Top 10 Favorite and Least Favorite Candies

Hey blog world! Halloween was Friday night. I had a great time out with my Niece trick or treating. I was Wayne Campbell from “Wayne’s World” this year Wayne's World poster! I got loads and loads of goodies! That gave me the idea to make this blog post about my favorite and also my least favorite candies. Starting of course with the favorites

#10 Candy Corn Candy Corn: This seems to be a candy that not many people like (I’m the only one in my family who likes it) but I enjoy candy corn. It’s not really that bad.

#9 Gummy anything Gummy Bear:  Bears, worms, you name it! I like the pretty colors of the candies and the fruity taste they have.

#8 Glosette raisins Glosette: Weird as it sounds I don’t like raisins on their own but I love Glosette’s chocolate covered ones!

#7 Oh Henry bars Oh Henry: At first I used to always give these to my Dad but over the years I grew to like them. I love the carmel and nougat in the middle.

#6 Skittles Skittles:  The rainbow tastes awesome! I like the red ones best.

#5 Twizzlers Twizzlers: Nibs and the long pieces. Both are really yummy! 

#4 Individually wrapped carmels Carmels: I love how these melt in my mouth.

#3 M&M’s M&M's: I like a lot of the different kinds of these but the regular chocolate ones are the best.

#2 Reese’s Pieces Reese's pieces: I like these slightly better than the big chocolate cups. They last longer because there are more of them and you get straight up peanut butter. The chocolate peanut butter cups are good but I love the taste of peanut butter on it’s own too.

#1 Maynards of almost any kind Maynards: Maynards has several different varieties of candy, all but 1 of which I really like (see my bottom list of top 10 least favorite to figure out which one.) Out of all the Maynards candies Swedish Berries are my favorites!

Least Favorites

#10 Wine Gums Wine Gums: I don’t like the smell or taste of these candies.

#9 Rockets Rockets: They taste weird and sometimes leave a powder in my mouth. Ew! 

#8 Gum Dubble Bubble: I stopped chewing it several years ago.

#7 Popeye Candy Sticks Popeye: These taste like chalk!

#6 Popping candy Pop Rocks: I don’t like the popping sensation these candies make in my mouth.

#5 Coffee Crisp bars Coffee Crisp: I’m not a coffee drinker so I don’t like this bar.

#4 Tiger Pops Tiger Pops: I don’t like the way these suckers taste.

#3 Tootsie Fruit Rolls Tootsie: I like the original chocolate tootsie roll but the fruit flavored ones taste bad.

#2 Starburst Starburst: I turned myself off of these after a bad experience with them on a plane 2 years ago. I haven’t eaten one since.

#1 Wonka candy Wonka: Great movie, horrible candy! I don’t like any of Wonka’s creations.

What are your favorite and least favorite candies? Tell me in the comments!

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