Ripped Into The Headline

Hey blog world! In search of inspiration for a blog post I went to the Daily Post. Clicking through random prompts I came upon “Ripped Into The Headline” and decided to try that. I have to write about something that happened last week as if it were the top story in the Telegram.

Local girl gets trapped in bedroom

The bedroom is a place of privacy, comfort and peace, however such was not the case for a Kelligrews resident last Friday evening. 17 year old Leah McDonald was locked in her bedroom.

 She closed the door until it latched to distance herself from her niece who was at the time being a nuissance. When she tried to re-open the door it wouldn’t.

“I couldn’t get the door to open from my side and my niece couldn’t open it from her side!” says McDonald of the incident. “I was worried. Then I noticed that the leg of a stuffed moose on a rope that was hung on my door as a Christmas decoration was stuck. I figured that was why I couldn’t open the door.”

McDonald and her niece took to doing all they could to remove said moose from the door. “We couldn’t get it out by pulling so eventually I had to get scissors and cut off the moose’s leg.” said Samantha Morgan, McDonald’s 9 year old niece.

“Samantha couldn’t get the moose leg off so I just continued to pull. Eventually by yanking I removed the leg!” Said McDonald “Unfortunately when I tried to open the door nothing happened.”

Still stuck in her room, McDonald began to panic. Her family members were of absolutely no help to her at all and worst of all she had to use. “After being stuck for probably 10 minutes or so panic really set in. I began worrying that I may not get out of my room! Also it didn’t help that I had to use and that I had plans that night. That made me panic even more! I began to cry I was so panicky!” she said.

What felt like an eternity, but was really a little over a half hour passed and her father arrived home. “I was so happy that dad got home! He’s very crafty with tools so I hoped that somehow he’d be able to get me out of my room.” she said.

Her father set to work using a screwdriver, butterknife and array of other tools and methods attempting to free McDonald from her room. “I tried everything I could and still couldn’t get her out! Eventually I did manage to unlatch the door.” he said.

A wave of relief rushed over McDonald once the door re-opened. “When the door finally opened and I saw my dad there was a choir of angels singing in my head. I was free!” She said.

The door still needs some fixing but is now once again able to open and close. McDonald is very happy that she can once again come and go from her room as she pleases.


Your turn! Take something that happened to you last week and turn it into the Telegram’s front page story! Have fun!



One thought on “Ripped Into The Headline

  1. This was actually funny! LOL! One time when I was little I was stuck in my bedroom because a spider had managed to make a web while I was sleeping in the middle of my door! Mom and dad got it though! 🙂

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