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Hey blog world! As I type my 3rd children’s book is coming out of the printer. Yes, I am endeavoring to become a children’s author. I now have three unpublished children’s books under my belt. I thought today I’d write about that and share with you my experiences in children’s book writing.

This started very recently. On May 6th I was as I usually do eating my lunch in the special needs classroom at school. One of my friends in that classroom is non verbal and in a wheelchair. She was listening to her favorite ebook “Red Is Best” by Kathy Stinson. I said to the teacher “To her purple is best!” Purple is her favorite color. I thought that would be a great idea for a book so I said so. The teacher said maybe I could write it! I thought that would be something fun to try so I said yes! I got home afterschool that day and began to write. I wanted my book to be similar to but not so similar that I’m copywriting “Red Is Best”. I called my book “I Love Purple”. I wrote about different purple things and why I liked them. For example. “I love my purple slippers. They make my feet happy and keep them nice and warm!” I added a few things to personalize it for her. One of the pages in the book is “I love my purple dress! It makes me look and feel like a princess!” On that page I put a picture of us at our grade 9 grad. She had a beautiful purple dress on! I also put in a page about purple bowling balls. She has a set of them and loves using them at Tuesday night Special Olympics bowling practice! When I read the book to her she squealed, flailed her arms and laughed! She loved it! That made me so happy and proud! Also “I Love Purple” is now an ebook! The teacher turned it into a slide show and got me to record myself reading the book. It’s now on her iPad and also on her computer and she uses it to teach my friend to push her special button (she has a button that she presses to turn the page of books)!

My next book also was written in May. I got the idea completely randomly one night! I don’t know how it got into my head but I went with it and wrote it. This book was titled “Circles”. “Circles” is a social skills program that I’ve done with my social thinking group at the Autism center. It’s a program that teaches how close we can get to certain people and how to talk to, touch and trust different people. It uses a set of circles to do this. The purple private circle, blue close hug circle, green far away hug circle, yellow handshake circle, orange wave circle and red stranger space. I thought of different people in my life who pertained to each of these circles and wrote about them. Myself for purple, my Mom for blue, Peter Halley Peter Halley for green, my math teacher for yellow, the bus driver I had in Jr High for orange and Steve Urkel Steve Urkel for red (just because I know that he’s Steve Urkel doesn’t mean I know him so therefore he’s a stranger in the red stranger space.) I brought it to my social thinking group that week and the instructor reallly liked it! So much so that she photocopied it and gave everyone else in the group a copy! Also she showed it to the leader of the younger social thinking group and she made more photocopies and will use it with her group! I was very thrilled and proud of that. It feels so special knowing that my book will be used to teach autistic children! Also since he’s in the book I gave Peter a copy of it. He loved it! I’m glad he did. I was re organising Peter’s office yesterday and found the copy on his shelf! That made me happy! I’m glad he keeps it there.

This third one as I said came out of the printer as I began writing this post. I figured that if I’m going to be a children’s author I should write a book about the alphabet. I wasn’t sure what kind of alphabet book to write though. I contemplated a few ideas but finally settled upon Broadway. I’m a self proclaimed drama geek with a passion for musical theatre! I decided to put my love of musicals into this alphabet book. I titled it “Broadway Alphabet”. It started off as pretty easy. A is for Annie, B is for Barricade, C is for Colored Coat etc but when I got down to the harder letters (Q,X,Y,Z) I took to Facebook and asked my theatre friends for help. Boy did I get help! They came up with so many great ideas! I really appreciated all their help. So much so that I added a special thank you page into the book thanking those whose contributions made it into the book.

I absolutely love being a children’s author and seeing the delight on people’s faces when they read my books! I’m looking forward to writing more. Have you ever written a book? Do you have any ideas for children’s books I should write? Tell me in the comments!

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