Women Doin’ Men

*This post is completely SFW (Safe For Work), the title doesn’t mean what you think it means.

Hey blog world! Last night mom and I were at Spirit of Newfoundland! We saw “Women Doin’ Men”, my 16th Spirit of NL show. It was, as Spirit’s shows usually are, phenomenal!

When we arrived at the Temple I got to catch up with some friends. Colleen and Blaine, two of my co-workers who I hadn’t seen in ages! It was nice getting to see them again and chat.

Soon after talking with them the meal began. The appetizer was a beet salad. I’m not a fan of beets so I didn’t enjoy it that much. Lovely presentation though. Very colourful.

Spirit puts lemon in the water and Mom usually asks for a pitcher without lemon because she doesn’t like the taste. I asked her to leave it in tonight so I could try it. The reason why is because Peter Halley (one of my best friends and Spirit’s artistic director) had said earlier this week that I should have a glass of lemon water each morning. There are a lot of benefits to it. I wasn’t sure if I would like the taste but when I tried it last night I did! It may take a while to get into the daily routine but I’ll try!

I was very impressed with the main course, screech barbecue chicken. It was sweet with just the right amount of tang from the screech. It was delicious! The vegetables on the side were nice. The mashed potatoes were very rich and creamy, just the way I like them.

After the main course the show began. It started with an awesome medley of songs played by the band (Scott Mansfield, Sandy Morris, Mark Pedal and Evan Smith). They are fabulous musicians and they sounded amazing together!

Then the girls (Janet Cull, Kelly-Ann Evans and Dana Parsons) came out on stage. If looks could kill the audience would have all dropped dead! As usual they all looked “smot” (it’s a Newfoundland term. Smush “some” and “hot” into one word and you get “smot”!) They sang “9 to 5” and it was fantastic! They sound awesome together and harmonize wonderfully! They were government workers about to get laid off. Dana’s character was my favourite. I died every time she let loose with her nail file! She was going at the speed of light and bouncing. It was hilarious! I also thought it was funny when she would quote her father. In one part of the show Dana gave Janet a warm bottle of Molsen and when she complained it was warm Dana quoted her father, “SHUT UP AND DRINK IT!” LOL!

When the girls sang it was incredible! They each have astounding voices that sound even more astounding together! I really liked when they sang songs by the top 10 bestselling male artists of all time. Especially Elton John! They sang a bit of “Candle In The Wind” and it was so pretty! I can’t remember what number he was but it was funny when they got to Bing Crosby. They sang “White Christmas” and stopped in the middle and were like “enough of this!” It was also funny when Dana impersonated Aaron Neville! He has a funny voice and she was spot on!

They did a little tribute to Johnny Cash in the first act and I thought it was great! Kelly-Ann did an awesome job of singing “I Walk The Line”. Janet’s bit was my favourite part of that scene. She came out in a black suit, cowboy hat and moustache! She recited a bit of “Boy Named Sue” in a baritone voice. I loved it!

The girls as I said sounded great together but separately they sang some very powerful solos. My favourite solo from the first act was when Janet sang “Crying”. I was holding back tears! It was beautiful.

When the first act was over it was time for desert, screech cake! Spirit’s screech cake is to die for! On the sides of the plate were some different things to dip the cake in. Whipped cream, screech caramel sauce and raspberry sauce. They all tasted yummy (especially the raspberry sauce) and paired very well with the cake.

In the second act there were lots more wonderful songs. They started with a tribute to boy bands. My favourites were The Temptations, The Monkees and One Direction! “My Girl” sounded marvellous and “Daydream Believer” made my heart happy! It’s one of my favourite songs and it makes me smile and it makes me and my heart really happy. When they got to 1D I went nuts! I was singing along and dancing like crazy in my seat! “What Makes You Beautiful” is such a fun song! I also thought it was sweet when they did Boyz II Men and Janet serenaded her very lucky fiancé Eric with “I’ll Make Love To You”. It was so cute!

I’m not a Backstreet Boys fan and prefer “Subway” to “I Want It That Way”, however I really enjoyed when the girls sang it! The harmonies made the song sound really cool!

They of course paid tribute to a lovely male singer from our province. The man of a thousand songs, Ron Hynes. Dana sang “Atlantic Blue” and it sounded wonderful!

The most beautiful part of act two was when Kelly-Ann and Janet sang “Hallelujah”. It was breathtaking! Again I was holding back tears! It’s my new favourite cover of the song. I loved it so much that I gave them a standing ovation! 

