Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs

Hey blog world! I just got home from seeing Spirit of Newfoundland’s brand new show “Skeets, Snobs and Peppermint Knobs”. It was a wonderful show! This was a milestone for me because my Spirit attendance record has now hit the double digits! This was my 10th Spirit show! I can still remember each of the one’s I’ve seen in chronological order but that’s a blog post for another time. Spirit usually performs at the Masonic Temple but this time the show was at the Legion. It was part of the Kelligrews Soiree (click there to view a schedule of events.) It’s an annual 5 day festival that happens in CBS. I’ve been to a few of the Soiree events so far this year and I must admit this is the event that I enjoyed the most!

This, like all of Spirit’s shows was a dinner theatre. The appetizer was a nice garden salad with French dressing on the side. I found the dressing a little sour so I was glad it was on the side. I didn’t use it. The salad was good. Lots of yummy veggies in it. A short while after the appetizer staff started coming around with the main course. Turkey dinner. I got one without gravy because I don’t like gravy. I thought it was good. The dressing was very nice, the mashed potatoes were soft and creamy (just the way I like them) and the peas and carrots were good as well. I wasn’t fond of the mashed turnip though. The only vegetable I like eating mashed is potatoes. I prefer carrots, turnips etc whole. The deserts were laid out for us already on the table so it honestly took a lot of will power to prevent myself from eating it first LOL! It was a lovely piece of chocolate cheesecake with cream puff pieces on it. I thought that the cream puffs were a very nice touch. The cheesecake and cream puffs were both delicious!

Later on the show began! This show was about Newfoundland music and culture. It starred Dana Parsons (who played Lucy the S**t in Best Kind Production’s “Avenue Q”), Erin Winsor (she played Mary in Theatre St John’s “Mary Poppins” and she was also Eponine in Atlantic Light Theatre’s “Les Miserables”), Keith Power (who played the orange Bad Idea Bear in Best Kind Productions “Avenue Q”) and Jeff Simms (He was Joly in Atlantic Light Theatre’s production of “Les Miserables”). This was Jeff’s very first Spirit show. I thought he did an excellent job for his very first time!

The show began with a short little video narrated by Peter Halley Peter Halley. I love his voice! He could read the phonebook and I’d stop what I was doing and listen! In my opinion he’s Newfoundland’s answer to Morgan Freeman. After that little video the cast came on stage and they began to sing. When Jeff snag a bit of “Feller From Fortune” I was blown away! He has such a great voice. I’d heard it before (he did a beautiful job of “Lilly’s Eyes” from “Secret Garden” in Do You Hear The People Sing) but it was a while since I heard him last and I’d forgotten what his voice sounded like. I really enjoyed “Lukey’s Boat“. Also I got quite the laugh out of “Nothin’ Like A Newfoundlander“. It was hysterical! Erin’s translated version of “Ise the By” was cute. She took the song and translated it from Newfoundland English to… well English English. A snippet of that is “I am the boy who constructed the vessel, I am the boy who navigated.” (“Ise the By that builds the boat Ise the By that sails ‘er”).

Later in the first act they all came out as skeets 130! I’d seen Dana and Keith play skeets before in the Christmas show “Christmas Around The World” and they were hilarious! Even more so this time! Erin and Jeff made very funny skeets as well. They were a bunch of High Schoolers who had to do a project on Newfoundland culture and hadn’t the slightest clue about much of it. My favorite parts of this scene with the skeets were when Keith busted out Pharell’s “Happy” and when they did the “911 Party’s On Da Dance Floor” rap! I laughed so much I nearly lost my breath! Also in the first act was Ruby Brace 124. She’s a recurring character in Spirit’s shows. Tonight she defined some Newfoundland words. It was great to get to see her in the show!

