Ripped Into The Headline

Hey blog world! In search of inspiration for a blog post I went to the Daily Post. Clicking through random prompts I came upon “Ripped Into The Headline” and decided to try that. I have to write about something that happened last week as if it were the top story in the Telegram.

Local girl gets trapped in bedroom

The bedroom is a place of privacy, comfort and peace, however such was not the case for a Kelligrews resident last Friday evening. 17 year old Leah McDonald was locked in her bedroom.

 She closed the door until it latched to distance herself from her niece who was at the time being a nuissance. When she tried to re-open the door it wouldn’t.

“I couldn’t get the door to open from my side and my niece couldn’t open it from her side!” says McDonald of the incident. “I was worried. Then I noticed that the leg of a stuffed moose on a rope that was hung on my door as a Christmas decoration was stuck. I figured that was why I couldn’t open the door.”

McDonald and her niece took to doing all they could to remove said moose from the door. “We couldn’t get it out by pulling so eventually I had to get scissors and cut off the moose’s leg.” said Samantha Morgan, McDonald’s 9 year old niece.

“Samantha couldn’t get the moose leg off so I just continued to pull. Eventually by yanking I removed the leg!” Said McDonald “Unfortunately when I tried to open the door nothing happened.”

Still stuck in her room, McDonald began to panic. Her family members were of absolutely no help to her at all and worst of all she had to use. “After being stuck for probably 10 minutes or so panic really set in. I began worrying that I may not get out of my room! Also it didn’t help that I had to use and that I had plans that night. That made me panic even more! I began to cry I was so panicky!” she said.

What felt like an eternity, but was really a little over a half hour passed and her father arrived home. “I was so happy that dad got home! He’s very crafty with tools so I hoped that somehow he’d be able to get me out of my room.” she said.

Her father set to work using a screwdriver, butterknife and array of other tools and methods attempting to free McDonald from her room. “I tried everything I could and still couldn’t get her out! Eventually I did manage to unlatch the door.” he said.

A wave of relief rushed over McDonald once the door re-opened. “When the door finally opened and I saw my dad there was a choir of angels singing in my head. I was free!” She said.

The door still needs some fixing but is now once again able to open and close. McDonald is very happy that she can once again come and go from her room as she pleases.


Your turn! Take something that happened to you last week and turn it into the Telegram’s front page story! Have fun!




Hey blog world! At the age of 8 I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a mild form of Autism. It’s the best thing that’s ever happend to me! It’s what makes me the special person that I am! At my music lesson today with Peter Halley we were talking about Aspergers. I was telling him what it was and some of the characteristics of it. That gave me the idea to make a blog post about it! With some help from Sheldon and Raj from “The Big Bang Theory” here is a look at Aspergers Syndrome.

We don’t get sarcasm: Understanding sarcasm, jokes and idioms doesn’t come easily to us. Like Sheldon we need sarcasm signs to tell when someone is being sarcastic! Also, we take things literally. Once my Dad told me to hit the enter key on the computer and I made a fist and slammed it down on the enter key. Dad jumped out of his chair in fright!

Plans and routines changing really upsets us: Greek food instead of Pizza. It was no big deal to the rest of the group but with Sheldon because he’s used to pizza on Thursday nights, this sudden switch in take out really set him off. Some aspies thrive on routine and if it changes there will be a meltdown. Same thing with plans that were made. If something doesn’t go ahead or gets postponed it will make us really upset. For example, A few years ago, “The Grand Seduction” was in theatres. I made plans to go see it with my mom and poppy. The day came and I was so excited! Mom called me on her way home from work and told me we can’t go. The roads are too bad. We’ll have to wait until tomorrow. My brain couldn’t handle this sudden change in plans and I got really overwhelmed and upset and cried inconsolably for a few hours.

We have trouble making conversation sometimes: In some social situations I’m exactly like Raj when he tries to talk to girls while sober. I’m silent and awkward. I don’t know what to say. With my friends I’m good at striking up a conversation but with people I don’t know or am just getting to know I find it hard sometimes to find the words to say.

