Spamalot Auditions

Hey blog world! As I said in my post Monty Python I would post up audition info for Atlantic Light Theatre’s upcoming production of “Spamalot” when availlable. It’s now availlable! They posted it on their facebook page (feel free to like them if you drop by) on Saturday. Auditions for “Spamalot” are June 21st and 22nd (this Saturday and Sunday) at the Arts and Culture centre. To book an audition time e mail them at I’m auditioning on Saturday! I hope to see some of you readers there! Good luck to those who audition and remember to always look on the bright side of life! If you don’t get a part you can always go see the show (which is what I plan to do if I don’t make it)! It’ll be at the Arts and Culture Centre in February!


UPDATE: I just looked at Atlantic Lights website and they are looking for people 18 years and older. I am not able to audition but maybe some of you reading this are! As I said above good luck!

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