Musical Marker

Hey blog world! Today’s daily post (find it here) is called “Musical Marker”.

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

The song that will remind me of this summer 20 years from now is “(I’ve Had) The Time Of My Life” from “Dirty Dancing”. The reason why is because this summer is the best one of my life! Every day it just continues to get better! I’ve had so many cool new experiences and done some awesome stuff!

I have my dream job at Spirit of Newfoundland spirit (click here to read my “Summer Job” post about that) and I couldn’t be any happier working there! I’m on cloud 9 every day! I’ve met some awesome new people and done some really cool things! I transcribed the Elvis script, packaged screech cupcakes and screechette chocolates and on Tuesday I got to walk around downtown with my co worker Hillary and hand out screech cupcakes, vouchers and pamphlets. I love my job!

I’ve gotten to see some really great shows this summer! 2 Spirit of NL productions “Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs” at the Kelligrews Soiree and the centennial celebration of Bowring Park, I saw Theatre St Johns’s “An Evening With Andrew Lloyd Webber” at the Arts and Culture Centre, the live broadcast of “Monty Python Live (Mostly)” at Cineplex and next Friday I’m going to see another Spirit of NL show! “Go Duet Yourself“! This will be my 2nd time. I’m sure it will be even better the 2nd time around!

I was a volunteer at VBS again this summer. This year I helped with the Kindergarten group. I missed the first two days of camp due to work but I still had a super fun three days with the kids. They all loved me! They would always climb on me and hug me. They were all such sweethearts! I loved getting to spend three days with them helping them with their crafts, playing games with them and helping them to learn about God and all the good things he does.

I’ve been exercising a lot more this summer. I walk roughly 10 minutes or so from Tim Hortons to work every work day, I’ve been to the gym a few times with Mom, I bought “Just Dance 2” for my Wii and try to use it every day and of course the walk downtown on Tuesday with Hillary. I’m glad I’m able to do all this exercise so I can stay healthy and keep fit over the summer.

I got to go on a mini camping trip with my family last weekend. We went to Healey’s Pond and trouted. We didn’t catch anything but at least we had fun! We spent the night in a tent. It was nice. We tried trouting a bit again the next day but still nothing. Like I said at least we had fun!

I’ve made so many memories and I’m certain that I’m definately going to make more in the four weeks of summer that are remaining. This has definately been the best summer of my life! How’s your summer going so far? In 20 years from now what song will remind you of this summer? Tell me in the comments!


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