Duet Again

Hey blog world! Last night I went out with my Mom and Grandpa to see my 12th Spirit of Newfoundland production. “Go Duet Yourself”! Some of you may remember I saw the show last summer (I wrote a post about it which you can see here). I loved it so much that I had to come back and see it a 2nd time! I’ve been working at Spirit and while I immensely enjoy my job it was nice to get to take a little break and be in the audience.

The appetizer last night was a summer citrus beet salad. I’m not sure what kind of dressing was on it. I think it was a vinaigrette of some sort. Whatever it was it made me pucker! Even though it was sour it wasn’t too bad. I quite enjoyed the salad. Shortly after the main course came. We had the choice of either screech barbequed chicken or stuffed cod. I chose the chicken. It tasted awesome! I loved the screech barbeque sauce! It came with carrots, a baked potato and peas in a pod. I wasn’t too fond of the peas but the carrots and baked potato were great!

While waiting for the show to start I completed an item on my bucket list! Limes were always an interesting fruit to me. I wondered how they tasted. It was on my bucket list to try one. Last night I did! My glass of cranberry juice was garnished with a lime wedge so I thought that since it was on my bucket list why not give it a try! I’m proud I did it and can now tick it off my list but I won’t be eating one again. It was very sour! It made my face pucker! I actually thought that maybe limes would be sweet. I was dead wrong there! Later I saw Peter Halley Peter Halley in the hallway. I had something for him so I got it and went out to see him. What I had for him was a copy of my most recent children’s book. A sequel to my “Circles” book called “Circles 2: How Relationships Change”. Peter is in this book so I decided to give him a copy. He was very pleased with it! I was glad he was! In fact he sang a little about it LOL! He noticed I had two copies and when I told him the other was for Darrin MartinDarrin to give to his kids he brought me backstage to find him and when we got backstage Peter sang “Leah’s written another book and I’m in this one too!” I thought that was pretty cool. Darrin wasn’t backstage like Peter had thought. Sheila Williams said he was in the bar so off we went and sure enough there he was! I got a hug from him! I really liked that. I gave him the book and he really liked it. I hope his girls will too! They are the biggest and most important critics after all! I then told Darrin how the Autism centre is using my first “Circles” book and we had a little chat about Autism. After that I proceeded back to my seat. Unfortunately on the way I got quite the startle! When it’s close to show time a bell is rung to let people know to return to their seats. I have sensory issues with my ears and loud noises hurt my ears and frighten the daylights out of me! That’s why I wore earplugs to the show last night. They didn’t quite work for the show bell. Just as I was close to it it rang! Even with the earplugs in it was very loud and scared me! I needed a few minutes to calm myself down and catch my breath when I got back to my seat.

When the show started Peter and Shelley came out on stage. It was time for rehearsal and Sheila and Darrin weren’t there. Peter decided to call Sheila and get mad. It didn’t work. He was being so nice in fact that Shelley had to give him a smack LOL! Sheila tried to hide it but eventually the truth came out that she was at the movies with Darrin. In the original show last summer they saw the Batman movie “Man Of Steel” but this time their movie choice was really funny! The new Cameron Diaz movie “Sex Tape” LOL! Another hilarious thing about the phone call was that Sheila suggested doing a “50 Shades of Grey” dinner show instead of the Duets one LOL! After Sheila hung up on Peter they decided to start without her. Peter and Shelley sang the “All In The Family” theme song. I love hearing them sing that! They do it really well! Then Sheila finally showed up and talked for a while. After that they did “Summer Nights” from “Grease”. That was awesome! Then they did some TV themes. “The Jeffersons” which is my favorite TV theme so I was thrilled to hear it! I had such a blast dancing and singing along! Also they did “Laverne and Shirley“. That was fun!

I keep a little pack of Kleenex in my purse just in case and was quite glad I had them on me last night! I didn’t think I would but I cried! When Sheila and Darrin sang “Love Lifts Us Up Where We Belong” from “An Officer and a Gentleman” it was beautiful! So much so that I shed a few tears. They really flowed during Peter and Shelley’s duet of “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers Anymore“. It too was absolutely beautiful and I cried even more!

Later in the first act there were a few celebrity impressions. We got to go inside one of Frank Sinatra’s recording sessions. Frank (played by Peter) was recording from New York I think and his duet partner Julio Iglesias (played by Darrin) was recording from Barcelona. I loved the accents they both had. They sounded so cool! They sang “Summer Wind“. With both the accents it sounded awesome! Here’s a picture of them 031. Sheila Williams did a spot on Anne Murray 034! I couldn’t get over how incredible she was and how she sounded pretty much exactly like her! She sang “Daydream Believer” and it made my heart so happy! That’s one of my favorite songs and it puts a big smile on my face every time I hear it! Last night was certainly no exception. Then she did a duet with KD Lang. Remembering last time I knew what was in store when KD came out. I was thrilled to see Darrin as her again! It’s so funny! Also he looks great 035! Poor Darrin didn’t seem to be enjoying himself playing a girl though LOL! I could tell that by his face. Also he shouted for help once during the song LOL!

To end act 1 they did some duets by families. Some of my favorites from this part were “Grandpa (Tell Me ‘Bout The Good Ol’ Days)” by the Judds ( I looked at my Grandpa while singing the line “Grandpa tell me bout the good ol days” and he smiled. I did too.), “We’ve Only Just Begun” and “Rainy Days and Monday’s” by the Carpenters and “Wake Up Little Suzy” and “Bye Bye Love” by the Everly Brothers. Then they sang a parody of that song which was written by Boomer Stamp. He’s the drummer for Spirit that writes the parodies they sing in their shows. This parody was called “Bye Bye Grub”. I clapped my hands, sang along and laughed during this song! It’s really funny! My favorite part is “Bye bye grub, bye bye chicken leg, hello Jenny Craig I think I’m gonna die, bye bye my grub goodbye.” LOL!

