Edible Best of the Best

Hey blog world. I thought today I’d make you all hungry LOL! I’m going to share with you my opinions on food and where to get the best.

Home cooking: My parents take turns cooking. Dad’s cooking is ok, he makes a decent Sunday dinner and his steaks are pretty good but I prefer mom’s cooking. She actually makes things from scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dad read a recipe! Her meatloaf is delicious! She’s a phenominal baker too. Her coconut cream pie and cheesecake are both to die for! Not to toot my own horn but my cooking is really good too. Every now and then I get the chance to cook. When it’s my turn since Italian is my favorite food I usually make a pasta dish. Sometimes something simple like goulash but sometimes I go all out and do spaghetti and meatballs with cheese bread. My family loves my cooking. My poppy especially. I’m very happy that they do.

Burgers: It’s a tie between Wendy’s and Harvey’s. Wendy’s is really innovative. Square patty’s, pretzel buns etc. Also their burgers taste really good. The buns are fluffy, patty’s are juicy and cooked to perfection and the toppings are always nice and fresh. What I like about Harvey’s is that you get to chose what goes on your burger and watch the employee make it right in front of your eyes. I love that because it saves me the time and trouble of having to ask what’s on the burger and place a special order (i.e no mustard and extra pickles) and it also saves me the dissappointment of getting my order screwed up (*cough* McDonald’s *cough* (almost every time I go to McDonald’s they get my order wrong!)) Harvey’s burgers really are things of beauty as their ads say. The bacon is crispy and not greasy, the patties have noticable grill marks and have a nice kind of char broil taste to them and I like how they cut the pickles into slices instead of tiny circles. I get a bit of pickle in every bite and I love that because I love pickles!

Chicken: I’m a KFC person. It tastes better and is a heck of a lot less greasy than Mary Brown’s. KFC’s original recipe chicken is delicious on it’s own but I also really like it in a toasted wrap. They use pepper mayo as a dressing in the wrap and it’s awesome! It adds to the flavor of the chicken and gives it a nice little kick.

Subs: Subway. Their subs are a lot fresher than those of Mr. Sub in my opinion. Also Subway smells better (weird as it sounds Subway is one of my favorite smells) and they don’t cut the bread completely in half. They cut it open just enough to fit the toppings inside. I hate that Mr. Sub cuts the bread all the way in half because things fall out the back and it’s messy and awful.

Pizza: Domino’s. Not many of my family members like Domino’s but I love it. The zesty sauce, slightly spicy pepperoni, gooey cheese and soft crust make me hungry just thinking about it. I swear “Dream Weaver” plays in my head every time someone approaches with a Domino’s pizza.

Ice Cream (franchise): DQ hands down! It’s mind blowing and delicious! I’m amazed every time a DQ employee turns my blizzard upside down and nothing falls out! Also I think it’s really cute how they put a curl on the top of their cones. The best blizzard is their oreo cheesequake. I order it every time. It’s bits of oreo and cheesecake. It’s to die for!

Ice Cream (local): Bergs famous ice cream. Their ice cream is really yummy! So many flavors to chose from and it comes in so many forms! Floats, sundae’s, milkshakes, blizzards. My favorite ice cream at Berg’s is the blended yogurt. There are several different flavors and you can mix and match them. I always get blueberry and raspberry. It’s tangy and sweet. The perfect way to cool off on a summer day! The shop has a nostalgic feel that reminds me of a 50’s ice cream shop. Booth seating and bright colors. It’s also really cute that they display children’s artwork on the walls (they have coloring sheets and crayons for kids to use and they put the finished masterpieces on the wall.)

Casual dining (franchise): East Side Mario’s. Italian as I said above is my favorite kind of food. They make the best pasta I’ve had. My favorite menu items are the spaghetti and also the cheese cappelletti (ravioli stuffed with ricotta, baked with pizza mozzarella and rosé sauce.) They are both delectable! Bring your appetite when you eat here. They always start with endless soup, salad and breadsticks. Don’t get an appetizer! You won’t eat your meal!

Casual dining (local): Spirit of Newfoundland! Spirit as I’ve said countless times is heaven on earth! There is a contageous happy, positive vibe. Spirit will make even the grouchiest of people smile! Their shows are second to none, the building is full of interesting history and their food is phenominal. The best appetizer is the cream of broccoli soup. It’s nice and light and I thought the cheese in the soup worked really well. The stuffed chicken is my favorite entrée. It’s very flavorful. Their best desert is their screech cake with screech carmel sauce. It’s mouth watering! The screech in the cake gives it a strong taste but not too strong. The screech carmel sauce pairs with it perfectly. It too is strong because it’s also made of screech but the carmel blends really nicely with it and gives it a touch of sweetness. After just one piece you’ll be wanting a second one!

Rocket Bakery gets an honorable mention. Their profiteroles are dreamy! Flaky and creamy and sweet. Yum! Also to me the restaurant screams bohemia. The food, employees and decor are all so unique, artistic and cool. I really like it.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why? Tell me in the comments!

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