Why I Love Spirit of Newfoundland

Hey blog world! My writing teacher has tasked the class with a research assignment. We have to pick a topic, research it and create some sort of media presentation on our topic. I chose to do a video on Spirit of Newfoundland. I know heaps about it and am a total superfan so I knew this would be a good topic for my project. I went to the Masonic Temple earlier to do an interview with Kathie Hicks, Spirit’s COO to get some info for my project. At the end of the interview she asked me “Why do you love Spirit of Newfoundland?” I thought about it for a minute and I knew why but couldn’t put it into words. Now I’ve got it! These are the reasons why I love Spirit of Newfoundland.

  • It’s my happy place! When I walk through the doors of the Masonic Temple it’s like Alice walking through her looking glass. I enter a completely different world! At Spirit any sadness I’m going through or troubles I’m experiencing just wash away and I’m able to smile, laugh and sing for a few hours! There is no such thing as sadness at Spirit!
  • The talent is second to none. The performers at Spirit of Newfoundland are all superstars! I’m blown away by the performances each time I attend a Spirit show! The singing is mind blowing and the comedy is hilarious! When they do a serious piece (“Smoke Room On The Kyle” from “Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Nobs” and Michael Power’s heartwarming “Christmas Memories from Around the Bay” monologue from “Christmas Around the World” for example) or a slow song it’s always absolutely beautiful. Sometimes it will tug at your heart strings and some times it will make you cry.
  • I’m not accepted by  many neurotypical (normal) people so it means a lot to me that everyone at Spirit accepts me for who I am and treats me like everyone else. They are all such kind and welcoming people whom I consider my 2nd family.
  • The food is to die for! My mouth waters just thinking about the food at Spirit. Chef Darrell Tulk (Spirit’s former chef) and Chef Shawn Halley (Spirit’s current chef) are both amazing cooks! The food is delectable! Especially the stuffed chicken and the screech cake.

Thank you Spirit of Newfoundland for everything that you do. I don’t know what I’d do without you! I can’t wait to see you all again on the 28th at “Women Doin’ Men”!



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