Teacher Appreciation Week

Hey blog world! In honor of this week being teacher appreciation week this post is a thank you to some of my favorite teachers that I’ve had over the years.

Mr. Hepditch (grade 9 math): Math is hard! It was my worst subject. I had grave difficulty understanding the material. All the diagrams, numbers and letters were gibberish and heiroglyphics to me! Mr. Hepditch made me hate math slightly less. He made it fun! He snuck little jokes and funny drawings into our notes and he’d play math games with us. I found that playing these math games helped me to understand the material a bit more. When we were doing seat work he would always be eager to help if I needed anything and he’d do all he could to help me understand the material. He was a very kind and caring teacher. The school bell at my Jr. High hurt my ears because it was so shrill and loud! There was a bell right across the hallway from his classroom and he knew how much it bothered me so he made sure to always close the door before it rang so it wouldn’t be as bad.

That year, I had a problem with runny noses. Every math class, I’d ask for a tissue! Every time I did, he would say “Tissue? I hardly even know you!” At the Grade 9 farewell, they gave out spoof awards and because of my tissue habit, he gave me the “Kiss you I hardly know you!” award and a box of Kleenex! I keep that tissue box in a special cabinet in my room. It means a lot to me.

Mr. Blackmore (grade 8 gym substitute)): Gym was another one of my hated subjects. I’m not that great at sports. Mr. Blackmore who filled in for my regular gym teacher for a few weeks saw that as I made feeble attempts at shooting baskets during free time. One day he used all of free time to help me learn to shoot baskets. I really appreciated his dedication to helping me learn. Eventually I got one and we were both very proud! Another thing that I really liked about him was his focus on good sportsmanship. Whenever we’d have a face-off in ball hockey he’d ask the two people facing off to compliment each other first. I thought that was a really nice thing to do.

Miss Clarke (Clothing and Textiles): Thank you Miss Clarke for putting up with me! Out of the 10+ students in our class I’m the one that needs the most help. I have bad hand eye coordination so I can’t thread a hand needle nor can I knot it, when I used the sewing machine I had a lot of difficulty threading it and it rarely, if ever cooperated with me (which is why I now hand sew instead of using the machine) and my classmates made cutting fabric look easy but it’s really not! I try but can never do it so I always have to go to Miss Clarke for help with that as well. I’m glad she doesn’t mind giving me all this help.

Miss Hemmings (High school Special Ed): Unfortunately Miss Hemmings isn’t one of my teachers. I wish she was! I’ve eaten my recess and lunch in her classroom every day since I started high school. She is such a caring and compassionate person who is an absolute joy to be around! She’s one of my biggest inspirations and I want to be just like her when I become a special education teacher.

Miss Benson (Grades 5 and 6 Language Arts): She was my favorite teacher in Elementary school. She was sweet, she never got mad at us and she made class fun! My favorite thing that we did in her class was our grade 5 production of “Rumplestiltskin”.

Peter Halley: He’s the best voice teacher I’ve had! My prior teachers were nowhere near as picky as him. We would just sing songs. With Peter he’ll stop in the middle of a song if he notices something is amiss, he’ll help me fix it and we’ll start over again. I find that doing this really helps. He too is a kind, caring teacher. He takes time to explain things to me when I don’t understand, he always asks me about my week and how things are going and he prayed for me when I was going through a rough time earlier this year. I really appreciated that. He makes me happy. His smile is contageous! Also he’s one of the seldom few neurotypical friends I have and I’m very happy to be friends with him.

Samantha (social thinking group leader at the Autism Center): She doesn’t work in a classroom but she’s still a teacher. A very important one too. She teaches my social thinking group at the Autism Center. My social thinking group is a group for girls with Autism where we learn social skills (i.e social boundaries, conversation skills, friendship skills etc). She betters the lives of so many autistic individuals, myself included and for that I’m very thankful to her. One thing I love about her is that she teaches these lessons in a fun way! We play games, watch videos and do role play. I find information much easier to absorb and remember when it’s taught in a fun way. I also love that she’s very patient and understanding. She takes time to explain things to us in a way that we’ll understand and she’s very kind. If one of us does something socially unexpected (interrupting, saying something unrelated to the topic,etc.) she’ll politely tell said person that it was unexpected and help them understand why.

Be sure to say thank you to your teachers this week and let them know that you appreciate them! Tell me about your favorite teacher in the comments!


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