Ready, Set Done

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post is “Ready Set Done”. I have to write a post in 10 minutes! I’m going to write about Coronation Street (this will contain spoilers. Corrie fans who aren’t caught up in recent episodes read at your own risk!) Here it goes!

Right now on Corrie Jason, his brother Todd and dad Tony are going to be sued by Fiz and Tyrone. Todd used floorboards that weren’t up to regulations in Fiz and Tyrone’s house and Tyrone fell through the floor and got seriously injured. They tried to keep Fiz and Tyrone from finding out it was them and from getting insurance involved but eventually they found out and are now being taken to court. I’m excited to see that trial. It should be really interesting. I’m quite certain Fiz and Tyrone are going to win.

Kylie’s son Max was diagnosed with ADHD. He was very hard to handle until recently when he was perscribed some pills. Poor Kylie is very stressed out with him and everything else going on in her life. They have done nothing to her yet but Tuesday night she took some of Max’s pills. I think it may have been a suicide attempt though I’m not sure.

Andrea (Lloyd’s girlfriend) is being stalked by her ex! The guy won’t leave her alone! He’s been following her for quite some time and trying to convince her to get back with him. In last night’s episode he put their anniversary in the paper saying “Happy Anniversary to my loving wife Andrea”. I think he really needs to get a life and move on. She’s with Lloyd now. Get over her!

Peter is in really rough shape. He was wrongfully accused and jailed for killing Tina (Rob is really the one who killed her). On top of that last week he found a stash of alcohol in the jail and drank so much he gave himself liver failure! He’s coming around now but he nearly died.

Carla is trying to figure out Tina’s real murderer. In a visit to the hospital to see Peter he told her he’d take her secret to the grave. He knows she killed Tina. After he told her that she realized that he didn’t do it. I wonder how long it’s going to take her to figure out it was Rob

Steve was in a cricket tournament. An old friend of his came into the Rovers and bragged about everything that he had. When he said that he had a cricket team Steve said he did too and his friend challenged him to a match. I thought it was going to end quite badly and Steve would lose to his friend but I was wrong! Good thing too because the Rover’s famous hot pot recipe was on the line. I forget what Steve’s friend put up but whatever it was Steve got it!

Now you’re (mostly) up to Corrie speed (lots of other things happened but I only wrote what I remember). For any Newfoundland fans of the show Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow) is coming to the Holy Heart Theatre on October 19th. I think there are still tickets availlable. Check their website or call them to find out! Time’s up! Bye for now!



Every Spirit Show I’ve seen

Hey blog world! I made an attempt at doing today’s daily post. I had to write a post in 10 minutes. I’d done it twice before (see Peanut and 10 Minute Post) so I thought I could do it again. I said in Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs that I could remember every Spirit of Newfoundland show I’d seen in chronological order but that was a blog post for another time so I thought that this post would be that time! I tried my best to do it but ran out of time before I could complete the list. I had so much written and didn’t want to put it in the trash bin since I’d worked so hard so I figured I’d continue on anyway! Here’s my list of all 12 of the Spirit of NL shows I’ve been to plus a little description of each!

