Hey blog world! Ladies, Imagine this. You’re going for a walk in the park and suddenly a man comes up behind you, grabs you and makes an attempt to rape you. What would you do? I personally would go with a backwards hammer fist. A move that I learned in a Wen-Do trial session I attended. Wen-Do is a form of self defense for women. It’s easy, fun and something very vital that I think all women should learn.

In Wen-Do you learn lots of important self defense techniques. They are easy to learn and may one day save your life! Examples are:

Eagles Claw: Make a claw with your hand and quickly and firmly thrust it into the eye of your attacker.

Hammer Fist: Make a hard fist and slam it down on the knee or collarbone (the easiest bone in the body to break) of your attacker.

Knife Hands: This one is simple. Put your fingers together and thrust your hand upwards into the groin of your attacker.

Women and girls in wheelchairs are very vulnerable to attackers because they think that without the use of their  legs they are an easy target. That’s why I think it’s especially important for these women to take Wen-Do courses. There are things they can do too. For example headbutt them or use their wheels to their advantage and run their toes over.

I’m not sure the price of courses but I think they are relatively cheap. Also they are a lot of fun. I came out of my trial session feeling like an empowered ninja! It was awesome. It’s also really good for your self esteem. At the end of the session as we practiced the hammer fist the instructor yelled out things like “WHO’S THE BOSS OF YOUR SEX?”, “WHO’S THE BOSS OF YOUR LIFE?” and simply “WHO’S THE BOSS?” and we all yelled back in response “I AM!” as I said it’s really empowering.

Ladies, don’t let men push you around. You can do and be anything you want! If a man tries to harm you then show him who’s boss and use Wen-Do! For more information or to enroll in a class call Renee White (she’s the one who did the trial session I attended. She’s awesome!) at 709-739-5831 or email her at reneewendo@gmail.com. To end this post here’s Brad Paisley’s “Karate“, a fantastic women power anthem!


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