Target And L&M Replacements

Hey blog world! For those of you who didn’t know Target will soon be closing up shop at all of it’s Canadian locations. Also a local French and Italian restaurant called Legros and Motti on Harbour Drive will be moving to a new location. I’m excited to see what will be replacing them. These are a few things I would like to see in their place.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Chuck E Cheese's: We had a similar playplace called Kids Castle that did really well but that closed down years ago so now I think it’s time we give Chuck E a chance! It would be great for field trips, birthday parties or just a weekend playdate.

Red Lobster Red Lobster: I’m actually surprised they’re not already here! Our main source of income is the fishery so we have plenty of local seafood! Red Lobster can buy locally and save money instead of paying a lot for importing product. Also I think it would really suit Legros & Motti’s location. A view of the harbour I think would go really nicely with some delicious seafood.

American Girl AG: I know “American” is the first word in the name but they’re branching out and have specialty boutiques in Chapters and Indigo stores in Canada. They sell the books and mini versions of the dolls. Why not open up an actual shop in Newfoundland and follow suit with the other Canadian provinces? We Newfoundland girls love American Girls too! My Neice and I especially. We collect them. Mom has to order them online and get them mailed to us and that costs a lot of money (and the dolls are already super expensive) so with an actual store in NL Mom saves money!

Olive Garden Olive Garden: I absolutely love Italian food! Pasta especially. Watching Olive Garden commercials makes my mouth water! I would love it if we got an Olive Garden!

Bulldog Interactive Fitness Bulldog: This was fun! We had one for three years but then it closed down. I want it back! It had exercise bikes hooked up to racing games, dance dance revolution, a treadwall (a combo of a treadmill and rock climbing wall), Wii systems and all kinds of other fun stuff. It was a great way to keep active and have fun.

Taco Bell Taco Bell: Another buisness we had and lost. We used to have one in the consessions area of the theater. Now we don’t. I miss it and would love if they opened up a restaurant here.

Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble: I’m an avid reader so I’d really like to see another bookstore. We haven’t many so I think a B&M would be nice.

Madame Tussaud’s Madame Tussauds: This would be cool! Also it would be great for tourism. They could even do a whole showroom of Newfoundland figurines! Politicians, sports stars, musicians and actors from this province.

What would you like to see in place of Target and Legros and Motti? Tell me in the comments!

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