bittersweet Memories

Hey blog world! Looking for inspiration I headed to the daily post. In the random prompts section I came across Bittersweet Memories

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

I haven’t received it yet. I know someday I will but I don’t want that day to come anytime soon. I hope it’s years and years from now when I get it! That gift is my poppy’s record player. We both love old music (classic country and 50’s rock) so he said that I could have the record player and all his records when he passes on.

I love my poppy very much. He’s very sweet. He always compliments and encourages me. Also he’s very proud of me and like all grandparents he does his fair share of bragging. He tells all his friends how musically talented I am and how I sing with Peter Halley and work at Spirit of Newfoundland! He attends a lot of my sporting events and concerts. It means a lot to me to have him in the audience. Seeing his smiling face and knowing how proud he is of me makes me really happy!

I love going out with him! It’s not too often that we get to go on an outing together so that makes it even more special! When I was younger he’d take me to the petting zoo and then we’d get ice cream! I loved petting and feeding all the animals! Also he babysat me a lot when I was little so I spent a lot of time at his house. We’d play crazy 8’s for money (loose change he kept in a little jar. Nickles, dimes and quarters). That was fun! In recent years we’ve been to some Spirit of Newfoundland shows together and last year I took him to see Chris Gascoyne (the actor who plays Peter Barlow on “Coronation Street”) at the Holy Heart Theater. Here we are in front of a backdrop of the Roy’s Rolls CaféPop and I! Every month our Church has an open mic and a hymn sing and we love going to those together. My favorite outings with poppy is when he brings me to his 50+ club dinner and dances. Every now and then he’ll call up the head of the club and ask if I can go with him. I love it when she says yes! It’s such a special moment when I dance with poppy.

Poppy doesn’t live with us but he comes over almost every night. He has supper with us and usually stays for a cup of tea, game of cards and he catches the sports scores and we watch “Coronation Street” together. “Coronation Street” used to put me to sleep but after sitting down and watching an episode all the way through with poppy I was hooked! It’s been a while since we watched it together last and I desperately need to get caught up (if anyone reading this watches the show please tell me what’s been happening) but when I get the chance it’s nice to sit down with poppy and watch what I think of now as our show.

He’s really getting up there (I think he’s 78 now) but is still a very active social butterfly. He’s rarely home anymore! He’s happy and full of life. I hope he takes his time and stays here long enough to attend my University graduation, wedding and to meet my children when I adopt them. I can wait for that record player. When the day comes that he reunites with nanny and I inherit his record player I’ll think of him everytime I spin one of his records.



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