Story Time with Doctor Who and Gilbert Goat

Hey blog world! On Facebook I posted a picture that challenged my friends to create a story in the comments by posting 2 words at a time. It’s quite weird. This is the story we came up with. I call it “Gilbert Goat’s Crazy Day”

Once upon a mountain a goat that was playing piano fell off and landed in a ditch and then his money fell into a pile of mud. Then I put the goat’s head on a pillow to sleep. But then it snored and made a loud noise that woke the cat up and the cat said “Go to the store.” So the goat did a jig and skipped down the stairs and then he fell down on his hooves and had to sing songs with a strange doctor from Gallifrey. He is an imortal.

He liked the goat so he took him up a ladder to the top of a really big TARDIS and left the century and the goat was left behind until Doctor Who ate Rose because she tasted good and hated the goat. That hurt her feelings when he ate her. That made her feel strange because she was not very awesome but yet she was yummy like spinach.

The Daleks jumped into a pot of boiling water to exterminate the goat because he said that Rose was ugly and gross like a bad goat who had smelly feet, so the Daleks decided to start to punish the goat named Gilbert by making an apple pie with a CyberDanny that made him have feelings. A racetrack appeared and broke the TARDIS. Then Osgood took away the apple pie, but then it exploded and caused an avalanche. It destroyed the goat and daleks but nobody cared.

The end! As I said it was a weird story but that’s why I like it! On your Facebook or Twitter or whatever you have challenging your friends or followers to create a story two words at a time in the comments and see what kind of story you come up with! Have fun!



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