Hope For The Future

Hey blog world! One of my best friends and a fellow blogger Emma wrote a post titled “Hope For The Future” in which she wrote about her plans for the future. I thought I’d do the same. This is what I have planned for my future.

For my education I want to go to MUN (Memorial University of Newfoundland) and I want to study both music and education there.

For a job I know it may sound a little ironic because I myself have a special need but I want to become a Special Education teacher. I have a huge spot in my heart for individuals with special needs. They’re the most kind, caring and compassionate people I’ve ever met! I would love to spend every day with them and teach them.

As a side project I would also like to start a musical theatre company for people with special needs. St John’s has many incredible theatre groups (Best Kind Productions, Atlantic Light Theatre, Spirit of Newfoundland etc) but what we haven’t got is one specifically for people with special needs. We don’t get as many opportunities as our neurotypical (normal) peers to showcase our talents so I think this group would be a fantastic idea! They’ll get their chance to finally be in the spotlight and show the province what they can do.

I’d also like to do a bit of travelling. I’m a big country music fan (the older the better in my opinion) and have always wanted to go to Nashville and see the Grand Ol’ Opry and Country Hall of Fame. I hope to maybe get to go there someday! I also hope to in the future maybe travel to L.A. That’s another place I’ve always wanted to visit. I’d love to try surfing (I heard California is a great place for that) and take in a live taping of “The Doctors”.

Family wise I’d like to get married to a nice guy who will accept me for who I am, treats me right and makes me laugh! Looks aren’t everything in my opinion. Good looks are nice but I focus more on the inside. For kids I’d like to adopt two. Hopefully I’ll live long enough to see them grow up and to meet my grandkids as well.

What are your future plans? Tell me in the comments!


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