Spirit Christmas Luncheon 2014

Hey blog world! This afternoon I saw Spirit of Newfoundland’s lovely Christmas luncheon. This was my 14th Spirit show. I went to the luncheon last year (for my review of that click here) and had such a wonderful time that I decided to see it again this year. My mom and poppy went with me. I love getting to go out and do things like this with my poppy.

When we arrived at Spirit I had some presents to give out so I went downstairs to the boardroom to give Kathie Hicks Kathie (the COO of Spirit) her gift. I bought her a scarf. When I saw it I thought of her. I was so happy that she liked it! She wore it all afternoon! That made me very happy. I wasn’t at all expecting to get anything in return but Kathie and I had quite the conversation after I gave her her present and when we got on the subject of skin care she said she would make me some of her home made skin cream and she would give me some chocolate too! That was very nice of her.

A little later I went into the bar to say hello to Shelley Neville Shelley, Peter Halley Peter Halley and some of the other performers in the show and to wish them luck. I loved getting to see them all before the show started and chat with them. Peter even reminded me of my starting note for “O Canada” which I’m singing at a hockey game tonight. I’d forgotten what it was so I was glad Peter refreshed my memory.

After chatting for a bit I went back into the main room and had my meal. The appetizer was a buffet. A salad bar and lots of other yummy things. I’m very impressed with chef Shawn Halley’s cooking. Everything I had was really good! I especially enjoyed the croissants which were very flaky and fresh and the pasta salad. Later when the main  course came around I got to try a new food! I like trying new things. I had cod au gratin. It’s cod covered in cheese. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good either. I’m not a big fan of cod. I enjoyed the vegetables that came with it. The carrot and mashed potato were nice.

Soon after we ate the show began! I am a huge fan of Shelley and Peter. They have the voices of angels! I love to hear them sing. The band was great as well. Boomer Stamp on the drums, Frank Fusari on the bass and newcomer to Spirit Marco Fiore on the piano. I was a tad bit worried because I forgot my earplugs but thankfully Boomers drumming was tolerable without them. Peter and Shelley started with “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”, one of my favorite Christmas carols. Rudolph holds a special spot in my heart. I’m about to tear up right now just typing about him! I can really relate to him. We were both made special and ridiculed because of our difference. I love the end of the song when Santa asks him to guide the sleigh and then all the reindeer love and accept him. Hopefully someday soon I’ll be accepted by my neurotypical (normal) peers.

After Rudolph Shelley said that they would be taking requests. Another one of my favorite Christmas songs is “Bless Us All” from “Muppet Christmas Carol”. I asked them to sing it and though Peter knew the song he said they wouldn’t be able to. They couldn’t do “The Mummers Song” either. Too bad. Although when they did “I’ll Be There Christmas Eve” by Ron Hynes Shelley asked if there were any Ron Hynes fans in the audience and when I put my hand up she said that this song would be for me. I was so happy that Shelley said that. Peter and Shelley sing the song beautifully. I was hoping to hear it tonight so I was glad I did. Even more glad that it was for me!

In the middle of the show Peter and Shelley told some Christmas jokes. I can’t remember many of them but one of them was what happens to Santa when he comes down the chimney? He gets claustrophobia! Boomers rimshots after each joke made me cover my ears! Other than that it was an enjoyable segment of the show.

Later when Shelley and Peter said they would take some more audience requests Peter tried to do “Cherry Tree Carol” but he didn’t make it through the entire song. He didn’t recognise the words and had a small bout of laughter. It made me laugh too! At least Peter tried his best. In this segment they were able to sing one of the songs I asked for. “Little Drummer Boy“. My favorite version of this song is the one done by Bing Crosby and David Bowie and my favorite part of their version is the Peace On Earth part. It’s beautiful! I was hoping they would sing it and Peter did! He sang it as Shelley sang “Little Drummer Boy”. It was magical!

One of my favorite parts was When Shelley and Peter sang songs by Kenny and Dolly. Shelley had a funny southern accent LOL! I don’t know the name of the first song they sang but the 2nd one they did was “I’ll Be Home With Bells On“. After singing it Shelley said that years ago when she went to the Happy Tree concert and Corey and Trina (a husband and wife duo that used to perform years ago) were there Trina would sing it like this “I’ll be home with nothing but my bells on”. Shelley asked us all to sing along with those words but I couldn’t! I tried but I burst out laughing!

Near the end of the show someone asked Shelley if her dad sang. Shelley said yes he did and asked him if he wanted to come up and sing a song. He did! He sang “Blue Christmas“. I was floored by how amazing he sounded! He sounded a lot like Elvis! Musical talent must run in the Neville family.

Another one of my favorite parts of the afternoon was the ending of the show. Shelley sang “O Holy Night”. It was absolutely breathtaking! I’m thrilled I’ll get to hear it again in a few weeks when I see “O Holy Night” at the Arts and Culture Center (tickets for the 2nd show on December 23rd are going fast! Be sure to get them soon! Click here for more info.

After the show I spoke with Shelley a bit more. I taught her something! I was pleased I got to do that. At my church’s youth group last night we were watching a video of a pastor giving a sermon about Christmas and in that sermon the pastor said that the very first radio broadcast was December 24th 1906 by Reginald Fessenden. The very first words ever spoken on radio was the Christmas story and the very first song played on the radio was “O Holy Night” which Reginald played on his violin. Shelley didn’t know that. I thought it was kind of cooI that I taught her something new. Maybe she’ll tell the audience that story in her show! After talking we got a picture together 021.

Then I spoke with Peter for a bit and we got a picture together too 022. The best part was that I got a hug!!! Peter gives great hugs and I missed them. We hadn’t hugged in a long time. After getting our picture I put my arms out and asked if for old times sake we could hug. He said yes! Getting that hug from Peter made my day.

I had a marvellous time at the luncheon today! I highly recommend going! It’ll put a big smile on your face and really get you into the Christmas Spirit! For more info on this and their nightly dinner theatre “Grinch Dressing & Gravy” (which is also phenomenal and I highly recommend you see) call them at 579-3023 or visit Spirit’s website http://www.spiritofnewfoundland.com.



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