Kelly-Ann dominated the end of the show with a stellar tribute to Freddy Mercury and MJ! She is a big ball of energy and she never ceases to amaze! She always has on amazing outfits too. I loved the replica Freddy Mercury jacket she wore when tributing him. My favourite song in that set was “Somebody To Love”. Kelly-Ann did a marvellous job of singing it and I had a ball interpretive dancing in my seat!

For the MJ tribute she wore a black outfit with lots of sparkles! It was awesome! “Thriller” was lots of fun but my favourite part was the final number. Janet and Dana came out (Dana had a sweet Afro that I think looked great on her) and they sang “Bad”! It was a phenomenal way to end the already phenomenal show! When they took their bows I gave them another rightfully deserved standing ovation!

Then came one of my favourite parts of the night, the singing of the Spirit of Newfoundland song. It’s a beautiful song written by Peter that they sing at the end of each show. I remained standing, put my hand over my heart and sang along.

Then they gave shout-outs to their friends and family in the audience. I was lucky enough to be one of those people! I thought it was nice of them to acknowledge that I was there.

If I could add anything to the show I’d put in a little more country music. I think the girls would sound lovely doing George Jones, Jim Reeves and Marty Robbins! Also I’d add Fun to the boy band segment. The girls would do a stellar job of “Carry On” I think!

Once the show ended I got to get pictures with the girls! me and Kelly-Ann Janet and me Dana and I Aren’t we all smot!

 While waiting in the bar to pay my bill I got to meet Janet’s fiancé Eric (who looks a lot like Hugh Jackman!) He’s really nice. Janet is very lucky to have him and vice versa. I think they’re a cute couple!

I had a fantastic night out at “Women Doin’ Men” last night and can’t wait to come back in the summer to see another show! I think it would be cool if they did a reverse version of this show next summer “Men Doin’ Women”! It’d be fun! For more information or to make reservations for a show visit www.spiritofnewfoundland.com or give them a call at 579-3023! Also if you like the jacket Janet is wearing in the above picture (she’s the one in the middle) it’s part of her “Great Northern Girl” clothing line. Drop by the Facebook page for more info.



I Dream of Jim

Hey blog world! Last year on my Facebook wall my friends and I wrote a story two words at a time about a goat named Gilbert and his adventure with Doctor Who. Tonight my friends and I wrote another two words at a time story. It’s a little random at times but I think it’s sweet. I call it “I Dream Of Jim”.

One night At bed time I dreamed about a pony. His tail was a rainbow and very fluffy and he liked to eat tacos. I found it hard to believe! He then went to the bathroom and had a dance party with a lady friend named Jesse. She smelled like hay and makeup.

Her boyfriend’s name was Jim. He had a sports car that he liked to drive every day, but he had a confession. He was gay. He told Jesse and she told him she was ok with that. He smiled and said “Thank you.” They lived happily ever after until he cheated on her with her brother who was a dwarf who liked apples and bananas.

One day Jim decided he would give the fairies a gift which were orange leather boots. Jesse wanted them so Jim ended up giving the fairies gift to Jesse. He said he wished that she would promise to never give fairies the address to their cabin in the mystical forest!

She said she was moving to Torbay and he didn’t want to go so they broke up. But then they got stuck in a ditch full of snow and they freaked out! Then they got out. They were sad so they fell in love all over again, got married  and had two foals named Max and Shelley. They were cute and cuddly!

The end 

“Jesus Christ Superstar”

Hey blog world! I have been blessed with a wonderful boyfriend named Glen. He’s a gentleman whose happiness, smile and laughter are contagious! Also he’s absolutely adorable! We went out on a date last night and had a fabulous time! We saw TaDa Events’ production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at the Arts and Culture Center. I was absolutely blown away by the show! I thought it was phenominal!

The show begins with a riot. It was very well choreographed. I thought it was cool! Then Judas (Jodi Richardson) came out and sang “Heaven On Their Minds“. I saw him act before on “Republic of Doyle” but had never heard him sing before. I was quite impressed. He put a lot of emotion into his performance. Mary (Janet Cull) did too. I don’t think they could have cast a better person for this role! She was perfect! I absolutely love Janet’s voice. Each song she sang tonight was absolutely beautiful! Especially “I Don’t Know How To Love Him“.

Kelly-Ann Evans was a killer Simon! She was as usual filled to the brim with energy! Simon Zealotes is one of my favorite songs in the show. It’s so much fun! glen and I had a blast dancing to it in our seats!