We have to have things a certain way: When it comes to certain things if we don’t have them in a certain way that upsets us. With me, weird as this will sound it’s hard cheesies and pizza pops Pizza pops. I HAVE to have them that way. Soft cheesies melt in my mouth sometimes and I don’t like that and pizza pockets  Pizza Pockets taste bad. If I’m served either of those instead of hard cheesies or a pizza pocket I get upset and won’t eat them.

We have trouble making friends: As I said above people with Aspergers can be socially awkward. We find it hard to mix and mingle with our peers and make friends with them.

Tics: Aspies get these super annoying things called tics. They suck! It’s an uncontrollable, involuntary movement or sound that we make (i.e blinking, clearing our throat, coughing, flapping our arms.)

We are very smart: Sheldon… I mean Dr. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist with a Ph.D. He is an absolute genius when it comes to science. The subject area in which I do best is English. I love to read and write so I’m very good at that course.

We have special interests: People with Aspergers have special interests, things that they absolutely love, are obsessed with and know everything about. With Sheldon it’s sci-fi and superheroes. He has all kinds of memorabilia (t-shirts, Star Wars bed sheets, a Green Lantern toaster etc) and knows everything about sci-fi characters and superheroes. My special interest is Broadway musicals. I could (and often do) go on for hours talking about them! I have a scrapbook full of playbills and tickets from musicals I’ve seen, I have posters with my favorite musical theater quotes on my wall, I’ve gone out as a character from a musical several times for Halloween, I have a vast collection of movie musicals. I know a lot about musical theater too. Give me almost any show and I can tell you who composed it, what it’s about and sing you the songs off by heart. Also from memory I can tell you which roles Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenoweth (two of my favorite actresses) originated on Broadway, who played who in the 10th anniversary dream cast of Les Misérables and recite Les Mis and Rent off by heart! I know every lyric and line of dialogue from both!

We’re honest: We always speak our minds and say what we think. That does paint us into a corner and get us into a bit of trouble sometimes but at least we’re sincere. Ask us anything and we’ll give you our honest opinion!

We have sensory problems: With each individual Aspie it’s different but each Aspie has a problem with one or sometimes more of their 5 senses. Certain smells, sounds or textures set them off. For example a friend of mine who also has Aspergers won’t wear certain clothes because of how they feel. My sensory issue is with my hearing. I have a heightened sense of hearing and so loud noises are even louder in my ears! Because of this I’m a globophobe! That means I have a massive fear of balloons! Even the sight of one makes me very apprehensive and nervous that it’s going to pop. Also because of my heightened hearing I stay in the car when I’m running errands with mom and she goes to the recycling depot and during fireworks shows I stay inside and make sure all the windows and doors are closed. If a loud noise goes off near me I jump, scream and cry. I have to leave wherever it is I am immediately and go to a quiet place where I can relax and calm down.

We have excellent memories: I’m very good at remembering things. I can hear something once and then remember it. When I was 3 I heard a song about the planets on “Blues Clues” and when my Dad came home I asked him what he knew about the planets and when he asked me what I knew about them I sang him the song! He was amazed by that! I can even remember stuff that happened years and years ago! I still remember to a T what I was wearing on April Fools Day 2011, the night I met Peter! My red, short sleeve, hooded shirt with multicolored hearts all over it, black dress pants and dress shoes.

My brain takes time to process things: If you talk to me and I don’t answer you right away, please don’t think I’m ignoring you because I’m not. My brain takes longer to process what’s been said and think of an answer. Give me time, you will get a response.

We have trouble with our motor skills: Some people with Aspergers have trouble with their motor skills. My fine motor skills aren’t very good, though I am working on them. As a few examples, I have sloppy writing and I was 10 before I learned how to tie shoes. I still have difficulty with that from time to time.

We’re people too!!! If there’s anything I want people to remember most about individuals like myself with Aspergers it’s that. We are people just like you who have feelings and dreams. I’m not accepted by many in the neurotypical community. I can count my neurotypical friends on one hand! ONE HAND! It really saddens me that neurotypical people bully us. They don’t understand that we’re people too. Our brains are just wired differently.

Hopefully you are all now a lot more informed on Aspergers. I’m very open to talk about Aspergers so if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments. I’m more than happy to answer!



