Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “First”

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

The only first day I can remember enough to blog about is my first day at work. Here it is!

When I got my summer job at Spirit of Newfoundland I was absolutely extatic!!! It was my dream job and I finally landed it! The night before my first day I could barely sleep I was too excited to go to work the next morning. When morning finally came I couldn’t wait to get to work! I got ready, packed my lunch and mom and I were off.

Her work starts at 9:00 and I didn’t start till 10:00 so she dropped me off at Tim Horton’s on Duckworth street until it was time to walk to work. She gave me directions and paid for my hot chocolate. That was nice of her. I went in and had my drink and read Rod Stewart’s autobiography (which was quite a fascinating book. I reccommend reading it) until it was time to walk to work.

During my commute I was super excited! I couldn’t believe I was walking to my first day of work at Spirit of Newfoundland!!! Also I was a tad bit nervous too. I sang “I Have Confidence” from “The Sound Of Music” to myself quietly as I walked to give myself a confidence boost!

When I arrived at the Masonic Temple and walked inside there were two girls working that I didn’t recognise. They introduced themselves as Hillary and Lisa. They seemed like very nice people. A minute or so later another new person showed up! Evan was his name. I recognised Evan because I’d seen him perform before but I had never formally met him. It was nice to meet him. He took me on a tour of the downstairs area of Spirit. I’d been downstairs before but only to use the washroom. During Evan’s tour I felt like Princess Jasmine experiencing a whole new world! It was so cool getting this behind the scenes look. The best part of the tour was the costume room. It was amazing getting to see all the outfits!

After the tour I set all my things down in the boardroom, sat down, filled out some forms and continued reading Rod Stewart’s book while I waited for Peter (Spirit’s artistic director and one of my bosses). Eventually a pretty older lady came in. Carol the costumier. We chatted for a little while. I really liked meeting all these new people. Soon Peter showed up. I gave him a copy of my “Circles” book (he’s in it) and he loved it! I was glad he did. Then we got to work.

His first job for me was to transcribe the script for their Elvis show “Viva Lost Elvis”. They were bringing it back for the summer season and they didn’t have the script for the 2nd scene so Peter needed me to type it up and also fix any errors that may be in the existing script. He got a tv from his office and we set it up in the boardroom. When he put the dvd of the Elvis show in nothing happened (isn’t technology wonderful! Sarcasm sign) After several tries we gave up and put it in the computer instead. It started playing! We were both happy that it did. “Viva Lost Elvis” was my very first Spirit of Newfoundland show. I was 8 years old when I saw it. It was amazing getting to see it again. It was so funny!

After working on it for a while Kathie Hicks the COO of Spirit (and another one of my bosses) came in. I really like her. She makes me smile. She had to use the computer so she sent me upstairs to package screechette chocolates with Hillary. That was fun! It became one of my favorite tasks at work. I also enjoyed getting to know Hillary a bit more as we worked together. We made a great team!

By the time we were done so was my workday. I walked back to Tim Horton’s on Duckworth street. I got lost a few times but eventually I found the way back. When mom came to get me I had so many things to tell her about my day.

I had a wonderful first day of work at Spirit and a wonderful 2nd day and 3rd day and so on. In other words my entire summer work term at Spirit was wonderful! Tell me about your first day of something in the comments or blog about it if you have a blog!


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