Then it was desert time. Before I had mine I went over to Erin Winsor’s table and spoke with her for a bit. Erin is a lovely lady who I’ve seen perform several times and just like Mary Poppins (whom she played in the Theatre St. John’s production of “Mary Poppins”) I think she’s practically perfect! We talked about the show, my camping trip next week, school etc. When I told her I wanted to be a special needs teacher she said I’d be really good at that! That made me happy. She also really liked my idea to start a theatre group for people with special needs. That made me happy too! After our conversation I got a hug! That was awesome! Going back to my table my cheeks hurt from smiling so much! Desert was a piece of screech cake with a dollop of whipped cream and some screech caramel sauce drizzled on the plate and some blueberries. The cake and caramel sauce due to the rum were quite strong but they were really yummy!

During act two there were even more celebrity impressions! Peter and Shelley were Kenny and Dolly 061. Just like last time Peter wore a stocking over his face LOL! He looked so funny! It must be difficult to sing with that thing over his face! He did an excellent job of it though! Shelley was a terrific Dolly as well. Darrin and Sheila got to be Rod Stewart and Tina Turner 066. They sang “Hot Legs” which is my most favorite Rod Stewart song so I was extatic when they sang it! I danced in my seat and sang along to all the words! They also did “Proud Mary“. It sounded very nice when it started off as being sung slowly and later in the song when it picked up and got faster that was awesome! Sheila’s dance moves were really cool!

Sheila told the audience about a country duet song where the man did all the singing and the woman just sat there. She picked someone out of the audience to get to be said woman. She came up on stage and Peter came out dressed like a cowboy and serenaded the lucky lady with “Hello Darling“. I thought it was very sweet and that Peter did a wonderful job of singing the song. I also liked how they put her picture up on the projector screen under the heading “Loretta Lynn”.

One of my favorite duets from act two was Paul Anka’s “Having My Baby” sung by Peter and Sheila. It was hillarious! Especially when Sheila smacked Peter LOL! She smacked him when he sang the line “The seed inside ya, baby do you feel it growing”. He rubbed her belly a bit during this line and she got mad thinking that he meant her belly was getting big!

They did a few duets to tribute artists who had passed away. Sheila and Shelley did a bit of “The Greatest Love Of All” by Whitney Houston. It sounded so pretty! Then Shelley sang “I Will Always Love You“. I was trying not to cry! It was very pretty too and Shelley sang it with so much emotion. Next Peter and Darrin sang “The Ballad of Jed Clampett” (the “Beverly Hillbillies” theme) as a tribute to Earl Scruggs who had passed away. At different points during the song they stopped singing and pointed their mics at us so we could fill in their blank. I knew all the words! I had fun giggling, clapping and singing along. When the band played a little instrumental bit at the end of the song I thought it sounded marvellous!

To end the show they sang “Time Of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing” and “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” by Meatloaf. Both those songs were awesome! It was a great way to end off the show. When it ended I stood up and gave the cast a very well deserved standing ovation! I then remained standing to sing “Spirit of Newfoundland” with them. It’s a beautiful song and I always look forward to hearing it at the end of each show. Then they gave a few shout outs to their friends in the audience! I was lucky enough to be one of those people! Peter told the audience that I was there with my family. After those everyone stood to sing “Ode To Newfoundland”. Then it was time to go. It was a fabulous show! I had the time of my life and I owe it all to Peter, Shelley, Sheila and Darrin!

Before I left I wanted to get pictures with the cast. After waiting for a while they all came out and we got our picture! duets cast Don’t we all look stunning LOL! After getting the picture I spoke with Shelley and Darrin for a while. I told them how I made the sports page in the paper! The CBS and area newspaper The Shoreline. Last Saturday Special Olympics had a softball training camp and the group picture we took made the Shorline’s sports page! Shelley asked me if I was good at softball and I said that I’m ok at it. It was my first time so I’m only a beginner. With time I’m sure I’ll improve! I told Darrin that we’re trying to get some teams started. We only had 10 people show up and we’re looking to find more. He then told me about a few of his friends with cerebral palsy. One of them has gone on to be a teacher! That was amazing. It really goes to show that you can do anything. A few minutes later Darrin said he had to go. He needed to get up early to go to a gig in Gambo. As a joke I asked him if he was going to take the bus. It kinda went over his head at first but when I asked if he got it he thought about it for a while then it clicked. In their ABBA show Shelley sings a parody of “Fernando” about her taking the bus to Gambo. I was glad he eventually got it. As I was coming down off the stage my cheeks were once again in pain from smiling so much! As I said above the show was fabulous and it made me so happy!

Then it was time to go home. During the drive in the car I asked my Grandpa what he thought of the show. He really enjoyed it! He thought that all the singers were incredible! Sheila Williams was his favorite. He found her really funny. He called her a case LOL! He also really enjoyed the Everly Brothers songs and “Bye Bye Grub”. I was glad that he enjoyed himself. I did too. It was even better the 2nd time! I strongly reccommend seeing this show. There’s a lot more dates left during the summer! Go to their website for more information on this show and the others they are running during the summer (“ABBA: Gotta Get The Scoop” and “Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs“(I’ve seen both and they’re incredible! Click their names to read the reviews I’ve written of them))! Have you seen “Go Duet Yourself”? Did you like it? Tell me in the comments!



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