Hey blog world! Ladies, Imagine this. You’re going for a walk in the park and suddenly a man comes up behind you, grabs you and makes an attempt to rape you. What would you do? I personally would go with a backwards hammer fist. A move that I learned in a Wen-Do trial session I attended. Wen-Do is a form of self defense for women. It’s easy, fun and something very vital that I think all women should learn.

In Wen-Do you learn lots of important self defense techniques. They are easy to learn and may one day save your life! Examples are:

Eagles Claw: Make a claw with your hand and quickly and firmly thrust it into the eye of your attacker.

Hammer Fist: Make a hard fist and slam it down on the knee or collarbone (the easiest bone in the body to break) of your attacker.

Knife Hands: This one is simple. Put your fingers together and thrust your hand upwards into the groin of your attacker.

Women and girls in wheelchairs are very vulnerable to attackers because they think that without the use of their  legs they are an easy target. That’s why I think it’s especially important for these women to take Wen-Do courses. There are things they can do too. For example headbutt them or use their wheels to their advantage and run their toes over.

I’m not sure the price of courses but I think they are relatively cheap. Also they are a lot of fun. I came out of my trial session feeling like an empowered ninja! It was awesome. It’s also really good for your self esteem. At the end of the session as we practiced the hammer fist the instructor yelled out things like “WHO’S THE BOSS OF YOUR SEX?”, “WHO’S THE BOSS OF YOUR LIFE?” and simply “WHO’S THE BOSS?” and we all yelled back in response “I AM!” as I said it’s really empowering.

Ladies, don’t let men push you around. You can do and be anything you want! If a man tries to harm you then show him who’s boss and use Wen-Do! For more information or to enroll in a class call Renee White (she’s the one who did the trial session I attended. She’s awesome!) at 709-739-5831 or email her at To end this post here’s Brad Paisley’s “Karate“, a fantastic women power anthem!

Target And L&M Replacements

Hey blog world! For those of you who didn’t know Target will soon be closing up shop at all of it’s Canadian locations. Also a local French and Italian restaurant called Legros and Motti on Harbour Drive will be moving to a new location. I’m excited to see what will be replacing them. These are a few things I would like to see in their place.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Chuck E Cheese's: We had a similar playplace called Kids Castle that did really well but that closed down years ago so now I think it’s time we give Chuck E a chance! It would be great for field trips, birthday parties or just a weekend playdate.

Red Lobster Red Lobster: I’m actually surprised they’re not already here! Our main source of income is the fishery so we have plenty of local seafood! Red Lobster can buy locally and save money instead of paying a lot for importing product. Also I think it would really suit Legros & Motti’s location. A view of the harbour I think would go really nicely with some delicious seafood.

American Girl AG: I know “American” is the first word in the name but they’re branching out and have specialty boutiques in Chapters and Indigo stores in Canada. They sell the books and mini versions of the dolls. Why not open up an actual shop in Newfoundland and follow suit with the other Canadian provinces? We Newfoundland girls love American Girls too! My Neice and I especially. We collect them. Mom has to order them online and get them mailed to us and that costs a lot of money (and the dolls are already super expensive) so with an actual store in NL Mom saves money!

Olive Garden Olive Garden: I absolutely love Italian food! Pasta especially. Watching Olive Garden commercials makes my mouth water! I would love it if we got an Olive Garden!

Bulldog Interactive Fitness Bulldog: This was fun! We had one for three years but then it closed down. I want it back! It had exercise bikes hooked up to racing games, dance dance revolution, a treadwall (a combo of a treadmill and rock climbing wall), Wii systems and all kinds of other fun stuff. It was a great way to keep active and have fun.

Taco Bell Taco Bell: Another buisness we had and lost. We used to have one in the consessions area of the theater. Now we don’t. I miss it and would love if they opened up a restaurant here.

Barnes & Noble Barnes & Noble: I’m an avid reader so I’d really like to see another bookstore. We haven’t many so I think a B&M would be nice.

Madame Tussaud’s Madame Tussauds: This would be cool! Also it would be great for tourism. They could even do a whole showroom of Newfoundland figurines! Politicians, sports stars, musicians and actors from this province.

What would you like to see in place of Target and Legros and Motti? Tell me in the comments!

Edible Best of the Best

Hey blog world. I thought today I’d make you all hungry LOL! I’m going to share with you my opinions on food and where to get the best.

