Hey blog world! I love to do jigsaw puzzles. It’s a fun way to challenge my brain. On Monday night I got a brand new one! It’s called Ji-Ga-Zo. I thought I’d do a review of it here.

Ji-Ga-Zo is a really neat jigsaw puzzle from Hasbro Ji-Ga-Zo. Ji-Ga-Zo is Japanese for “Mosaic”. It’s a 300 piece puzzle. What I really like about it is that it’s not like all other ordinary puzzles that you put together once and are through with it. This is a puzzle you can do over and over again because you never get the same picture! The 300 pieces are all the same size and shape and they all fit into each other. They are each a different shade of a sepia like color and on the back of them they have a color and a picture. The color and picture on the back help you to follow the special directions to create your Ji-Ga-Zo. You can assemble the pieces in an infinite amount of ways to create a mosaic like puzzle of whoever you want! I started with the pre-programmed Rich Uncle Pennybags 001 (the disc that comes with the puzzle comes with 6 pre-programmed Ji-Ga-Zo’s) then once that puzzle was complete I took a picture (I take a picture each time I complete a puzzle to preserve it), disassembled the puzzle and using the same 300 pieces I created Peter Halley 002 and this morning I again used all those same pieces to make one of my favorite musical theatre characters. Mark Cohen from “Rent” 001. I find it amazing how 300 pieces of puzzle can have that many possibilities!

This is how it works. You take a picture of whoever you want (This is the picture I used to create Peter’s Ji-Ga-Zo Peter pic) then you insert the disc that comes with the puzzle into your computer and upload the photo you’ve taken onto the disc. You then crop it and adjust the contrast and zooming until you have the picture you like. With this one I cropped the girl out of the pic and zoomed in on Peter’s face. Once you’re happy with your picture the program will generate a special printable icon map 003 that shows all the images on the backs of the pieces and which way to turn them and where to put them in order to assemble your puzzle and get the picture you want. Once you’ve printed it out you follow the icon map and assemble your puzzle and in an hour or so you’ll have your picture in Ji-Ga-Zo form!

Ji-Ga-Zo puzzles take about an hour or so to do. At times it’s a bit confusing and it’s slightly complicated but it’s a lot of fun and the end result always looks really cool! I definitely will not be bored again with this puzzle! I give it 5 stars and highly recommend it! If you got a Ji-Ga-Zo puzzle set who would you turn into a Ji-Ga-Zo? Tell me in the coments!


2 thoughts on “Ji-Ga-Zo

  1. Hi, someone gave me this as a gift but didn’t included the CD with the software, is there anyway that you still have the CD and could provide me a copy? Thank you

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