From Broadway With Love

Hey blog world! Happy Valentines day! Being the massive theater nerd that I am some of my favorite love songs come from musicals. I thought I’d share my favorite Broadway love songs with you.

“Spamalot” – “Twice In Every Show“: In this number King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake fall in love with each other. It’s a short song but it’s really sweet.

“Phantom of the Opera” – “All I Ask Of You“: This is one of my favorite songs from Phantom. It’s absolutely beautiful! I hold back tears every time I hear it.

“Rent” – “I’ll Cover You“: This song makes me smile! Angel and Collins are such a cute couple!

“The Music Man” – “Till There Was You“: This is an older song (“The Music Man” premiered on Broadway in 1957) but it’s still really lovely.

“Frozen” – “Love Is An Open Door“: This one isn’t Broadway yet, Disney is working on that but I think it still counts since “Frozen” was a musical. Even though this song is a deceitful pack of lies it’s a lot of fun! “It’s crazy how we finish each others sandwitches!” is my favorite line LOL!

“Annie – “I Don’t Need Anything But You“: This song is adorable! The perfect way to end a movie I think.

“Les Misérables” – “A Little Fall Of Rain“: This is such a heartbreaking song. Eponine has been shot and is unknowningly bleeding out and Marius cradles her in his arms as they sing a love song together. Eponine doesn’t even make it to the end! With this song too I hold back tears each time I hear it.

What’s your favorite Broadway love song? Tell me in the comments! Happy Valentines day my someones (see what I did there?)



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