Friday the 13th

Hey blog world! How’s your day been going? I’ve been having bad luck so far. My school has just started final exams and we have a schedule of what day and time each exam is. I looked at the schedule and didn’t think my exam was until Tuesday. I slept in this morning until around 9:00. I got up and just double checked the schedule and had an “Oh cr*p!” Moment. I’d completely forgotten that I was academic English! My exam was today and I was already late! I immediately got dressed and scarfed down a peanut butter sandwitch and called my Pop to drive me to school.

When I arrived I was an hour late for the exam! I was so worried that they wouldn’t let me take it. Thankfully I was able to take it. I was so relieved! Once I had completed the exam I went to the special needs classroom to buy a hotdog and can of pop since again all I had this morning was a peanut butter sandwitch and half bottle of cranberry juice. Thankfully some good luck came about here! I ordered a hotdog and can of diet A&W rootbeer and said to the teacher I was so glad to be there getting food because all I had this morning was a peanut butter sandwitch since I was in a rush and she let me have the food for free! That was so nice of her! After I ate my hotdog and drank my pop I got a piece of fudge. That I paid for. The special needs classroom uses the money to fund fieldtrips and fun cook days so I thought I’d pay for the fudge because it’s such a worthwile cause.

When I got home not too long ago I experienced more Friday the 13th bad luck. My poppy couldn’t unlock my front door! He tried all of his keys several times but couldn’t unlock it. Eventually he did unlock the doorknob but he accidentally locked the top lock as well and he couldn’t get it unlocked! After trying for quite the while he finally did though so that was great.

Are Friday the 13th’s unlucky for you? Tell me in the comments!


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