Musical Gems

Hey blog world! On my way home from my guitar lesson not too long ago “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” by Elton John played on the radio. The more I listen to it the more I like it. It’s a beautiful song. It’s one of his lesser known musical gems. There are a lot of underrated and unfamilliar songs and artists out there that I’m surprised aren’t as popular and well known as I feel they should be. Here are a few of them!

Against Me! AM!: I like a bit of hard rock (KISS and Alice Cooper) but I’m not really one for punk. I find that it’s too loud and a lot of it’s not really music, it’s screaming. However, Against Me! isn’t actually half bad! They have some decent tunes (and minimal screaming). I discovered them a few months ago when I watched an episode of lead singer Laura Jane Grace’s web series “True Trans” on YouTube. Not only was I super inspired by Laura but also when she played the accoustic version of “Two Coffins” that she wrote for her daughter Evelyn it put a smile on my face. It was a lovely song with such a beautiful story behind it. I looked up Against Me! afterwards and really enjoyed what I heard. “True Trans Soul Rebel” is another great song of theirs.

The Killing of Georgie” – Rod Stewart: It’s not the happiest of songs but I really think more people need to hear it. It’s a tragedy with a very important message about homophobia. It’s the story of a gay man named George who was outcast by his family because of his sexuality and at the end of the song he gets killed. What’s really sad about this song is that it’s a true story. LGBTQ individuals are people too and love is love! Please stop bullying LGBTQ people!

Manafest Manafest: He’s the only rap artist I listen to. I discovered him at YC three years ago. Going in I wasn’t too sure I’d like him because I hated rap music but I wound up having a total blast at his concert! I even went to see him perform a second time at the Rock House downtown (and got to meet him afterwards, got a picture with him and got him to sign a napkin for me (I forgot to go to the ATM and my cousins were broke so that was all I had for him to sign.)) I love that Manafest isn’t a conventional rapper. He’s a Christian rap artist! His lyrics are clean and they have powerful messages. “Everytime You Run” is my favorite of his raps.

Ob La Di Ob La Da” – The Beatles: This is such a fun song! It was included in Blender Magazine’s 2004 list of 50 worst songs ever and even John Lennon hated the song but I love it! It’s my favorite Beatles song! Ob La Di Ob La Da is such a fun thing to say! If you need a smile turn it on!

Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” – The Beatles: Another unknown yet fantastic Beatles tune. It’s a funny little ditty about a serial killer. It’s a very enjoyable song.

1 Girl Nation 1GN: Girls need positive role models, not twerking, half naked B I Trans Canada Highways like Miley Cyrus and Nikki Minaj. This is where 1 Girl Nation should come in. I really think they deserve some radio airplay (*cough* Hits FM!!! *cough*) They are a Christian pop group. They have clean music and they sing about living for Jesus and how much he loves us. Their fast songs are great (“Count Your Rainbows” is awesome) but my favorite 1GN song is “In The Eyes“, a beautiful slow song about how you’re perfect in the eyes of the Lord. This song makes me cry it’s so beautiful! I get bullied a lot so it’s really uplifting to hear this song. “When the world has told you lies you are priceless in his eyes.” Amen!

One Of Us” – ABBA: This is a funky song with a nice reggae like beat about a regretted breakup. I’m really surprised this fell under the radar. In my opinion it’s one of ABBA’s best songs.

Eric the Half A Bee” – Monty Python: This has appeared on a few Python albums (Monty Python Sings, Monty Python’s Previous Record and The Final Rip Off) but has never been done on Flying Circus or in a live show (although they did play an instrumental of the song before the Gumby flower aranging skit in the reunion tour “Monty Python Live Mostly”.) I don’t know why they hadn’t sung it on TV or live because it’s such a catchy and funy song. I think audiences would have really enjoyed it!

Anything other than “Flowers on the Wall” – The Statler Brothers: “Flowers on the Wall” is their most famous song that everyone recognises. It is a nice song but there’s more to the Statler Brothers! They aren’t just a one hit wonder! They have lots of other fantastic songs that deserve to be noticed! “Do You Remember These” is a fun, nostalgic ditty (with a neat knock knock joke ending), “Class Of 57” is a really pretty one that I’m contemplating singing at my prom and “Do You Know You Are My Sunshine” is a really cute love song!

What are some underrated or unfamilliar songs or artists you like? Tell me in the comments!

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