The ensemble was fabulous as well. It had lots of fantastic talent. Kara Noftle, Kyle McDavid, Erin Winsor and Keith Power to name a few. “Hosanna” was amazing! All the voices blended together really well and it was so harmonious and perfect!

The Temple” was another incredible ensemble driven part of the show. It was mesmerizing! I felt like I was in a night club on George Street! The costumes were really eccentric for this scene. Lots of bright colors and sparkles. I loved it! Keith Power dressed in drag! He looked awesome! Keith rocks women’s clothing! I’ve seen him in drag a few times and he looks really good!

Keith was a great Roman too. All the Romans were really good! I was especially impressed with Caiaphas (Wayne Pardy). He had a very impressive baritone voice. All the different vocal ranges of the Romans made “This Jesus Must Die” sound awesome.

Glen really liked “Damned for All Time/Blood Money” or as he calls it the “Superhero Song” (he’s really into superheroes and the guitar riff in the song reminds him of Batman). He had a huge smile on his face and danced in his seat. It was so cute!

Then came the intermission, or as Glen adorably called it “snack time”! When we got up from our seats and began exiting the auditorium the poor dear lost his balance and almost fell into the orchestra pit! I was very thankful that he didn’t. It’s a long way down and Bill Brennan and his piano are not very soft things to land on! When we got outside and had our snack I got to introduce him to Calvin Powell, a fabulous opera singer from Bay Roberts whom I had met a year ago (but really it feels like only yesterday) at “Do You Hear The People Sing”, a benefit concert for Atlantic Light Theater’s inagural production of “Les Misérables”. Glen was very happy to get to meet a celebrity! The three of us had a nice chat. After we ate Glen and I got a picture togetherMe and Glen! He is the cutest!

Jesus (Justin Nurse) really shone in act two. I loved “The Last Supper” and “Gethsemane“. They were both so powerful! I was also really impressed with the high notes that Justin hit. He’s got an astounding voice!

A little later in the show came my favorite part! “King Herod’s Song“!!! Herod is my favorite character in JCS! He’s so funny! Justin Goulding played him and did a marvellous job! I loved his ridiculous, bedhead like hairstyle. The dancing was great in this song too. The whole scene was so much fun!

The last few scenes of the show were very emotional. I felt bad for Judas when he hung himself. I also felt bad for Jesus when he was flogged by Pilate (Phillip Goodridge). It was hard to watch. In the crucifixion scene it was neat watching Jesus rise up to the ceiling on the cross but at the same time it was difficult to watch as well. Glen even cried during this scene.

Things picked up in “Superstar”. It’s such an awesome song! Jody did a super job of singing it and the dancing was great too. I also really loved the pretty white dresses that the angels were wearing. Glen and I had a blast rocking out to the song!

When the cast took their bows Glen and I stood up and gave them the standing ovation they rightfully deserved. I even blew Kelly-Ann a kiss! They all sang “Superstar” and of course me and Glen danced and sang along again! Some of the cast members saw us dancing and smiled at us. That made me happy.

When the show ended I was speechless! I couldn’t think of any words to describe the show! It was that amazing! Glen thought it was awesome and was smiling ear to ear and he danced and sang the whole way out into the lobby! I was glad that he enjoyed himself. I really did too.

I told him that when the show ended I would introduce him to my friends in the cast. He loved getting to meet more celebrities! Each time I’d introduce him to one of my friends he’d have a big smile on his face and I could tell he was thrilled to be meeting all these people! They were all happy to meet him too. Especially Erin Winsor. She’d heard lots about him and was very happy to meet him face to face for the first time. She thinks that he’s a keeper! She’s absolutely right! We even got pictures with some of the cast! Erin W Keith P

Glen especially loved meeting Justin Nurse. When he asked Glen what his favorite part was he said “You!” I thought that was very sweet of him and Justin was flattered. We got a picture taken with him too! Justin

I told Glen that I wouldn’t make any promises but I’d see if we could go backstage after the show. We asked Justin if that was possible, he ran backstage to get permission and he came back a few minutes later and said yes! Glen was out of his mind! He was squealing with excitement and had an ear to ear grin on his face! He had never been backstage before so he was ecstatic that he got to go back there last night! Justin gave us a really cool tour of the backstage area. We got to see the props (My favorite was Herod’s fuzzy purple chair), we got to go on stage (the view was amazing) and we got to see the dressing rooms too! We ran into Kara Noftle while back there. It was nice to get to see her. It was so nice of Justin to give us this backstage tour. Glen and I really appreciated it and it certainly made Glen’s night!

