Les Mis Baking

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is (Your Thing) for Dummies

Take a complicated subject you know more about than most people, and explain it to a friend who knows nothing about it at all.

Got someone in your life who has a heart full of love for Les Misérables? Surprise them on their next Birthday with a Les Mis red and black barricade cake! It’s so simple even Jean Valjean  can do it!

You’ll need: A box of red velvet cake mix, a box of chocolate cake mix (I recommend Duncan Hines. Their cake mixes are delicious!), three tubes of icing (one red, one white and one blue), eggs, water, vegetable oil, Celebration cookies

Celebration cookies and chocolate sticks choc sticks.

The first step is to bake the cake. Singing “Red and Black” while baking is recommended but optional. Follow the instructions on the boxes of mix to make the batter for both cakes. Depending on how big your crowd judge the measurements accordingly because you will only need half of each cake mix. Once the cake mixes are ready pour red velvet into one half of a greased cake pan and chocolate into the other half. Then put the cake in the oven for however long the box tells you

Once the cake is out of the oven and has cooled it’s time to decorate! Les Miserables is set in 18th century France so ice the cake as the French flag. The left side blue, middle white and right side red.

Next it’s time to channel your inner Enjolras and build a barricade (a defensive barrier, hastily constructed, as in a street, to stop an enemy) with the cookies! This is the hardest part of baking the cake because it has to look at least somewhat accurate. I reccommend google image searching “Les Misérables Barricade” and printing off a picture so you can refer to that and get an idea as to how to build yours. Before putting the cookies on the cake I recommend you draw out your barricade first or assemble it on the table until you’re happy with your design. Remember, the barricade was hastily built so it doesn’t have to look perfect. Arrange the Celebration cookies in a circle in the middle of the cake leaving enough room for a figurine in the middle of the barricade and stick in a chocolate stick here and there, some facing up and others resting on the cookies kind of diagonally. The barricade was made from broken furniture so there were bits sticking out so have some of the chocolate sticks poking out here and there. Once the barricade is on the cake, ready for the revolution the rest of the decorating process is easy! This I swear by the stars!

Next you need to find a figurine to put inside the barricade in the role of Enjolras (the leader of the revolution Enjolras.) A small or medium size figurine will do. A lego minifigure works well Minifig but also there was a time when love was blind, the world was a song, the song was exciting and McDonald’s sold “Beauty and the Beast” Happy Meal Toys. If you have the Gaston toy Gaston he works too. That’s what I used on my cake. To make the red revolution flag that Enjolras waves on the barricade cut out a small rectangle from a piece of red construction paper and tape it to a straw. Lay the flag against the hand of the figurine giving the illusion he’s holding it.

Now that it’s all decorated it’s time to plate the cake. When I presented the cake I left it in the pan and laid the pan on a posted board that said “Do you hear the people sing happy birthday” in red and black letters Les Mis cake (The poster board wasn’t decorated when this picture was taken). That presentation honestly was about as attractive as Madame Thenardier Madame Thenardier. If I had the time back I would have picked out a nice plate that’s big enough for the cake, written “Do you hear the people sing happy birthday” on it with red and black icing and set the cake on that. That’s what I reccommend that you do as well.

I can guarantee that there will be plenty of beggars at your feast when you serve this cake! All the guests will be asking for one piece more! Good luck and happy baking! If you do bake this cake post a picture in the comments to show me!



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