Hey blog world! I’ve had an excellent Christmas break so far! I thought I’d write about it here on my blog.

The last day of school before break was great. It started with a pancake breakfast in the cafeteria. Delicious chocolate chip pancakes, fruit and juice. I noticed that a girl in my French class was sitting alone. I have to eat in the cafeteria when the special needs class (whose classroom I go to for recess and lunch) is on a field trip and always feel awkward and alone (I sit with my friend but he plays “Cards Against Humanity” with his friends and doesn’t acknowledge my existence so I sit and eat quietly and feel awkward) and that sucks! I decided to sit with my classmate so both of us could have some company to enjoy pancakes with. We wound up having a lengthy conversation about pets, relationships, what we wanted for Christmas etc. It was great getting to know her and for the first time ever not feeling alone in the cafeteria.

After the pancake breakfast I gave some gifts to my teachers. I give Christmas gifts to my teachers every year. They loved them! I was glad they did. I even got a few gifts! The special education teacher gave me some chocolate and a sock monkey coin purse! It’s so cute! One of the other special ed teachers gave me a bracelet and more chocolate. One of the student assistants gave me even more chocolate! It was so nice of them to give me those gifts.

Then I watched “The Legend of Frosty The Snowman” with the special needs kids. It was cute. I didn’t get to see all of it though. In the middle of the movie there was an announcement that “Frozen” would be shown in one of the math teachers classrooms. I didn’t want to miss out on that! It’s a wonderful movie! Also I didn’t get to see how it ended (when I watched it with my youth group the DVD gave out near the end of the film.) I loved the ending. It was funny and heartwarming. The whole movie is!

Christmas Eve was fun. We ordered chinese food! I love chinese! It’s so yummy! Then we skyped with my sister Crista in Australia! We don’t get to skype with her often so we jump on the chance when we get it. She showed us what she got (because of the time difference it was Christmas day in Australia) and I read her my new book that I’d written. Too bad my baby nephew was sleeping. I would have loved to see him! Oh well! Then we gathered in the living room and watched “A Christmas Story”. I’d heard nothing but good things about it. It’s been put on such a high pedestal. I had high hopes going into the movie. It wasn’t as good as people make it out to be. It had one or two funny parts but meh is really the only way I can think of to put how I felt about the movie into words. 4.5 out of 10.

Yesterday was absolutely fantastic! I love the family togetherness of Christmas day. I woke up at 7:30 and ran to the living room to see what Santa had brought. The first thing I spotted were two tall boxes. I knew right away that my niece and I were getting the dolls we asked for! I was thrilled! After breakfast we went to the living room to open up all our treasures. We always start with our stockings. I got plenty of chocolate and fruit and some nice new pairs of socks and mittens. I need mittens so I was glad that Santa put several pairs in my stocking. Once the stockings were done the first thing I opened was the tall box that was addressed to me. Sure enough there was Addy Walker from 1864. The American Girl that I’d been asking for! She’s absolutely beautiful! Her story is quite the page turner too. Very interesting. She and her family are slaves in the midst of the civil war. When her father and brother get sold Addy and her mom run away from the plantation to go to Philadelphia in search for freedom. It’s so inspiring!

I also got some movies that I’d asked for so I was pleased with that. I got “We Bought A Zoo”, “Saving Mr. Banks” and my favorite Disney movie “Mary Poppins”. I have it on VHS but my VCR is shot so I asked Santa for “Mary Poppins” on DVD. I’m so glad I got it!

I got a new iPod touch as well! Mine doesn’t work properly anymore. The music skips and the apps freeze up. I needed a replacement. I’m not sure which generation it is but I know it’s a lot more advanced than my old one.

I was very happy that my biggest Christmas wish came true yesterday. It was that dad liked what I gave him. Last month I went to the Clay Café with my friend and painted him a Wolverine piggybank (he’s obsessed with superheros). My motor skills aren’t the best since I’m missing my corpus collosum so I’m no Andy Warhol when it comes to painting but I did my best! I put a lot of hard work into it so I was really hoping that Dad would like it. I was elated when he opened it and said that he did! It made my Christmas day!

That night I put on my new onesie and pair of slippers from Santa. I felt like a cloud! They were so nice and comfy and soft! I relaxed in the living room and watched Spirit of Newfoundland’s Christmas special on NTV. It was wonderful! A commercial free half hour of absolutely beautiful music! Every single performance on the show was stunning! Well done Spirit of NL!

A little earlier in the afternoon that day my favorite gift arrived. Someone arrived at the door with a cat!!! After my first one died Mom said we wouldn’t get another. I was so happy that she changed her mind! He’s an adorable black cat like our previous one. I wanted to name him Ozzy so he could be our little prince of darkness except a lot less… demented as Ozzy Osbourne and he won’t bite the head off a bat. Unfortunately my niece doesn’t like that name and we have to agree on one. She suggested Princeton and I like that name too but we aren’t certain quite yet. It’s a maybe. Until we do figure out a name for him he’ll be called by his birth name Winston.

How is your Christmas break going so far? Tell me in the comments! Merry Christmas and Happy Wholidays!



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