  1. “Viva Lost Elvis”: Starring Steve Power, Sheila Williams, Natalie Noseworthy and Darin Martin. I was at the busker festival that day and got music notes painted on my face to see the show. I loved it! It was funny! Two Newfie girls set out to get pictures with the most Elvis impersonators so they could get to do the weather with Toni-Marie Wiseman.
  2. “Little Hooping Harbor”: I can’t remember the cast or plot since it was so long ago but I do remember that it was really cute!
  3. “ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop”: Starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Sabrina Roberts and Darrin Martin. I remember every vivid detail of this show! Even what I was wearing LOL! This show has the most meaning to me because it was the night I met Peter Halley! The show was incredible and the food was as well.
  4. Go Duet Yourself“: Starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Sheila Williams and Darrin Martin: This show was a lot of fun! My favorite part was when Peter was Kenny Rogers LOL! I gave Peter a belated Birthday card before this show and he gave me a hug! I loved that!
  5. Beatles: Back In The N.F.L.D“: Starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Darrin Martin and Sheila Williams. A Newfoundland tribute to the Beatles. We got to see Darrin in a dress in this show LOL! He looked good.
  6. Christmas Around The World“: Starring Dana Parsons, Michael Power, Sandra Sandoval and Keith Power. I saw this show with my Dad and a few friends for my Birthday supper. It was a lovely evening. The meal was very good and the show was too. The music was phenomenal and the show was hilarious! At times it was also very touching. Christmas Reflections from Around the Bay was my favorite part.
  7. The Christmas luncheon: Starring Janet Cull. This was a bit of a more relaxed show. We had a lovely buffet and enjoyed Janet Cull perform Christmas songs backed by a jazz trio. My favorite part of this show was when I got to sing “The Mummers Song” (for part two click here!)
  8. ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop“: Starring Peter Halley, Shelley Neville, Keith Power and Janet Cull. I had such an incredible time the first time around and this show means so much to me so I just knew I had to go back and see it again. It was even better the 2nd time around!
  9. Mother’s Day brunch: Starring Peter Halley and Sheila Williams. Another more relaxed show. We had a delicious buffet brunch and Peter and Sheila sang us some beautiful songs. My favorite part of this show was getting to sing with Peter! We sang “Think Of Me” from “Phantom of the Opera” and we both forgot the words! Other than that we both did an incredible job!
  10. Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs“: Starring Jeff Simms, Erin Winsor, Keith Power and Dana Parsons.This was quite the milestone show since my Spirit attendance had now reached double digits. I absolutely loved it! Seeing Ruby Brace was one of my favorite parts. I also loved “The Smoke Room on the Kyle”.
  11. the Bowring park centennial celebration: Starring Peter Halley, Darrin Martin, Sheila Williams, Shelley Neville and special guests. This show made me happy! It was a wonderful celebration of the park’s hundred years. The singing was incredible and the acting was very well done. The re-enactments were cool!
  12. Go Duet Yourself“: Starring Peter Halley, Darrin Martin, Sheila Williams and Shelley Neville. Again I had so much fun the first time around I had to come back a 2nd time. I loved singing and dancing along to al the songs. My favorite part was as I said above Peter being Kenny Rogers.

Have you ever been to a Spirit of Newfoundland show? Which one? Did you enjoy it? Tell me in the comments! I’ll leave you tonight with my favorite line from the “Spirit of Newfoundland” song. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, doesn’t matter where you’ve been. It’s our spirit and our culture that keeps us all within one big family together that is powered from above. We are rich no matter what we owe we have each other’s love.”


Cast Change

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post (find it here) is called “Cast Change”. You’ve just been named the casting director of your favorite television show (or movie franchise). The catch: you must replace the entire cast — with your friends and family. Who gets which role?

Here in Newfoundland we have an abundance of incredible local talent. I`ve seen productions of broadway calibre here! “Annie”, “Hairspray”, “Les Miserables” and “The Sound of Music” just to name a few. One show that has not been locally produced yet is “Mamma Mia”. I think local stars doing a production of “Mamma Mia” would be amazing so that is the movie I would chose to recast and this is how I would do that

Kiersten Noel Kiersten as the female lead role Sophie Sophie  .

Kiersten’s husband Tim Matson Tim as the male lead  Sky Sky.

Shelley Neville Shelley as Sophie’s mom Donna Mamma Mia

In the roles of Sophie’s three possible Dads are Peter Halley Peter Halley as Sam Sam, Darrin Martin Darrin as Harry Harry and Peter MacDonald (photo unavailable) as Bill Bll.

Kelly-Ann Evans Kelly-Ann Evans as Sophie’s aunt Tanya Tanya and Janet Cull Janet as Sophie’s aunt Rosie.

