O Holy Night

Hey blog world! Tonight I witnessed an absolutely glorious performance at the Arts and Culture Center. My incredible friend Shelley Neville Shelley did her anual Christmas concert “O Holy Night”. This was her 7th year of doing the show but my first time ever seeing it. I was in the front row! It was absolutely astounding!

To begin the show my equally incredible friends Peter Halley Peter Halley and Sheila Williams Sheila Williams were up in the balcony dressed as skeets LOL! Skeets are becoming recurring characters in Spirit of Newfoundland’s shows and I’ve seen many cast members play them (Erin Winsor, Keith Power, Dana Parsons, Michael Power and Jeff Simms). I’d never seen Peter or Sheila play skeets before. I thought they were really funny! I hope to see them reprise those roles in a Spirit show someday! Next Ian Carrol sang “Once In Royal David’s City”. It was very pretty. He’s only a young man but yet he has such a lovely voice.

When Shelley came out onstage I was floored! She is a total goddess! She always looks stunning. She had on a beautiful pink dress with sparkles. The Shallaway Children’s Chorus was out on stage with her as well. They sang a medley of songs about angels (“Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “Arms of the Angels” etc) and it sounded angelic! They sounded perfect together!

Ian’s second performance in the show was with Nicolas Keough. Nicolas is a 13 year old local actor. He is absolutely astounding! I love hearing him sing. He and Ian were cats LOL! They sang an opera song called “Duetto Buffo Di Due Gatti” (“Humerous duet for two cats”.) It was adorable! Their meows were cute. I was amazed at the high notes they were reaching too! The funniest part was when Nicolas hissed at Ian!

Not only is Peter a fabulous actor but he’s a fabulous singer too. He did several numbers in the first act of the show. He and Sheila did “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues”. It was great! I thought it was sweet when he and Sheila danced together a little. They did a lovely job. Peter also did “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve” with Shelley. I love it when they sing that! It’s so beautiful! I was so thrilled that they sang it for us tonight. Another great number that Peter did was “Jingle Bells” with Sheila and Shelley. It wasn’t the regular “Jingle Bells”. No, no! It was like “Jingle Bells” on caffeine! Parts of it were really fast! It was a lot of fun! I admittedly like this version better than the original “Jingle Bells”.

There were two people in the show tonight that I’d never seen perform before. Corey Tetford and David Pomeroy. Corey sang “Amazing Grace” in the first act and I thought it was phenominal! All his performances tonight were! He sang the song with so much passion and it sounded astounding! I couldn’t resist putting my hand up in praise! I was blown away by David’s voice. He is an incredible opera singer. His performance of “Nessun Dorma” was fantastic! I thought it was hillarious when him and Shelley were going to sing a French opera piece together and then Sheila wanted to join in! She wasn’t as good at French but still wanted to be a part so all she sang was a word here and there LOL!

Before I knew it the first act was over! It was a half an hour but it felt like only two minutes! Time flies when you’re having fun! When the curtain rose again the Spirit of Newfoundland band was on stage! Paul “Boomer” Stamp on drums and Sandy Morris and Frank Fusari on guitars. They’re all great musicians and I love listening to them play.

One of my favorite parts of act two was finally putting a name to a face! I listen to the Cabin Party on VOCM religiously! The host of that radio show is Paul Raynes. I hear his voice on the radio every week but have never actually seen what he looked like! In the middle of the second act they played the “VOCM Christmas Song” as they brought out a desk and microphone. A man sat down at the desk and I had no idea who it was. When he introduced himself as Paul Raynes I couldn’t believe it! It was so cool getting to see one of my favorite radio personalities face to face for the first time! The sketch that he did was so funny! He asked people to call in and tell him their favorite Christmas tradition. One caller (voiced by Peter) wanted only to talk about the weather and how good of a morning we had today. Another one voiced by him said her favorite tradition was tranquilizers LOL! Sheila’s caller persona talked about over eating during the holidays. I was really happy that Shelley invited Paul to do the show and I finally got to see what he looks like!

I also loved Sheila and Shelley’s parody of “I Will Survive”. It was sung by a turkey LOL! They were talking about Christmas turkey and how Sheila’s father once tried to create one with three legs so that everyone could have a drum stick. It’s still running around the Goulds LOL! I’m not sure who came up with the parody (probably Boomer Stamp because he writes a lot of Spirit’s parodies but I’m not sure) but whoever it was they did a great job! I don’t think I’ll be singing the words right anymore LOL!

Corey had me floored once again with his performances in this act. Each time he sang tonight I couldn’t resist putting my hand up in praise! He did a lovely duet of “How Great Thou Art” with Shelley and it was awesome when he sang “Go Tell It On The Mountain”. I was dancing in my seat and snapping my fingers! I want Corey to come sing in my Church someday! That would be such an awesome service.

Musical talent must run in the Neville family. Her dad and brother performed and it was amazing! Her dad sang and played the accoustic guitar and her brother played electric guitar while Sheila, Shelley and Peter backed them up. They sang “Run Run Rudolph”, “Santa Claus Is Back In Town” and “All Shook Up”. I think Shelley said that John is in his 60’s now. He’s got a lot of energy for that age! I was really impressed by the fantastic job that he and her brother did.

Of course it wouldn’t be “O Holy Night” without Shelley singing the titular song. When she did it was mesmerizing! The perfect way to end the show I thought. When it was over I was sad that the show had come to an end. It was such a breath taking performance and I didn’t want it to be over! All good things must come to an end I suppose. When they took their bows I gave them the standing ovation that they all really deserved.

I went backstage after the show to see Sheila and Shelley. I had gifts for them! Both of which were home made. I worked really hard on them and I hope they will like them! They really appreciated the gesture. They thought it was nice of me to have given them something. I got hugs from them too! I loved that.

I had a fabulous night out tonight. Were you at the show tonight? Are you going tomorrow night? If you have seen it what did you think? Tell me in the comments! If you didn’t get the chance to see this show and still want to see Shelley perform she will be performing alongside Peter and Lloyd Ziel at the Johnson Geo Center on New Years Eve. Click here for more info. Also be sure to catch Spirit’s Christmas Special airing at 11:00 on Thursday night on NTV. Merry Christmas blog world!



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