Camping Trip

Hey blog world! Earlier today I got home from Butterpot Park. It’s a really pretty park where you can go camping. My mom, dad, niece and I were there since Sunday. We all had a great time!

Our site got lots of visits from animals! We saw birds, squirrels and today just before we left we saw a bunny rabbit! I love animals so I was very pleased to see all this wildlife!

Because we were packing up and getting ready to go and didn’t have time to have cooked dinner (a traditional Newfoundland meal of roast beef or chicken, salt meat, cabbage, turnip, potato, carrot and gravy) on Sunday we had it on Monday and had a bunch of our relatives over! I thought it was nice that we were able to get together at the campsite and enjoy a meal together. Speaking of relatives my aunt, uncle and cousins got the campsite next to us and spent a few days up at Butterpot with us! I thought that was great! Especially since my new baby cousin was with them! He’s adorable!

We had a lot of barbeque for meals when we were camping. Hamburgers for supper on Sunday and last night, hot dogs a few nights ago and steak on Wednesday night. Barbeque is delicious! My favorite thing to eat on the barbeque is hot dogs. Steak is really yummy on the barbeque as well. My Mom buys angus steaks from walmart and they taste amazing when they’re barbequed!

We went for a walk on Monday night (I think). We went around the park. I’ve been doing a lot of exercising this summer to try and stay fit so I’m glad I was able to get that bit of exercise in during the camping trip. I nearly sprained both my ankles tripping over potholes but other than that I enjoyed it.

We wound up getting a lot of mist and rain. I was looking forward to spending a lot of time outside reading “Les Misérables”. I did get to spend a fair amount of time doing that on Sunday and Monday but Tuesday and yesterday there was a lot of mist and rain! I spent a lot of time in the tent. I was comfy laying on my sleeping bag but it would have been nicer to be outside. Oh well!

I took my laptop along with me to watch movies. When it’s battery died or was close to death my niece and I would have to take it to the bathroom to charge it. The first time we tried we saw outlets on the wall next to the bench where people can lay their things while they shower. We plugged my laptop into the charger and the charger into the outlet and nothing! The outlet must have been broken. We had to charge it by the sink! I felt really awkward sitting on the sink with my niece watching movies waiting for my laptop to charge.

Speaking of my laptop my favorite part of camping was definately every night when my niece and I would put on our pj’s and get all snuggly in our sleeping bags and watch “The Andy Griffith Show” together. She’d never experienced the joy that is Mayberry before so I was thrilled to get to introduce her to Andy and all his friends! I looked forward every night to getting all cozy and spending time in Mayberry with my niece. It was a very sweet bonding moment for the two of us. My niece really liked it so I’m even more thrilled that the bonding will get to continue! One night after two episodes of Andy we watched a bit of “Rent” together. She’d never seen that before either and I was glad to get to introduce her to that too. Mark is her favorite character and she loves “Tango Maureen” and “Another Day“.  It took us a few days but today we finally finished it!Watching those with her and seeing her smile, laugh and enjoy herself put a big smile on my face!

At the campsite to our left we had some very rowdy neighbors. Quiet time was 10:00 but they mustn’t have understood that! The first night we were there they were watching “Big Brother” and even though there is a rule saying music should only be audible on your own site they clearly didn’t get that because I could hear the show loud and clear from inside my tent. Every other night they blasted Kixx Country. I love that station but I wasn’t very fond of it during the camping trip because it kept me up! The people in the site were being quite loud as well so it was difficult for me to get some sleep until they finally quieted down! Other than them and their disturbances I got some pretty good sleep.

I had a wonderful time in the great outdoors with my family but I must admit it’s nice to be back home again and sleeping in my own bed tonight. It’s even nicer that I get to go back to work on Monday! I can’t wait to get back to Spirit of Newfoundland and tell Peter Peter Halley, Kathie Kathie and all my co workers about my trip! Do you like camping? Why or why not? If you do do you use a camper or a tent? Tell me in the comments!


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