Also in the show they sang songs from different decades. I really liked the songs they did from the 20’s. They were fun to snap my fingers and dance to. The best part of the music from different decades bit was definitely when Dana and Erin sang “Tiptoe Through The Tulips“. I laughed and sang along with that. I also liked Dana’s parody of a Chuck Berry song called “Ding A Ling“. In this version she talked about some famous Newfoundlanders. It was cool.

The second act was great! It was fun to watch Dana go around in the audience singing “Thank God We’re Surrounded By Water“. It was also fun watching Keith sing a song about a girl he’d met who was a Townie and she stole all his money and his tie clip and other things. Dana played the girl that he met and she was so funny! She had teeth missing and spoke in a hilarious accent. After that little song the skeets all came back out and showed their projects off. Earlier the girls played the video that they made and it was awesome! They were sat in Spirit of Newfoundland’s screech room and they defined “Townie” and “Bayman”. I really liked that. In this second skeets segment the girls sang a jingle they’d written about Purity goods (Purity is a company in Newfoundland that makes things like peppermint knobs, hard bread, syrup, crackers and such) and they played a video narrated by Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle. I thought thee video was nice. Lots of pretty scenery in the background. I can’t quite remember much of the boys project.

One of my favorite parts of act 2 was “The Smoke Room On The Kyle“. It’s a recitation that was written by Kelly Russell. He’s a Newfoundland singer and he wrote comedic little stories about the fictitious outport of Pigeon Inlet that were told on the radio back in the day. “The Smoke Room On The Kyle” is about Kelly’s Pigeon Inlet character Grandpa Walcott and the tale he told one night in the smoke room on the S.S Kyle. Jeff did this recitation and I thought it was beautiful. He did very well. Another one of my favorite parts of act 2 was when the cast sang “Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s“. They sang this song beautifully! It was wonderful!

Also in act 2 they sang some songs by Ron Hynes. The man of a thousand songs. I didn’t know many of them but I did know “Sonny’s Dream”. I loved hearing them sing it. They did this one beautifully as well. After doing some Ron Hynes songs they sang some Buddy Wassisname songs. They did a bit of “Chainsaw Earl” which I loved because that’s one of my favorite Buddy Wassisname songs! It’s really funny. Then they sang “Saltwater Joys“. It was very pretty.

At the end of the show I gave them a standing ovation! They deserved it after the amazing performance they just gave! I remained standing and sang along with them as they sang “Spirit of Newfoundland” the beautiful song that Peter wrote that they sing at the end of every show. After singing it Dana talked about me! She said how I come to every show and how I work at Spirit. It felt great to hear her say all those nice things about me. After she talked about me and a few others it was time to sing the Ode to Newfoundland. After that the show was over.

Evan Smith was the pianist in the show tonight. He’s a co worker of mine. Both of us work at Spirit of Newfoundland! I saw him up on stage getting ready to go so I called out to him and he came over and I congratulated him on a job well done and we high fived! That was awesome! I talked to Peter a bit too. We talked about the show and how much I liked it and we talked about their upcoming Elvis show too. Peter was not at all surprised when I said I already had my table booked LOL! Speaking of which quick show plug. Spirit will be doing “Viva Lost Elvis” starting on July 24th and running all summer. Check it out! I asked Peter if I could get a picture with him and he said yes and asked if I wanted the rest of the cast in the picture with me. Of course I did! He went backstage and told the cast that I wanted a picture and came back out and said they’d be a few minutes. While I waited I got a picture with Evan 135. After waiting a while the cast came out. I got a hug from Dana! I loved that. I also loved that she loved the cupcakes I gave her. I made cupcakes for my co workers on Tuesday and left 3 in the dressing room for the cast of “Women Doin’ Men”. I’m glad Dana and the other two girls (Janet Cull and Kelly-Ann Evans) enjoyed them. Here’s the picture I got with Peter and the cast of the show 137.

I had an incredible night at this show tonight and highly recommend going! Especially if you’re a CFA (Come From Away) tourist visiting here during the summer or know anyone who is. For more info on Spirit click here. Have you seen this show yet? What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments!



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