Grade 11 Memories

Hey blog world! Summer is finally here! I just got home from my last day of grade 11! As I usually do at the end of the school year I’m going to do a post on some of the many memories I have made this year.

  • On the 2nd floor near the enterance there is a case with mannequins inside that display work the students in clothing have made. One particular mannequin I named Fantine. I named her that because the dress she had on reminded me of Fantine’s work outfit in “Les Misérables” Fantine factory outfit. One day around the middle of the school year I noticed that Fantine was now nude. The dress she once wore was now thrown over the mannequin next to her. I laughed at this and renamed her Patricia (after my favorite Chris De Burgh song “Patricia the Stripper“).
  • One night I went out to Jungle Jims with my family for supper. In the treasure chest I saw a bunch of clown noses! I took one for myself and I also took one for each of the students in the special needs classroom just for fun. I gave them to them the next day and they loved them! They went around all recess pretending to be clowns! They looked so cute in their noses!
  • We got to listen to the “Big Bang Theory” theme song in Bio when we were learning about evolution! That was awesome!
  • For career we had to job shadow someone. I job shadowed Janet Cull at Spirit of Newfoundland! Best school project ever!!! Click here to read the blog post I wrote about my experience that day.
  • I made a lot of yummy things this year in nutrition.nachos, flower cupcakes (which I admittedly failed at making LOL), macaroni and cheese and lots of other yummy stuff. My favorite thing I made this year was the butter chicken. I’d never tried it before so I was skeptical at first but when I tried it I loved it!
  • I found so much joy in one of the simplest things. Playing with raw macaroni! The special needs teacher has a tub of raw macaroni that her students use for sensory play. They put their hands in it, dig around to find toy fish she’s hidden and there’s a pot, cup, spoon and measuring cups so they can pretend their cooking. I got to play in the macaroni with one of her students several times this year and I absolutely loved it! It felt really nice on my hands and it was fun to pretend I was cooking! It also made my heart happy to see my friend smiling and laughing as she pretended to make supper for her teacher.
  • On my schedule Biology comes before English. One day I got mixed up and accidentaly went to English when I was supposed to be in bio! I went into my English classroom, sat down and it took me and the teacher 8 minutes to realize I was in the wrong classroom! We laughed for quite a while.
  • On Winter Carnival day I stayed at school instead of going on one of the many field trips. I forgot to sign up for one! I spent the morning with the special needs class. We painted and made ice cream! I had a lot of fun.
  • We had a talent show at school and I performed in it! I sang “Taylor The Latte Boy” by Kristin Chenoweth. A lot of people though I wrote it LOL! I lost out to a punk rock/screamo band named “Idol Sock”. Despite my loss I still had a blast!
  • One day at school my friend who is non verbal and in a wheelchair was watching her favoirte ebook on the computer during lunch time. It’s called “Red Is Best”. I joked with the teacher saying that to her purple is best (purple is her favorite color). That to me sounded like a good idea for a book, so I said so and the teacher said maybe I could write it! I thought that would be a cool idea so I took on the project. I called it “I Love Purple”. I wrote it in one night and the next day when I read it to my friend she squealed with joy and flailed her arms. It made me so happy to see that she loved the book. It’s now also in the form of an ebook. The teacher recorded me reading the book and turned it into a slideshow ebook for my friend.
  • I got to rap for my music class! I took applied music this year and it’s a performance course. We get 8 practice classes and then we have to do a performance in front of the class. For my 2nd last performance I decided to mix it up and try something different than what I’m used to. I decided to rap! I rapped “Everytime You Run” by Manafest. It’s my favorite Christian rap song. The class really enjoyed it! I was glad they did.
  • I got to film a kitchen safety video for Nutrition. I had grave difficulty getting past the first fricking line (“OMG! The “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” marathon starts in 5 minutes! Mom says I can’t watch TV until I’ve put all the dishes in the sink to be washed. I better hurry!”) Other than that it wasn’t too hard to do. It was really funny and the class loved it! The teacher even showed it to her other Nutrition class and told the other Nutrition teacher that if he needs an example for his students when he does this project with them to use mine!
  • In my Math class if we had class last period on a Friday we wouldn’t do any work. The teacher would play a game with us! Usually either Scattergories or Family Feud. It was awesome! I was really good at both. Another great thing about this was that sir would award the winners with extra marks on their tests.
  • In French class as a way of saying goodbye to the aide who had been helping us during the year we made crepes. It was my first time doing that. It was cool! They tasted great too. I put nutella and strawberries in mine and it was delicious!
  • During peace week we had different theme days. We’d have to wear certain colors on each different day. On Pink day for anti bullying (which ironically landed on a Wednesday Mean Girls pink) I wore everything pink! I put my Elle Woods Elle Woods costume that I wore for Halloween two years ago on. One of the student council members saw me and was astounded by the amount of Pink I had on! She took my picture for the year book. On red day for drunk driving awareness I wore everything red. I even tied a MADD ribbon into my hair!
  • Also during Peace week we had a disabilities awareness day. Students could sign up to spend a period in a wheelchair, wearing a blindfold or wearing a pair of noise cancelling headphones. I wore a blindfold. It was a very interesting experience. I was really nervous in the hallway! I learned a lot from doing this. Click here to read the post I wrote about that.
  • I won a few awards this year! I was very proud of that. I won an ambassador award for competing in the Lion’s Club Speak Off and the 2014 Winter Games in Clarenville and the special education teacher gave me an award for being kind, caring and helpfull in her classroom.
  • On Valentines day I got a rose! My friend gave one to all his female friends. That was so nice of him. It made my day!
  • We got to watch “Rain Man” in Career. It’s one of my favorite movies. I was really happy the teacher showed it to us in class!
  • In French we got to create board games! I made a “Les Misérables” jeopardy game. Unfortunately we never got to play it in class. Oh well!

What are some of your favorite memories from this school year? Tell me in the comments!


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