2014 Memories

Hey blog world! This is the last day of 2014. It’s been a big year for me! In celebration of the new year here’s a look back at some of my favorite memories from 2014

  • I got to see one of my best friends again! My friend Dominique who was in the special needs classroom at my school was my best friend in grades 10 and 11. She graduated last year and I missed her so much. She came back for a visit and to get her diploma, cap and gown and I was absolutely elated to see her again! I gave her a big hug and didn’t want to let her go!
  • This year I raised $60 for the Janeway. I was very proud of myself. Every year I try and outdo the previous years donation so hopefully in 2015 I’ll be able to raise more than $60
  • I had my first job! I landed my dream job and worked in heaven during the summer. Spirit of Newfoundland!!! I took inventory of the screech room, packaged screechette chocolates and screech cupcakes, polished silverware etc. I loved everything about my job.
  • I received the Queen Elizabeth Regional High Class of 64 50th anniversary scholarship. I don’t know exactly what I did to receive it but I’m very proud of myself for receiving it!
  • I saw lots of fantastic shows this year! My favorites were An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber at the Arts and Culture Center, “Les Misérables” at the Arts and Culture Center, Toby Keith at the Mile 1 Center, “Monty Python Live (Mostly)” at Cineplex, “Grinch Dressing & Gravy” at Spirit of Newfoundland (best Birthday gift I got this year) and Chris Gascoyne at the Holy Heart Theater (it was a lovely evening out with my Poppy)
  • I’m not single anymore! I’m very happy to once again be dating. My Boyfriend and I have been together now 3 weeks I think. He’s quite the gentleman and he’s adorable! We met through Special Olympics. He’s on my bowling team (and is admittedly a lot better than I am!)
  • I got a gig singing at hockey games! My Uncle is one of the assistants of his son’s hockey team and they were looking for an anthem singer. He told them about me and so they asked me to sing. I loved it and so did they! So much so that they continue to ask me back! As do other teams! I’m honored that I get to keep doing this.
  • I may soon be published! I’ve written several children’s books and I want to get them published. I sent an e-mail to Flanker Press (a local publishing company) and they wrote me back saying they wanted to see the manuscripts for both my Circles books (“Circles” and “Circles 2: How Relationships Change”) and my newest one “Newfoundland Numbers”. I really hope that when they receive my manuscripts they will like them and publish them! That would be amazing!
  • I traveled to Clarenville in March for the 2014 Newfoundland and Labrador Winter Games. My first ever non Special Olympics sanctioned sporting event. I was chosen as the female Special Olympian for the Avalon bowling team (there was one male and one female special olympian and three neurotypical athletes on each team.) We won gold! I was so proud of us! Especially since we beat out the cocky team from Corner Brook. They were bragging how they were the best team and were going to win it all but in the nail biting playoff for the gold medal they were leading and we thought they would beat us but in the last frame we won!
  • One of the courses I’m taking this year in school is clothing. In this course we learn how to sew. I amazed myself with the things I’ve made! I’m a better sewer than I thought! So far I’ve made a pin cushion, pillow Pillow (which is so soft I don’t want to get up in the mornings), a stuffed toy for my friend Peter’s dog Lucy's toy (she absolutely loves it so I’m thrilled!) And a mini Christmas stocking for my friend Shelley (she didn’t open it in front of me so I have no idea what she thinks. I hope she likes it!)
  • I baked a pie for the first time for my Church youth group’s Christmas party. It was coconut cream, my favorite kind. I was really pleased with how it turned out. Everyone loved it!
  • My family welcomed a new member. We have a pet kitten now! My Elf on the Shelf brought him. Unfortunately for Patches (my Elf’s name) he will be thrown into the snowbank next year and refused enterance into our home. Mom wasn’t too pleased with him for bringing the cat and said that’s what she would do with Patches next year for bringing it to us. However she’s fallen in love with the cat now so I think she may change her mind and let Patches in next year. I fell in love with him too. He’s an adorable black cat named Prince Ozzy. I wanted to name him Ozzy after Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy and my Niece wanted to name him Prince so we comprimised and combined the two. Prince Ozzy was made for me! He too is a music lover. He’s not a fan of his namesake (I played “Crazy Train” for him and he didn’t seem impressed) but he loves “What’s New Pussycat” by Tom Jones and “Les Misérables”.

What are some interesting things that happened to you this year? Tell me in the comments! Happy New Year!



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