Home cooking: My parents take turns cooking. Dad’s cooking is ok, he makes a decent Sunday dinner and his steaks are pretty good but I prefer mom’s cooking. She actually makes things from scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever seen dad read a recipe! Her meatloaf is delicious! She’s a phenominal baker too. Her coconut cream pie and cheesecake are both to die for! Not to toot my own horn but my cooking is really good too. Every now and then I get the chance to cook. When it’s my turn since Italian is my favorite food I usually make a pasta dish. Sometimes something simple like goulash but sometimes I go all out and do spaghetti and meatballs with cheese bread. My family loves my cooking. My poppy especially. I’m very happy that they do.

Burgers: It’s a tie between Wendy’s and Harvey’s. Wendy’s is really innovative. Square patty’s, pretzel buns etc. Also their burgers taste really good. The buns are fluffy, patty’s are juicy and cooked to perfection and the toppings are always nice and fresh. What I like about Harvey’s is that you get to chose what goes on your burger and watch the employee make it right in front of your eyes. I love that because it saves me the time and trouble of having to ask what’s on the burger and place a special order (i.e no mustard and extra pickles) and it also saves me the dissappointment of getting my order screwed up (*cough* McDonald’s *cough* (almost every time I go to McDonald’s they get my order wrong!)) Harvey’s burgers really are things of beauty as their ads say. The bacon is crispy and not greasy, the patties have noticable grill marks and have a nice kind of char broil taste to them and I like how they cut the pickles into slices instead of tiny circles. I get a bit of pickle in every bite and I love that because I love pickles!

Chicken: I’m a KFC person. It tastes better and is a heck of a lot less greasy than Mary Brown’s. KFC’s original recipe chicken is delicious on it’s own but I also really like it in a toasted wrap. They use pepper mayo as a dressing in the wrap and it’s awesome! It adds to the flavor of the chicken and gives it a nice little kick.

Subs: Subway. Their subs are a lot fresher than those of Mr. Sub in my opinion. Also Subway smells better (weird as it sounds Subway is one of my favorite smells) and they don’t cut the bread completely in half. They cut it open just enough to fit the toppings inside. I hate that Mr. Sub cuts the bread all the way in half because things fall out the back and it’s messy and awful.

Pizza: Domino’s. Not many of my family members like Domino’s but I love it. The zesty sauce, slightly spicy pepperoni, gooey cheese and soft crust make me hungry just thinking about it. I swear “Dream Weaver” plays in my head every time someone approaches with a Domino’s pizza.

Ice Cream (franchise): DQ hands down! It’s mind blowing and delicious! I’m amazed every time a DQ employee turns my blizzard upside down and nothing falls out! Also I think it’s really cute how they put a curl on the top of their cones. The best blizzard is their oreo cheesequake. I order it every time. It’s bits of oreo and cheesecake. It’s to die for!

Ice Cream (local): Bergs famous ice cream. Their ice cream is really yummy! So many flavors to chose from and it comes in so many forms! Floats, sundae’s, milkshakes, blizzards. My favorite ice cream at Berg’s is the blended yogurt. There are several different flavors and you can mix and match them. I always get blueberry and raspberry. It’s tangy and sweet. The perfect way to cool off on a summer day! The shop has a nostalgic feel that reminds me of a 50’s ice cream shop. Booth seating and bright colors. It’s also really cute that they display children’s artwork on the walls (they have coloring sheets and crayons for kids to use and they put the finished masterpieces on the wall.)

Casual dining (franchise): East Side Mario’s. Italian as I said above is my favorite kind of food. They make the best pasta I’ve had. My favorite menu items are the spaghetti and also the cheese cappelletti (ravioli stuffed with ricotta, baked with pizza mozzarella and rosé sauce.) They are both delectable! Bring your appetite when you eat here. They always start with endless soup, salad and breadsticks. Don’t get an appetizer! You won’t eat your meal!

