Grinch Dressing & Gravy

Whollo (Who-lo) blog world! Last night I received what was by far the best Birthday gift I’d gotten this year! My Birthday supper at the happiest place on earth and no I don’t mean Disneyland. The happiest place on earth in my opinion is Spirit of Newfoundland! My mom and I were there to see their Christmas show “Grinch, Dressing & Gravy”. A Newfoundland… or should I say Whofoundland adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss tale.

I was Cindy-Lou Who for Halloween several years ago so I decided to wear the costume again last night. It’s a really pretty light blue dress with white furry cufflinks. Mom did my hair like a Who too. I looked really cute! A lot of my friends at Spirit thought so too. That made me smile! I also decided to give out some Christmas cards. It’s mid November but I thought it would a nice gesture. It was after all their Christmas show I was going to see! My co-worker Colleen told me after I’d given her her card that I could go into the kitchen and backstage to give out the rest of my cards. I thought it was so cool I got to do that!

When I entered the kitchen I asked if Darrell (Spirit’s chef) was there so I could give him his card. Colleen told me that Darrell was done and introduced me to the new chef. I was happy to met him but yet sad that Darrell was gone. I really liked him. His food was really yummy and he was a really nice guy. He made me smile! I know for a fact that my Spirit friends will see this so if you see him again please say hello to him for me and tell him that his ducky misses him (he always called me his ducky. I thought that was sweet.) Later  I met with Peter Peter Halley in the bar to give him a gift I’d bought for him (I bought gifts for all three of my bosses.) He loved my outfit and said that I was very thematic. That was nice of him. He loved the gift too. He jokingly told me to stop!

Pretty soon our appetizer came out. A cream of broccoli soup. I was skeptical about it at first and wasn’t sure if I would like it. I like trying new things so I gave it a go and I did like it! It was yummy. So much so that I ate all of it. I was happy that I tried a new food and enjoyed it.

Before the main course I went downstairs into the boardroom to see the cast and give them their Christmas cards. Dana was putting Peter’s makeup on. I thought he (as usual) looked great! Dana is a good makeup artist. I gave her and Keith their Christmas cards and they both really liked them! I was glad they did. Evan the pianist in the show loved the gingerbread flavored candy cane that I taped to the card. I was glad about that too. It made me smile seeing everyone so happy with their cards.

When I returned to my table my meal had arrived. I ordered cod. I thought it tasted good. It came with mashed potatoes, mashed turnip, broccoli and carrot. The vegetables were all very good too. It was a nice meal. I was quite impressed with the new chef’s skills.

After the meal the show began. To start Michael Power Michael came out as the narrator of the story. Watching the Grinch is a Christmas Eve family tradition at our house so I have the movie pretty much memorized. I was able to (silently) say most of Michael’s opening lines along with him! Inside a snowflake, like the one on your sleeve there happened a story you must see to believe etc. What I thought was cool was that Whoville was in Newfoundland… I mean Whofoundland and of course Labwhodoor! I can’t remember exactly where though. After Michael’s little opening bit some more Who’s came out and sang. I loved how they all looked! Bright colored clothes and rosy cheeks. They were fabulous! I loved what Dana Parsons Dana had on. I wonder if it comes in my size?  Mallory Johnson, Sandra Sandoval and Keith Power Keith also played Who’s. All but one of them was happy and full of wholiday cheer. Little Cindy-Lou (played by Mallory Johnson) was not at all enthusiastic while she sang. While her Mom Martha May Who (Sandra Sandoval) and her mom’s fiancée Mayor Homer Who (Keith Power) were all excited about Farkle Sparkles and Ball Danglers and such she wasn’t. She found the whole idea of Christmas superfluous. Later after talking with her mom she sang “Where Are You Christmas“. I thought it was beautiful! I’d never heard Mallory sing before and was floored by her voice. She’s a lovely singer. Martha sang a song too but I can’t remember what it was called. I really like Sandra’s voice. She too is a lovely singer.

When we got to see the Grinch I burst out laughing! The reason why is because his pants were unzipped and his “manhood” was showing LOL Grinch! Peter looked really cool as the Grinch. He played him really well too. He always does a really good job of playing villains. I enjoyed when he sang “You’re A Mean One Mr. Grinch“. It sounded really cool! He added in a few new bits to the song. I can’t remember many of his add ons but I do remember him calling himself a dirt bag LOL! In the movie his dog was a boy but last night he had a girl dog. Maxine. Dana Parsons played her. I loved her costume. She looked adorable! She had a really cute little howl too. Poor thing made the Grinch really mad at her. All she was trying to do was cheer him up a bit about the wholidays but he wouldn’t have any of it. He threatened to spay her with his switchblade if she wouldn’t shut up LOL! To end off the first scene I don’t know the name of the song but he sang a song about how he wasn’t all that bad. He was just lonely. It was a very emotional song and Peter sang it really well. I felt bad for the Grinch.

My favorite part of the first act was the skeets! They’re becoming recurring characters in Spirit’s shows and I love it when I get to see them! Michael, Dana and Keith are hilarious skeets! They were all gathered around having a smoke and Michael once again blew my mind blowing his smoke rings (I think it’s so cool how he’s able to do that) and they decided to have a game of “Boggers”. How that works is you need a few people to play it and you say “Boggers on you, 123, insert dare here” and the person you dared has to do whatever you dared them to do. Dana dared Michael to go up and bug the Grinch. He wouldn’t do it, she wouldn’t do it and Keith wouldn’t either. Eventually they got up the nerve to do so. They sang a funny song about pissing off the Grinch and trying to send him back to Toronto LOL! They suspect that maybe he’s from Toronto and is a Leafs fan. Maybe that’s why he’s so grinchy. Anyway in the next scene it was hysterical when Michael came out on stage going “ohmygeezohmygeezohmygeez!” He was petrified after going up on Mount Crumpett with his skeet pals. The Grinch chased after them! His plan was to make the Grinch poop his pants but that backfired because he did instead LOL!