Everything about last night was magnificent! I will definately not forget this performance. I loved every minute of it, as did Glen! On the way home he said he wanted to go back and see it again tonight! I’d like to too. It would be awesome to experience this magnificent production all over again! Too bad it’s sold out. Oh well! Break a leg to the cast and crew tonight! Have fun with the final performance! You are all superstars!



Hey blog world! Yesterday was a pretty big day! I applied to MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland). What I’d like to be when I finish university is a special education teacher. However, when I went into the online application form I discovered that was a second degree course, meaning I had to get another degree first.

I chose to do a bachelor of education for primary/elementary with a focus on music. I love little kids so I thought primary/elementary would be the best choice and I chose to focus in music because it’s something I’m good at and really enjoy.

I’m crossing all my body parts that can be crossed that Shelley Neville is one of my teachers! She is an immensely talented opera singer who performs a lot with Spirit of Newfoundland. It would be an honor to be one of her students! It worried me a bit though that it may take me a long time to get used to calling her Miss Neville. I’ve known Shelley for a number of years and am so used to calling her by her first name. I knew It would be a difficult transition if and when I became one of her students. Thankfully, my Best Buddy said that a lot of her profs allow their students to call them by their first name. That was a relief! I hope Shelley is one of them.

I’ve been to MUN before and it’s a LARGE campus. I’m very directionally challenged so I’m likely going to very easily get lost. I hope MUN has maps!

I wonder what kind of clubs and such MUN has? I hope they have a drama club or improv team! I love acting and improv and have tried hard for the past three years but didn’t make the team at my high school. If MUN hasn’t got a team then at least there’s still a flicker of hope with “Who’s Got the Mic”, an improv show my friend Greg does on CHMR, the university radio station.

I’m hoping to run into my friends or make some new ones. It would be nice to have some companionship in the cafeteria for once (when the special needs class at school is on a field trip I eat in the cafeteria. No one I know is usually there so I wind up sitting alone. It sucks!)

MUN will be quite the adventure. I’m nervous but at the same time looking forward to it! Here’s hoping I survive!


Screen Free Fun

Hey blog world! The world has been taken over by screens! We rely on technology for everything and spend way too much time on it! There are plenty of other fun things to do that don’t involve a screen! Here are my favorite non screen related activities.

Reading: I love curling up on the couch and reading a book. Also I like reading aloud to Prince Ozzy (my cat). He seems to really enjoy that. My favorite books are American Girl books. Especially the historical books! It’s fun to be transported back in time and learn about what things were like back then! My favorite American Girl series’ (each girl has a two book anthology) are Addy from 1864, Molly from 1944 and Kit from 1934. 

 Musical Theater: As my friend Steve once said, “If you like 3D go to a play”! He’s absolutely right! Being at the Arts and Culture Center seeing a musical is a much more thrilling experience than sitting in a crowded Cineplex theater eating horrendously overpriced popcorn and staring at a  screen! Musical theater is a magical experience! You’ll laugh, cry, sing and maybe even dance in your seat! Coming soon are “Jesus Christ Superstar” presented by TaDa Events March 19th-22nd at the Arts and Culture Center, “Urinetown” presented by Best Kind Productions.

Sewing: I find hand sewing (sewing with a hand needle instead of machine) is very relaxing and I feel really proud of myself when I finish. It’s really rewarding when I give away things I’ve sewn. I made a chew toy for my friend Peter’s dog for example and she loved it! Seeing her so happy with something I made made me really happy!

Board games: I actually prefer these to video games! They’re challenging, lots of fun and you interact with the other players. My favorites are Scrabble, Cranium, Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: This is very graceful and pretty. It’s a lot different than regular gymnastics with tumbles and splits. Rhythmic is more like dancing. We twirl ribbons!

Cooking: I love cooking meals for my family. It’s lots of fun and it’s really rewarding when everyone says they love it. My specialty is Italian food. I make pasta a lot since it’s my favorite food. Sometime I make a simple goulash or macaroni and cheese but sometimes I go all out and do spaghetti, meatballs and cheese bread.

Cloud gazing: it’s very peaceful and sometimes I see funny designs in the clouds!

Racket sports: I’m not really the best at tennis or badminton but I try hard and have fun! It’s a great way to pass time on a summer day and bond with Mom.

Jigsaw puzzles: These are a fun way to keep my mind sharp.

