Bowring Park’s 100th

Hey blog world! For as long as I can remember I’ve been going to Bowring park. School and summer camp field trips, family fun days and sometimes my Mom would take me and my Niece to play in the water park! It’s a lovely park and I love going there. It turned 100 today! To celebrate that Spirit of Newfoundland did a special show in the park’s amphitheatre.

Spirit had lots of special guests in the show. One of them was the CLB Armory Band. They were playing as my family and I walked into the amphitheatre to find seats. One of the songs they played was “Mamma Mia”! That sounded really cool! I liked the other songs they played too. They sounded great! The Singing Legionaires performed as well. They began the show. I thought they sounded great as well.

When Spirit started they sang “Happy Birthday” to the park! Then they performed an original song that Peter Halley Peter Halleywrote about the park. It was a beautiful song. As they were singing there were little girls twirling ribbons and dancing and bubbles floating around. All of it made me happy! I popped a few of the bubbles and laughed. After that song they talked for a while about the park and then they sang some songs from around 1914 the year the park opened. Peter Sang “Irish Lullaby” and it was beautiful! I was trying not to cry! Same thing when Sheila sang “Let Me Call You Sweetheart“. Those songs were both sung with lots of emotion and as I said I was trying not to cry.

One part of the show I thought was really cool was the re-enactment of the Park’s opening in 1914. I can’t remember the names of the people they played but Jeff Simms, Dana Parsons, Erin Winsor and Keith Power did the re-enactment. I loved the outfits they were wearing 041. I also loved the history lesson. It was interesting seeing how the park opened. I loved all the bits of history that I learned throughout the show! I like learning new things. They also had a bit of living history at the celebration today. I can’t remember her name but an elderly woman who is 100 years young was at the celebration. She was 3 months old when the park opened and was there at the opening ceremony. She told us a little bit about that. I thought it was amazing to get to hear stories from her since she’d actually been there!

Dana, Keith, Jeff and Erin sang some songs too. They did a bit from “Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs“. They sang some songs from the 20’s. Jeff and Keith sang “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby“. Keith pointed at me during this song! A huge smile came on my face and I fangirled a little LOL! I felt special. Dana and Erin sang “Tiptoe Through the Tulips“. They did the Tiny Tim version with a ukulele and extremely high octave! It was awesome! I laughed and sang along.

The other special guests that Spirit had were young adults. Nicholas Keough and Ian Carroll sang “I Won’t Grow Up045. Just like the first time (they sang this in “An Evening with Andrew Lloyd Webber“) it was adorable! I loved every minute of their performance! Both of them are incredibly talented young men. Lauren Hayward performed “Rainy Days046 by The Ennis Sisters. Again I was trying not to cry! It was beautiful! She looked like she was maybe about 16 or so and for a girl of that age she had an astounding voice!

To end off the show the entire cast did a bit of Great Big Sea’s “Ordinary Day” and “Lukey’s Boat“. Then after that Darrin Martin sang “Happy” by Pharell while the others backed him up! That was awesome! The best part was that the bubbles were back! I had a blast dancing, singing, clapping and popping more bubbles! After that as they usually do to end off their shows they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland”. I remained standing as they sang and sang along with all the words. It’s a very pretty song. Then they sang “Ode To Newfoundland”. That’s also a very pretty song. After both of those the show was over.

Now that the show was done I wanted to get pictures. I got my Niece to take them for me. My Mom and Poppy were still up in their seats and I couldn’t find them so when my Niece came down to find me I got her to take pictures for me. She’s not a bad photographer! Firstly I talked to Peter. He came up with Yentl for the letter Y in my new children’s book “Broadway Alphabet” (read my latest post “Aspie Author” for more info on my book writing) so I added a thank you to him (and also Georgina and Darrin Martin for their ideas for Q and X) into the book. Because he had a part in it I decided to give him a copy of it. He really liked it! I’m glad that he did. I then asked for a picture and he said yes but he was busy with other people wanting to talk to him so I figured I’d get some pictures with others and then come back when he wasn’t as busy. I talked for a while with Darrin Martin. I gave him a copy of each of my books for his 3 little girls. He was very impressed by them. I’m hoping his girls will be too. After I gave him the books we got a picture together (in which he showed them off!) 058 Then I talked to Nicholas for a bit and told him that he did a good job and that I thought his performance was cute. Then we got a picture together 059. Shortly after I finally got my picture with Peter 062! I took several other pictures after that. I ran my poor Niece ragged! I’d see someone and tell my Niece “I want to get a picture with that person. This will be the last one. I promise!” We’d take that picture, I’d thank said person and go about my way when all of a sudden I’d see someone I missed and say to my Niece “I didn’t get that person yet! This will be the last one. I promise!” After a while she got annoyed LOL! Here are a few more of the pictures I got. 063 (me, Shelley Neville and Sheila Williams) 072 (me, my Niece, Dana Parsons and Keith Power) 073 (me, my Niece and Erin Winsor)

I had a wonderful time celebrating Bowring Park’s centennial today! Happy Birthday Bowring park! Here’s to another 100 years! What’s your fondest memory of Bowring Park? Tell me in the comments!

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