Local Productions I’d Like To See

Hey blog world! This morning I was talking with my writing teacher about Spamalot and he wondered what Atlantic Light would have up their sleeve next. Last year they were sombre and this year they were silly. What next? The musical theater world is very vast so Jacinta and Doug have a world of possibilities! These are some suggestions that I have. Shows that I’ve yet to and would love to see live and some cast ideas.

“The Book of Mormon”: A religious satire piece about two Mormon missionaries who go to Uganda on a mission trip. I know a few of the songs from it but have never seen the show. I want to know what happens to them! If this ever does get produced locally I think Jeremy Wells should play Elder Price. With his amazing voice I just know he would be fantastic singing “I Believe”.

“Mamma Mia”: This would be phenominal! I can already see it selling out the Arts and Culture Center. I even have a dream cast for the show! Click here to view that.

“Cats”: This one has been done (by Etcetera productions) but that was several years ago and I didn’t get the chance to see it so I think it’s due for a comeback. Shelley Neville Shelley would be a beautiful Grizabella Grizabella I think.

“Rent”: This show is a brilliant theatrical work! It’s one of my favorite musicals! It’s on my bucket list to see a performance of this live. Keith Power, being the charismatic ball of energy that he is would make a perfect Angel and I think Kelly-Ann Evans would be a great Maureen.

“Wicked”: I love all the songs but yet have never seen the show. We have never had a performance of “Wicked” done here in NL. I would love to see that happen someday. I’ve heard Erin Windsor sing “The Wizard and I” and she was fabulous so she should be in the role of Elphaba.

“Into The Woods”: The movie blew me away! I bet it would be even more amazing live on stage! My friend Lauren Davis, who is a young local actress (she was young Eponine last year in Les Mis and she’s been in the ensemble of several Peter MacDonald Productions productions) would be great as Little Red Riding Hood, Darrin Martin would be great in the role of the baker and for his wife I can see Kiersten Noel playing that part. Dana Parsons should be the witch.

“Matilda”: It says on Atlantic Light’s website that part of their mission statement is to build and professionally support a new generation of performers in our province. With “Matilda”, since the cast is full of children they can do just that! They can give children in the province their first musical theater acting experience and who knows? They might just grow up to love theatre and keep at it! Also it would be an adorable show.

What musicals would you like to see performed live in Newfoundland? Tell me in the comments!


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