To The Tune Of

It Hey blog world! The Daily Post issued a writing challenge (found here) called “To The Tune Of”. Basically I have to rewrite a song. A friend of mine likes doing this in her free time. She takes songs and adds fancier words to them. I thought that’s what I’d do for this writing challenge. I’m going to fancify (I know that’s not a word but it is now) “Goodbye Earl” by the Dixie Chicks

Mary Anne and Wanda were best of companions throughout their period of education in High School both affiliates for the 4H club both efficacious in the FFA succeeding graduation Mary Anne ventured searching for a incandescent dissimilar universe Wanda searched all around this metropolis however all she discovered was Earl

It was not two occasions thereafter she got espoused that Wanda commenced succumbing to misconduct she donned ill-lighted spectacles elongated sleeve blouses and makeup in order to superimpose her contusion

She belatedly received the moxie to file for annulment she allowed the constabulary to handle the issue however Earl waltzed about the restraining order and admitted her into intensive care

Immediately Mary Anne circumnavigated in from Atlanta upon a red eyed midnight voyage she clutched Wanda’s extremity and they conspired a gimmick and they didn’t prolong to mediate that Earl was obliged to decease

Adieu Earl! Said black eyed peas? They savored unobjectionable to me Earl. Do you sense as though you are lackadaisical? Perhaps lounge and retire Earl. Is it not atramentous, encased in that sailcloth Earl?

The constabulary disembarked to apprehend Earl they scoured the abode high and low then they sloped their headgear and said much obliged females if you get wind of him notify us

well the weeks passed and spring oscillated to summer and summer etiolated into fall and it appeared that he was a unaccounted for being whom no one missed at all

Therefore the females purchased some acreage and a roadside stand out on roadway 109 they vend Tennessee ham and strawberry jam and they do not lack slumber at twilight for Earl was obliged to decease

Adieu Earl! We require an intermission, let us venture to the lake Earl. We will stow a luncheon, and wedge you in the trunk Earl. Is that tolerable? Superb! Let us  go for a commute Earl, exclamation!

There you have it blog world! A fancier version of “Goodbye Earl”. Now it’s your turn! Take a song you like and rewrite the words! Have fun!




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