The Grinch decided to steal Christmas by making some phone calls. He called up Purity factories to buy up all their products, Whominion to buy all the turkeys at every location and he got a bunch of bugs to eat up all the Christmas trees so all they’d have were the “prissy” ones from Nova Scotia that weren’t any good. He must be quite rich having all the money to do that!

There were a few whofie (a Who Newfie) girls in the first act too having a conversation on the phone. Sandra and Dana played them. One of them was named Suze and I can’t remember what the other ones name was. Their Newfie accents were funny! Dana’s characters hair made me laugh too! It was this HUGE blonde hairdo LOL Who!

After the first act was desert. Spirit of Newfoundland’s screech cake. It’s absolutely delicious! It tastes like Christmas. It came with some screech carmel sauce, whipped cream, custard and I think raspberry sauce to dip the cake in. They tasted good too. I hadn’t had any in a long time and had been craving a piece since I wrote a descriptive essay about it in writing class at school LOL! I was happy to get a piece last night.

To start off the 2nd act is the “Who In” (their version of a Screech In) ceremony. We knew in the first act that for the 5th year in a row Martha May had been elected Who In Queen. They sang a parody of ABBA’s “Dancing Queen” about her and threw in some product placement for Good Luck Margarine (an old brand of margarine that was made here in Newfoundland.) I really liked it! I danced to it in my seat! Mayor Homer Who won Who In King again this year. I think he wins it every year. Cindy Lou Who was upset with this and felt that they should give someone else a chance so title of Who In King goes to the Grinch! The pink crown they gave him to wear was cute! I think it looked good on him. Unfortunately the Grinch got upset when he saw Martha May Who was the Who In Queen and got mad at the Who’s thinking that they set this up and were playing a trick on him. He stormed off and kept the crown LOL!

Also in act two the Grinch went Mummering! He put on a cape and went off the mountain to mess with the who’s a bit. He practiced in front of Maxine and she thought he wasn’t too good and didn’t give him a drink like you’re supposed to give Mummers. Since Maxine wouldn’t give him a drink he went to the nearest table, poured some water into one of their glasses and drank from it LOL! Then he burped in the guests faces! After this he meets Cindy-Lou Who for the first time. He’s really surprised that she’s not afraid of him. She in fact shares his Christmas hating ideal.  My favorite part of this scene was when she sang “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman“. I thought it was so sweet! The ending was funny. He yelled at her no and she said “Ok b’y!” LOL!

Later on the Whofie girls were back and having another conversation on the phone. This time they had a “3 way” with their friend Pat. Michael played her. He was hilarious as a girl! He looked really funny too Pat! Michael is very versatile. He can play any role and do it really well!

I loved the scene where the Grinch came to steal Cindy-Lou’s tree. As we know from the book she got out of bed for a cup of cold water. The Grinch had to think up a lie quickly and this is what he came up with. “Sarah McLachlan loves her seal skin boots.” LOL! Then he came up with a better one. There’s a light on the tree that won’t light up just right. Cindy-Lou believed the Grinch. The narrator said that the Grinch patted Cindy-Lou on the head, got her a drink and then sent her to bed. Because the Grinch didn’t have any water to give Cindy-Lou he took a bottle of Blue Star beer from a nearby table to give to her LOL!

The ending of the story is my favorite part. The Grinch’s heart grows 3 sizes! Also I won’t say what it is and spoil the show for you but there’s a major plot twist! I will give you a hint though. It involves a night spent at the Whovelon Mall parking lot in the back of a Jetta (I think). I thought it was a cute way to end the show. After the plot twist the Who’s and the Grinch celebrated Christmas together! They sang Christmas carols! “Welcome Christmas” was beautiful! It made me smile. The cast did a wonderful job of singing it. Mallory sang “Christmas Time Is Here” and I thought that was beautiful too. Michael sang “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and it was stunning! I was kind of hoping they’d find a way to squeeze this song in because Michael does a fantastic job of singing it. I was happy they did! The whole cast eventually joined in and it was awesome! I couldn’t resist putting my hand up in praise for a little bit during the song!

Once the show was finally done I stood up and gave them a standing ovation. They deserved it after putting off such a phenominal show! I remained standing for the singing of “Spirit of Newfoundland”, an absolutely beautiful song that Peter wrote that they sing at the end of every show. I always look forward to hearing that song. It’s lovely. Once that was sung Keith handed Peter a piece of paper and he gave shout outs to people in the audience. The companies that had come tonight for their company Christmas party and friends of theirs in the audience. I was happy when Peter mentioned my table! After talking for a little bit Peter said that a friend and co-worker of theirs celebrated a Birthday a few days ago. My face lit up and I smiled from ear to ear! I was thrilled that my Birthday was acknowledged. Even more thrilled that everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me! That made my night.

After the show I got pictures with the cast members. Peter still had his makeup on! I was hoping he would. Peter and I! Here are the others I took Sandra Dana and Me Mallory and ME Michael and Keith. I think we all look absolutey whotiful (see what I did there)!

I had such a wonderful time last night! I highly reccommend seeing this show! Click here to view Spirit’s calendar and availlable dates to see the show. Also be sure to check out their Christmas Luncheon starting December 2nd. It features the wonderful duo of Peter Halley and Shelley Neville singing Christmas carols backed by a jazz trio. I have my reservations made! Do you? Happy wholidays everyone!



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