Going to the carnival: Thomas Amusements, a local, travelling carnival comes around during the spring and summer! It’s a blast! There are lots of fun rides and games there. My favorite rides are the Tornado (your seat goes up high in the air and goes around and around), Catch N Air (you sit in a car and go really fast around the track and there’s a little drop and you go backwards too) andthe Scrambler (enough said).

What are your favorite things to do that don’t involve a screen? Tell me in the comments (and then get off the computer and do one of the above.


Bittersweet Memories

Hey blog world! Looking for inspiration I headed to the daily post. In the random prompts section I came across Bittersweet Memories

You receive a gift that is bittersweet and makes you nostalgic. What is it?

I haven’t received it yet. I know someday I will but I don’t want that day to come anytime soon. I hope it’s years and years from now when I get it! That gift is my poppy’s record player. We both love old music (classic country and 50’s rock) so he said that I could have the record player and all his records when he passes on.

I love my poppy very much. He’s very sweet. He always compliments and encourages me. Also he’s very proud of me and like all grandparents he does his fair share of bragging. He tells all his friends how musically talented I am and how I sing with Peter Halley and work at Spirit of Newfoundland! He attends a lot of my sporting events and concerts. It means a lot to me to have him in the audience. Seeing his smiling face and knowing how proud he is of me makes me really happy!

I love going out with him! It’s not too often that we get to go on an outing together so that makes it even more special! When I was younger he’d take me to the petting zoo and then we’d get ice cream! I loved petting and feeding all the animals! Also he babysat me a lot when I was little so I spent a lot of time at his house. We’d play crazy 8’s for money (loose change he kept in a little jar. Nickles, dimes and quarters). That was fun! In recent years we’ve been to some Spirit of Newfoundland shows together and last year I took him to see Chris Gascoyne (the actor who plays Peter Barlow on “Coronation Street”) at the Holy Heart Theater. Here we are in front of a backdrop of the Roy’s Rolls CaféPop and I! Every month our Church has an open mic and a hymn sing and we love going to those together. My favorite outings with poppy is when he brings me to his 50+ club dinner and dances. Every now and then he’ll call up the head of the club and ask if I can go with him. I love it when she says yes! It’s such a special moment when I dance with poppy.

Poppy doesn’t live with us but he comes over almost every night. He has supper with us and usually stays for a cup of tea, game of cards and he catches the sports scores and we watch “Coronation Street” together. “Coronation Street” used to put me to sleep but after sitting down and watching an episode all the way through with poppy I was hooked! It’s been a while since we watched it together last and I desperately need to get caught up (if anyone reading this watches the show please tell me what’s been happening) but when I get the chance it’s nice to sit down with poppy and watch what I think of now as our show.

He’s really getting up there (I think he’s 78 now) but is still a very active social butterfly. He’s rarely home anymore! He’s happy and full of life. I hope he takes his time and stays here long enough to attend my University graduation, wedding and to meet my children when I adopt them. I can wait for that record player. When the day comes that he reunites with nanny and I inherit his record player I’ll think of him everytime I spin one of his records.


Mama, I’m A Big Girl Now

Hey blog world! Yesterday I had a meeting at the Blundon Center at MUN to set up my accommodations for MUN in September (I need to use a computer to take notes, I need extra time for tests etc.) I can’t believe that come September I’ll be going to University, or as the lady at the Blundon Center called it “Big Girl School”! 

I have one piece of advice for you blog world. Slow down! Life goes by super fast so take your time and enjoy it. It feels like yesterday I was three years old and blew dad’s mind when I sang him the “Blue’s Clues” planet song from memory! Now I’m 17, I had my first job last summer (and loved it) and am in my last year of high school. Holy cats where did the time go? 

 In September I will be studying education at “Big Girl School”. I want to be a special education teacher. I love people with special needs! They are the kindest, happiest and friendliest people I know. The world could really learn a lesson from them. I eat my recess and lunch with the special needs class at school everyday and I always leave with a smile on my face. They make me so happy! I would love to teach them for a living. I think I would be great at it. I have a special need too so I feel that will be beneficial to me in this career. I’ve been in their shoes and know what they’re going through and know how they learn and how to help them. 

 As a side project I want to start a theater company for people with special needs. I think it would be great to let them have a chance in the spotlight and show everyone what they can do. It would be a great confidence booster for them too and they can gain some new skills. I’m going to name the company Shining Star Productions and our inaugural show will be “Rent”! It’s one of my favourite musicals and I think it would be lots of fun to do. 

 I’m really hoping for success with my future endeavours. I’m actually a little nervous about University! Here’s hoping I survive! What are your plans after High School? Tell me in the comments!