I’ll Be There For Christmas

Hey blog world! Christmas miracles do happen! I bought something I never thought I would be able to yesterday. Spirit of Newfoundland’s Christmas CD “I’ll Be There For Christmas”!!! I as you all know am a HUGE fan of Spirit of NL. I have their “Even Seagulls Dream” CD and absolutely love it. They have a Christmas CD out called “I’ll Be There For Christmas” and I really wanted a copy of it but could never find one! My parents don’t really trust online shopping so I couldn’t purchase it online and Spirit didn’t have any copies of it. I thought I’d never get one. Yesterday I did! I was downtown for a few hours and decided to stop into Fred’s to see if they carried it. They did!!! I was as giddy as a schoolgirl walking up to the counter with it in my hands! I had a big ear to ear grin on my face. When Mom picked me up I of course opened it up and put it on! It was absolutely beautiful! I thought I’d do a track by track review here on my blog.

#1 “Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire”: Peter Halley Peter Halley sings this. He has such a beautiful, velvety voice. He does a lovely job of singing this song. Another lovely thing about this is the saxophone solo near the end. The sax is such a cool instrument! It’s got a really neat sound. The saxophone part in this song is so pretty!

#2 “My Christmas Tree Is An Open Book”. This song was written by Doris Mason a friend of Peter and Shelley’s. Shelley Neville Shelley sings it I really like it. It’s a nice upbeat tune that makes me feel like swaying. The words are pretty too. It’s about how her Christmas tree tells a lot about her from all the special ornaments she has on it.

#3 “Night of Silence/Silent Night”: To start this piece Peter sings “Night of Silence” and in the background “Silent Night” plays. It’s beautiful! Even more so when Shelley joins in. It sounds so angelic!

#4 “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”: This is one of my favorite tracks on the CD. They give the song a jazzy feel. I like it. The conversation between Peter and Shelley mid song is cute. Peter is telling Shelley how his family all chipped in to get him a ticket home for Christmas and what all his plans will be.

#5 “Jingle Bells”: Hearing this you’d think that Peter and Shelley had one too many cups of coffee before recording LOL! It goes really fast! It’s so much fun!

#6 “City of David”: Shelley sings this song and it sounds so pretty! The music is very pretty as well. Sandy Morris on guitar and Doris Mason on flute. The flute solo is my favorite part of this song.

#7 “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve”: This is another one of my favorite songs on the CD. I love hearing Shelley and Peter sing this song! They do a phenominal job. It always sounds so pretty and magical!

#8 “Go Tell It On The Mountain”: Everyone does fantastic on this song. Peter, Shelley and the background singers too. What I really like about this is how it starts off at a nice moderate tempo but then later it picks up and gets faster!

#9 “Gramps’ Bells”: This song was written by Peter Halley. He’s a brilliant songwriter. I love his original songs. This one was no exception. It’s about how one year he got his Grandfather’s horse bells as a Christmas gift and how they bring back lots of memories and he can almost hear and see him when they ring. I like the jingle bells ringing throughout the song. Also his horse Max’s cameo appearance at the end is cute! His big, resounding neigh was a nice way to end the song.

#10 “Let It Snow Medley”: This is a medley of “Let It Snow”, “O Christmas Tree”, “White Christmas” and “Sleigh Ride”. “Let It Snow” and “O Christmas Tree” are jazzy and upbeat. I liked them. “White Christmas” was of course slowed down. It sounded so pretty! Shelley’s angelic voice shone through again here. Back to jazz for “Sleigh Ride”. These pieces worked really well in a medley with each other and the switch between jazz to a sweeter, slower piece was nice.

#11 “A Little Christmas Music (Medley A La Mozart)”: Peter starts this off as Santa Claus ho ho hoing the first few bars of a Mozart piece. It sounds so familliar to me but I can’t figure out which of his creations it was! Anyway Shelley does a beautiful job of singing “Deck The Halls”. She goes so high! Each time she goes into a high octave I’m astounded! I’m surprised glass doesn’t shatter when she sings that high! Peter and the background singers are funny. I can’t quite describe the sounds they make but they made me laugh!

#12 “What Are You Doing New Years Eve/Auld Lang Syne”: A nice New Years medley to end off the CD. Everything about this song is great. The piano and guitar sound amazing and so does the singing! After “What Are You Doing New Years Eve” party favors sound and everyone sings “Auld Lang Syne”. It’s wonderful!

This CD gets 5 out of 5 stars! It is a definate must buy! Buy it online at www.cdbaby.com or at Fred’s Records at 198 Duckworth Street in Downtown St John’s. If you already have this CD what’s your favorite song on it? Tell me in the comments!


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