Ready, Set Done

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “Ready Set Done”. I have to write a post in 10 minutes! I’m going to write about Coronation Street (this will contain spoilers. Corrie fans who aren’t caught up in recent episodes read at your own risk!) Here it goes!

Right now on Corrie Jason, his brother Todd and dad Tony are going to be sued by Fiz and Tyrone. Todd used floorboards that weren’t up to regulations in Fiz and Tyrone’s house and Tyrone fell through the floor and got seriously injured. They tried to keep Fiz and Tyrone from finding out it was them and from getting insurance involved but eventually they found out and are now being taken to court. I’m excited to see that trial. It should be really interesting. I’m quite certain Fiz and Tyrone are going to win.

Kylie’s son Max was diagnosed with ADHD. He was very hard to handle until recently when he was perscribed some pills. Poor Kylie is very stressed out with him and everything else going on in her life. They have done nothing to her yet but Tuesday night she took some of Max’s pills. I think it may have been a suicide attempt though I’m not sure.

Andrea (Lloyd’s girlfriend) is being stalked by her ex! The guy won’t leave her alone! He’s been following her for quite some time and trying to convince her to get back with him. In last night’s episode he put their anniversary in the paper saying “Happy Anniversary to my loving wife Andrea”. I think he really needs to get a life and move on. She’s with Lloyd now. Get over her!

Peter is in really rough shape. He was wrongfully accused and jailed for killing Tina (Rob is really the one who killed her). On top of that last week he found a stash of alcohol in the jail and drank so much he gave himself liver failure! He’s coming around now but he nearly died.

Carla is trying to figure out Tina’s real murderer. In a visit to the hospital to see Peter he told her he’d take her secret to the grave. He knows she killed Tina. After he told her that she realized that he didn’t do it. I wonder how long it’s going to take her to figure out it was Rob

Steve was in a cricket tournament. An old friend of his came into the Rovers and bragged about everything that he had. When he said that he had a cricket team Steve said he did too and his friend challenged him to a match. I thought it was going to end quite badly and Steve would lose to his friend but I was wrong! Good thing too because the Rover’s famous hot pot recipe was on the line. I forget what Steve’s friend put up but whatever it was Steve got it!

Now you’re (mostly) up to Corrie speed (lots of other things happened but I only wrote what I remember). For any Newfoundland fans of the show Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) is coming to the Holy Heart Theatre on October 19th. I think there are still tickets availlable. Check their website or call them to find out! Time’s up! Bye for now!


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