Casual dining (local): Spirit of Newfoundland! Spirit as I’ve said countless times is heaven on earth! There is a contageous happy, positive vibe. Spirit will make even the grouchiest of people smile! Their shows are second to none, the building is full of interesting history and their food is phenominal. The best appetizer is the cream of broccoli soup. It’s nice and light and I thought the cheese in the soup worked really well. The stuffed chicken is my favorite entrée. It’s very flavorful. Their best desert is their screech cake with screech carmel sauce. It’s mouth watering! The screech in the cake gives it a strong taste but not too strong. The screech carmel sauce pairs with it perfectly. It too is strong because it’s also made of screech but the carmel blends really nicely with it and gives it a touch of sweetness. After just one piece you’ll be wanting a second one!

Rocket Bakery gets an honorable mention. Their profiteroles are dreamy! Flaky and creamy and sweet. Yum! Also to me the restaurant screams bohemia. The food, employees and decor are all so unique, artistic and cool. I really like it.

What’s your favorite restaurant and why? Tell me in the comments!


Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “First”

Tell us about your first day at something — your first day of school, first day of work, first day living on your own, first day blogging, first day as a parent, whatever.

The only first day I can remember enough to blog about is my first day at work. Here it is!

When I got my summer job at Spirit of Newfoundland I was absolutely extatic!!! It was my dream job and I finally landed it! The night before my first day I could barely sleep I was too excited to go to work the next morning. When morning finally came I couldn’t wait to get to work! I got ready, packed my lunch and mom and I were off.

Her work starts at 9:00 and I didn’t start till 10:00 so she dropped me off at Tim Horton’s on Duckworth street until it was time to walk to work. She gave me directions and paid for my hot chocolate. That was nice of her. I went in and had my drink and read Rod Stewart’s autobiography (which was quite a fascinating book. I reccommend reading it) until it was time to walk to work.

During my commute I was super excited! I couldn’t believe I was walking to my first day of work at Spirit of Newfoundland!!! Also I was a tad bit nervous too. I sang “I Have Confidence” from “The Sound Of Music” to myself quietly as I walked to give myself a confidence boost!

When I arrived at the Masonic Temple and walked inside there were two girls working that I didn’t recognise. They introduced themselves as Hillary and Lisa. They seemed like very nice people. A minute or so later another new person showed up! Evan was his name. I recognised Evan because I’d seen him perform before but I had never formally met him. It was nice to meet him. He took me on a tour of the downstairs area of Spirit. I’d been downstairs before but only to use the washroom. During Evan’s tour I felt like Princess Jasmine experiencing a whole new world! It was so cool getting this behind the scenes look. The best part of the tour was the costume room. It was amazing getting to see all the outfits!

After the tour I set all my things down in the boardroom, sat down, filled out some forms and continued reading Rod Stewart’s book while I waited for Peter (Spirit’s artistic director and one of my bosses). Eventually a pretty older lady came in. Carol the costumier. We chatted for a little while. I really liked meeting all these new people. Soon Peter showed up. I gave him a copy of my “Circles” book (he’s in it) and he loved it! I was glad he did. Then we got to work.

His first job for me was to transcribe the script for their Elvis show “Viva Lost Elvis”. They were bringing it back for the summer season and they didn’t have the script for the 2nd scene so Peter needed me to type it up and also fix any errors that may be in the existing script. He got a tv from his office and we set it up in the boardroom. When he put the dvd of the Elvis show in nothing happened (isn’t technology wonderful! Sarcasm sign) After several tries we gave up and put it in the computer instead. It started playing! We were both happy that it did. “Viva Lost Elvis” was my very first Spirit of Newfoundland show. I was 8 years old when I saw it. It was amazing getting to see it again. It was so funny!

After working on it for a while Kathie Hicks the COO of Spirit (and another one of my bosses) came in. I really like her. She makes me smile. She had to use the computer so she sent me upstairs to package screechette chocolates with Hillary. That was fun! It became one of my favorite tasks at work. I also enjoyed getting to know Hillary a bit more as we worked together. We made a great team!

By the time we were done so was my workday. I walked back to Tim Horton’s on Duckworth street. I got lost a few times but eventually I found the way back. When mom came to get me I had so many things to tell her about my day.

I had a wonderful first day of work at Spirit and a wonderful 2nd day and 3rd day and so on. In other words my entire summer work term at Spirit was wonderful! Tell me about your first day of something in the comments or blog about it if you have a blog!