I think that these super troupers would all be amazing in “Mamma Mia”! If a movie remake with this cast isn’t possible then I would at least love to see them all in these roles on stage! If you had the chance to recast your favorite movie or tv show with your friends and family what would you chose and who would play who? Tell me in the comments or blog about it! Until then remember “If you see the wonder of a fairy tale, you can take the future even if you fail.”


Spirit Memories

Hey blog world! As you all know I absolutely adore Spirit of Newfoundland! In my opinion it’s heaven on earth! I had the best summer of my life working there this summer! It was unforgettable! I made so many memories and I thought today I’d share them with you (also for more on my job at Spirit see the post “Summer Job”.)

  • On days when there were shows Chef Darrell came in to cook the food for the night. He turns on the radio (usually either Coast 101.1 or 97.5 K-Rock) and sings along with it. The kitchen door was usually open so I was able to hear him. He isn’t bad. It made my day hearing Chef Darrell sing.
  • I got to take a nice walk downtown with my co-worker Hillary one day to hand out vouchers and screech cupcakes at BnB’s, hotels etc. I enjoyed our walk. It was great exercise and me and Hillary had a nice chat while we were walking. I liked talking with her and learning about her and telling her about myself. Another one of my favorite parts of that walk was the free sample I received at Newfoundland Chocolate Company. Yum!
  • I don’t know it’s purpose but for some reason Spirit has a rocking horse. One day my co-worker Wayne came out of the stage area on the rocking horse acting like a cowboy and pretending to ride it! That was hilarious!
  • On my first day I got a really cool tour of the downstairs area of Spirit from my co-worker Evan. I saw some awesome stuff on that tour! The dressing room, costume room and prop closet were my favorite bits of the tour.
  • I got to do some baking with Kathie (one of my bosses). That was fun! We made black bean chocolate cake and chocolate bread pudding. They were both delicious!
  • 7 years ago I saw my very first Spirit show. It was “Viva Lost Elvis”. One of the first things Peter (another one of my bosses) got me to do was watch a video of that show and transcribe the script. It was amazing getting to see the show again.
  • I learned what hotdogs are made of. The day after Canada day Peter and I were talking about what we did on our day off and I said that I had a barbeque. He asked me what my favorite thing to eat on the barbeque was and I said hotdogs. Peter then told me what was in a hotdog. I forget it now (and I know you’ll be reading this Peter so please don’t remind me) but it was gross! I still eat them but not as often now that I know what’s in them.
  • One day as I was packaging screechettes Bill Brennan (he sometimes plays piano in the shows) brought his dog in! She was adorable. Very soft too. I enjoyed getting to meet the little cutie and pet her.
  • I witnessed my first screech in! A screech in is a special ceremony that allows you to become an honorary Newfoundlander. You try some of our food (a peppermint knob and a piece of “Newfie Steak” (bologna)), talk like a Newfoundlander, have a shot of screech (a traditional Newfoundland rum) and the best part kiss a cod! One day when I had finished all my work early and was sat in the bar reading Hillary came over to me and said there were some people getting screeched in who wanted it to be filmed and asked me to do it. I said yes. It was the very first time I had seen people getting screeched in. It was cool!

Today was my last day at work. As soon as I had finished my final task for the day I got a sinking feeling in my stomach and realized that was it. That was my last task. I had no more work left to do at Spirit. After accidentally overheating the paper shredder while completing said final task I went upstairs to let Paul (the general manager (and one of my bosses)) know and when I turned to the bar and saw him there was a cake! He said I wasn’t supposed to see that yet but it was for me. He then handed me a card signed by everyone. I was so happy that they did this for me. So much so that I cried! We all sat down around a table in the screech room and enjoyed the delicious chocolate cake and talked. It was a lovely going away party. This is a group picture we took during the party 2014-09-02 14.22.43 . One big happy family! I’ve grown so close to everyone at Spirit that they don’t even feel like bosses or co-workers. They feel like family! I miss them all dearly already! I can’t wait to come back and see a show and see them all again! What’s been the best part of your summer? Tell me in the comments! Also good luck to all the students tomorrow as the 2014-2015 school year begins.