Summer Job

Hey blog world! It’s the middle of summer break! It’s going by extremely quickly I find. Next Friday will be the 1st of August! Where did the time go? I thought today I’d tell you a bit about the job I have this summer. I landed my dream job! I’m working at Spirit of Newfoundland spirit (or heaven as I call it)!!!

I had a wonderful first day at Spirit! I had difficulty sleeping the night before! That morning I was very excited to get up and get to work. I was a bit nervous though too. I remember humming “I Have Confidence” from “The Sound Of Music” durring my commute to give myself a confidence boost! That day I met three of my very nice co workers Lisa (she’s a receptionist who takes reservations, answers the phone and does computer work), Evan and Hillary (I’m not entirely sure of their job titles). Evan gave me a tour of the downstairs area of Spirit and I saw some really cool stuff! Some of my favorite bits of Evans tour were the dressing room, prop closet and costume room! Later when Peter (Spirit’s artistic director) Peter Halley showed up he got me to watch a video of their Elvis show and transcribe the script. It had been 7 years since I saw Elvis last so I was really happy to get to se it again! Later that day I got to package screechette chocolates for Kathie Hicks (the COO of Spirit) Kathie. That was fun! It was like doing arts and crafts!

My day starts at Tim Hortons. Mom drops me off there because her work starts at 9:00 and it’s quite the distance away from the Masonic. I sit down with my drink and read until it’s time to walk to work. I never used to like walking. I found I got tired easily but I don’t mind this commute. It’s not very long and it’s not very hard. Surprisingly though I’ve been working there for 4 weeks now and the hill leading up to the Temple still makes me out of breath LOL!

Last week I was assigned the daily task of doing inventory of the Screech Room so that’s now how I start my work day. It’s the very first thing I do now when I come in to work in the mornings. At first it was a bit hard and I lost count several times and fooled up on a few items but as is said that’s a learning curve! I still have my share of fool ups but I am improving! I’m glad Hillary is just a few steps away in the bar in case I need any help.

I do pretty much anything that anyone needs me to do. There’s never a dull moment and every day is different! Those are things I really like about my job. I don’t know what to expect. I do everything from stapling, sorting and stamping receipts (that’s one of the things I did today) to adding people onto the mailing list. I’m a jack of all trades to say the least! I love listening to music as I work. I find that showtunes (especially anything from “RENT”) really motivate, put me in a good mood and make the work I’m doing a bit more fun!

I love the people I work with. My bosses are all so nice. Peter, Kathie and Paul are very friendly, kind and all around great people! I’m happy to be working for them. My co workers are also very nice and friendly. I can’t walk two steps without seeing a smile! I love that! I still haven’t learned everyone’s names (I have the morning employees down but am still working on learning the names of some of the bartenders who come in in the afternoon) but I’m certain that with time I will. I’m glad I get to go to work with such friendly, happy people. It makes me happy!

At the end of the day I sit in the bar and wait for Mom to pick me up. I usually chit chat with Amelia and Ashlée. They come in to work in the afternoon. We talk about our weekends, relationships, music etc. I really enjoy conversing with those girls. It’s a nice way to get to know them better and to pass time while I wait for Mom. Also I sometimes dance and sing a little LOL! Lisa has Songza (I think. Maybe it’s Spotify. It’s either one of those two) playing and if a song comes on that I know I like to dance and sing along! It makes the wait for Mom fun! Each day when she arrives I’m a little bit sad to be leaving work! It is nice to come home and talk about my day but I have so much fun at work that I don’t want to leave!

As long as I live, whatever I do, as great as it is you know what’s a bummer? I ain’t ever gonna beat this summer with Spirit! Yes I just made a Brad Paisley reference. Gold star for you if you caught it! Do you have a summer job? Do you like it? Why or why not? Tell me in the comments!



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