Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Hey blog world! Today I had the most fun I’ve had at the theatre in a long time! My Best Buddy and I saw “Monty Python Live (Mostly)”. It was an amazing show and my cheeks are still hurting from smiling so much! The 5 remaining members of Monty Python Eric Idle, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Terry Gilliam and Terry Jones have reunited and have done a series of performances at the O2 arena in London. Tonight was the final one and it was broadcast live to cinemas. I felt so lucky to be in Cineplex watching the Python’s last performance!

This was a brand new experience for my Best Buddy Allison. It was her very first time ever seeing Monty Python! She’d never even heard of them until I invited her to the movie. I was glad to be introducing her to the world of Monty Python. I was very excited for her when we got to the theatre and really hoped she would enjoy the movie.

The movie was everything that I wanted and more! I was thrilled to see all my favorite sketches and songs and I liked getting to see some that I hadn’t seen before. There was also one that I recognized but felt uncomfortable watching LOL! That was “The Penis Song“. When Eric Idle came out with his pipe and housecoat I was like “Oh God! I know this one!” And I cringed in my seat knowing of the awkwardness to come. It got weirder and more uncomfortable as a chorus of Navy officers came out and sang it. I was pretty happy when that song was over.

Monty Python seems to really enjoy dirty humor. There was a song about sperm in the first act as well. “Every Sperm Is Sacred“. As this was being sung a stagehand brought out a penis shaped cannon that shot fake sperm at the audience. It was funny but yet I was slightly disturbed.

My 2nd favorite Monty Python song that I was really looking forward to hearing tonight is “The Lumberjack Song“. When Michael Palin and John Cleese did a skit about an investment banker who wanted to be a lion tamer I was getting excited and thinking that this song would possibly follow. It had the right set up for it. An investment banker who doesn’t like his job so he wants to be a lion tamer. I figured sometime later in this sketch he’d confess that he really always wanted to be a lumberjack. I was right! After being frightened out of the idea of lion taming Michael confessed that he didn’t like his investment banking job and always wanted to be a lumberjack! I squealed a little bit and a big smile came over my face! I sang along with every word and laughed!

They showed a few video clips of skits from “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” during the show. I loved it when they showed “Silly Olympics“. An olympiad with such events as a swim race for non swimmers and track competitions for the incontinent, people with no sense of direction and people who think they’re chickens LOL! It was great getting to see that in the show.

Later on after the Pythons performed “I Like Chinese” the Pythons left the stage and a clock counting down 30 minutes appeared on screen. Allison and I were confused as to what that meant at first but then we realized there was a half hour intermission. That was the first time I’d ever seen that in a movie. It had been a long time though (I think probably an hour or so) so I was glad to get those 30 minutes so I could stretch out my legs.

To begin act 2 was another cringe worthy song that made me feel slightly awkward. I laughed but felt weird inside. It was “Sit On My Face“. The dance moves and song lyrics and all made me feel as I said slightly awkward but I did get a good laugh!

They had a sing along during this act! They sang “The Philosopher’s Song” and got the audience to sing along. The words appeared on the movie screen too so we could sing as well. I tried but I didn’t know the song so it was hard to stay in tune and also some of the words were hard to pronounce! I did my best though and had a lot of fun!

John Cleese one of my favorite Monty Python members had difficulty with his lines during the “Crunchy Frog” sketch. He kept laughing and losing his spot! He especially lost it when the other police officer (I’m not sure which Python played him) threw up in his hat and John made him put it back on! That’s what happens with live theatre I suppose. John was trying so hard to keep it in but he burst out laughing causing everyone else to too! It was awesome!

A lot of my favorite skits from Flying Circus were done in this act! “Nudge Nudge, Wink Wink“, “Spam” and even “Argument Clinic“! The sketch I was happiest to see was definately “Dead Parrot“. It’s hillarious! One of my most favorite Python skits. John had some difficulties with his lines in this one too so that added further on to the humor. I liked how this sketch segued into “Cheese Shop“. Michael went back to find John another pet and said he didn’t have any parrots left but while he was back there if John wanted any he had a variety of cheeses and they thus began the “Cheese Shop” sketch which is also really funny. I was dissappointed though that Michael didn’t get shot. That’s how the sketch ended on Flying Circus and I thought it was hillarious. John told Michael that if he said he didn’t have any cheese he would shoot him in the head. Michael said so and therefore got shot. I found it too bad they didn’t use that ending in the live show. Oh well!

I found the “Galaxy Song” was very pretty. It made me smile! It also made me smile seeing Eric Idle dancing with an elderly woman (they segued into this song from “Spanish Inquisition” The head of the Spanish Inquisition told one of the other members to go to the fridge and bring the captive (an elderly woman) a glass of cold milk. Aparently the Spanish Inquisition keep Eric Idle in their fridge LOL! The Spanish Inquisition member opened the fridge and Eric came out and sang the “Galaxy Song” while dancing with the elderly lady. I loved it! It was sweet.

For their last song they did “Christmas In Heaven“. I kind of liked the song. It wasn’t too bad. After that they left the stage. “Two minutes until spontaneous encore” came on the screen LOL! The “spontaneous encore” was the song I’d been waiting all night to hear! “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life“. I smiled and sang along with every word! That was a lot of fun! After that song the Pythons left us with a wonderfully cheery goodbye. The words “Piss off” appearing on screen LOL!

I had a ginormous smile on my face for quite the while after the movie was over. It made me so happy and I had so much fun  I just couldn’t stop smiling! In fact as I said above my cheeks are still hurting from doing it too much LOL! I asked Allison what she thought of the movie and I was very glad to know she liked it. I’m glad we got to enjoy that movie together.

What’s your favorite Monty Python sketch? Tell me in the comments!


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