Trio #4

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is called Trio #4

Today you can write about anything, in whatever genre or form, but your post must include a speeding car, a phone call, and a crisp, bright morning. (Wildcard: you can swap any of the above for a good joke.)

I used to like snow. When I was young I liked going outside and riding my sled, having snowball fights, making snow angels and building snowmen. In the recent years I’ve had some bad experiences with snow so I’m not at all happy that it’s almost winter and it will soon be back! I don’t firetrucking want it!

Last winter was absolutely brutal! I hated #DarkNL! The rolling blackouts were so annoying. Also we got a very late spring (screw you Mr. Groundhog) because it wouldn’t stop snowing! I wanted warm weather and flowers not more snow!

My worst snow experience was 3 years ago. I’ve since been nervous when me and/or my parents have gone for a drive in snowy, icy weather. 3 years ago on a crisp, bright afternoon (close enough I think) my parents had a party to go to so I had to spend the night at my Aunt’s house. We dropped my niece off at a Birthday party then went on to my Aunt’s. About halfway there my Dad slid on a patch of ice causing him to speed into the oncomming traffic, he hit someone’s car, spun around and then hit the same car again! I don’t remember much about what happened next because it happened so fast but I do remember hearing a big bang, shattering glass and then my Dad shouted a curse word. I had a massive headache! I was also petrified! I’d never been in such a serious accident before. Mom’s head hit the passanger side window and broke it and Dad got some lascerations from the seat belt and as I jokingly say some “fashion damage”. He ripped his favorite leather jacket and got blood on his denim shirt. Because I was so scared for my family and the people in the other car I broke down crying. We were quite lucky because our accident was right in front of the fire station! The firemen ran out to help us. One of the passangers in the other car made a phone call to 911 to get an ambulance for us. I was so scared I was shaking so Mom put her arm around me and lead me inside the station and the firemen introduced themselves to me and did their best to help me calm down. Eventually when the medics came I was even more scared! I don’t do well in situations where they have to get involved. They too introduced themselves to me and I can’t remember why but they wanted to take my blood. I got even more upset because I don’t like needles! They hurt! One of the medics talked to me a bit about music and I found she too was a fan of Keith Urban. It felt slightly comforting knowing we shared that interest. I got a bit jealous of her because she said she had tickets to his concert LOL! It was a pretty bad rendition because I was still panicky and crying but as best I could to take my mind off the bloodwork I sang “Maybe” from “Annie”. Soon when the medics were all done checking us over and were ready to leave they asked me who I wanted to go with. I said “The fire trucks are cooler” but they weren’t going so I had to chose between Mom and Dad. I wanted Mom but the medics thought it would be best if I went with Dad because Mom was a bit more seriously hurt so I did.

The ambulance ride was ok. I told Dad and the medic what I’d done at youth the night before and we had a few laughs. I hope that that was my first and last ride! When we got to the hospital since I was fine and didn’t need to be seen by a doctor they showed me a spot to sit down and wait so I sat there with my kobo and read “A Smile As Big As The Moon”. The whole time even though I was enjoying my book (it’s an excellent read. I highly reccommend it) I was still really worried about Mom and Dad and if they’d be ok. I don’t know how long I was sat there reading but it felt like hours! Eventually they both came back out and I was so relieved to see them again.

The next morning when I woke up I felt so lucky to be alive! I felt lucky that everyone was alive! My family and I and everyone in the other car (the unborn baby in that car especially!) I don’t know what I would do if I had lost one or both of my parents in that accident. I’m so glad I didn’t.

I know that it has to come, it’s part of nature but I really wish snow didn’t exist! Either that or Newfoundland could be one of those parts of the world that doesn’t get snow! That way there would be no more terrible accidents on the road!

Now it’s your turn! Write a post about whatever you want but make sure to include a crisp, bright morning, a phone call and a speeding car. Have fun!



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