Hey blog world! Last night I saw an absolutely phenominal show! My Best Buddy Allison and I saw Kelly-Ann Evans do a tribute to Michael Jackson, Rod Stewart, Elvis and Queen. Kelly-Ann is such a big ball of energy and I love watching her perform! It was amazing being in the front row and seeing the show!

She started off with my favorite out of the 4, Rod Stewart! I was so happy that she did! Kelly-Ann is quite the fashionista. I always look forward to seeing what outfits she’ll have on at her shows! If looks could kill then the whole audience would have dropped dead right then and there. She had on an adorable leopard print dress! She opened with my favorite Rod Stewart song “Young Turks“! It’s such a fun song! Another fun one is “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy“. I had a blast disco dancing in my seat LOL! Steve Power was in the show with her and I was really glad to see him performing. It’s been a year since I last did but it feels like it’s been even longer! He sang “Tonight’s The Night” and it was wonderful! Steve always does a lovely job singing slow songs. Kelly-Ann too. She sang “Have I Told You Lately” and it was really pretty! With 4 legends being tributed in the show she couldn’t of course fit all of Rod’s songs in but I thought it was too bad she didn’t do “The Killing of Georgie“, “Hot Legs” or “Baby Jane“. Oh well!

Next up was MJ. Before Kelly-Ann the MC of the show J-LAC from K-Rock came out dressed up in this unexplainable, slightly nerdy outfit, fake glasses and an afro LOL! He talked about Weird Al and MJ. It was funny! Then Kelly-Ann came back on stage and opened the MJ set with “Bad” (I think). She had dancers with her this time! They blew me away! They had some pretty sweet moves. She also had a choir. The Mount Pearl Show Choir to be exact. They were amazing as well. My favorite song they sang with Kelly-Ann was “Man In The Mirror“. All those beautiful voices blending together was magical! The most awesome part of the show was when Adam Staple who played the drums rapped! He did the rap part in “The Girl Is Mine” (I think) and it was so cool! He was really good at it!

After the intermission J-LAC came out in a blue shirt, shorts, sandals, sunglasses and a lei. Blue Hawaii! I knew Elvis would be next. I was hoping he would be too so I was glad he was. Kelly-Ann opened this set with a medley of Elvis songs “See, See Rider“, “Hound Dog“, “Jailhouse Rock” and several others. I loved it! I also loved Kelly-Ann’s outfit. The one she wore for the Elvis set was my favorite out of the 4. She had on a really cool white and red sequined jumpsuit! While I really like Elvis’s fast songs my favorite part of this set were the slow ones. Steve sang “Love Me Tender” and I was trying not to cry! Same thing when Kelly-Ann sat down at the piano and sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You“. It’s one of my favorite Elvis songs and Kelly-Ann did such a beautiful job of singing it!

The last legend to be tributed was Queen. J-LAC’s outfit was quite disturbing for this one. He was shirtless, wearing a pink scarf and white and black pants. That image is still in my head and I really wish it wasn’t! Anyway Kelly-Ann started this segment with “Another One Bites The Dust“. It was awesome! It was also awesome when Steve sang “Crazy Little Thing Called Love“. He sings that song really well (I’d heard him do it before at Kelly-Ann’s Queen tribute show a few years ago.) Another choir came out to help Kelly-Ann in this set! It was still the Mount Pearl Show Choir but it must have been the older group. When I saw Jeremy Wells walk out on stage I fangirled a little! Jeremy is such a talented performer! He was amazing in “Do You Hear The People Sing” (a benefit concert for Atlantic Light Theatre’s production of “Les Misérables” last year) and of course in “Les Misérables”. He was once again amazing tonight! As were the rest of the members of the choir. They helped with “Somebody To Love“, “We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions” and the incredible encore of “Bohemian Rhapsody“. Everyone in the show sang that one and it sounded as I said incredible! It was a great way to end the show! Once it was over I stood up and gave them a much deserved standing ovation!

As me and Allison were leaving the auditorium a couple stopped us and told me that they thought I should have been up on stage dancing! They thought I was the star of the show! They were enjoying themselves watching me enjoy myself. I was quite flattered that they said that. It made me smile. Then Allison and I headed out into the lobby to see if I could find Jeremy, Kelly-Ann and Steve and get pictures with and talk to them. We waited for a long time and neither appeared. Eventually the saxophonist (whose name I have forgotten) came out and I told him that I thought he did a great job and I asked him if Kelly-Ann was still here. He said she was but he wasn’t sure if she’d be coming out. He went back to see and shortly after he came back over to me and said “She asked for me to bring you back.” That was so cool! It’s once in a blue moon I’ve gotten to go backstage at the ACC so it was awesome I got to do so again last night! When I got backstage and saw Kelly-Ann she gave me a big hug! I loved that. Kelly-Ann said she loved seeing me in the front row. If she forgot the words she could just look down and I’d be there to help! I knew all the words to the songs! She even said she loved my Halloween costume (Wayne from “Wayne’s World”.) I was glad she did. Then we got a picture together! After talking to her I asked if Steve was still around so I could get a picture with and talk to him. She said she wasn’t sure so she brought me back farther to see. We found him! It was great getting to see him again and chat for a bit and get a picture with him too. It’s not often I’m back there so I don’t know the way out. Thankfully Steve helped us figure out the way. When we got outside I hugged Allison goodbye and walked to my Dad’s car. I had such a great time with her at the show! She really enjoyed herself too and I’m happy she did. Kelly-Ann, Steve and everyone else in the show you’re all legends and you absolutely rocked us last night! I can’t wait to see what Kelly-Ann has in store next! Were you at the show last night or Friday night? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!


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