Janeway Telethon 2014

Hey blog world! Yesterday I was on the Janeway Telethon! This was my 8th year doing it. I started 8 years ago by donating $40 of my allowance and loved it so much I kept it up! It’s an annual thing for me now. It feels so rewarding to help them out. My Niece collected money and donated on the air with me as well this year. Every year they held the telethon in the Janeway hospital but this year (and from now on) the location has changed. They broadcasted from the Freemasons Hall in Mount Pearl. I had never been there before so I was excited to go and see it! It looked very nice.

When my Mom, Niece and I arrived we saw Shelley Neville Shelley! Her and Peter Halley Peter Halley were going to be performing on the telethon. I was really happy I was there the same time as them! I talked to Shelley a bit and showed her the medals I won on Saturday (I wore the rhythmic gymnastics medals I won to the telethon) and we even got a picture together Shelley! Shortly after that Peter came!!! We said hello to each other for a brief second then Peter had to go downstairs to get his makeup done. Even though it was short I thought it was nice getting to say hi to Peter. Then me and my Niece got our checks. They give us these HUGE cardboard checks to show on air! It’s so cool getting to hold the big check! The reveal is fun too!

After we got our checks we were lead to the stage area. It looked really pretty! We were told we could sit and watch until it was our turn to go on. Knowing it was soon Shelley and Peter’s turn I was excited I got to sit down and watch them! First Shelley performed a solo with Sandy Morris (of “The Wonderful Grand Band” and “8 Track Favorites”) on guitar. She sang “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” . It was beautiful! As was her next performance with Peter. They sang “Wave Over Wave” . I loved it. As I said it was beautiful! I felt so honoured to be a part of the live audience watching their performance.

After they performed I learned that Peter would be hosting for a little bit. I got really excited and hoped that he would be me and my Niece’s interviewer! I asked one of the behind the scenes people who it would be and she said Sharon Snow and Edie Sheer. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t Peter but was still happy to get them. I had Sharon Snow before and she was a good interviewer so I was glad to get her again. Eventually another behind the scenes person came and told me that there was a change and Peter would be doing our interview!!! I was beyond thrilled! A big smile came across my face and it stayed there a long time!

Before the interview Peter talked to me and my Niece. He asked us why we did what we did and how we raised the money. I told him that I sold keychains. I brought one with me and asked if I could show it on air and plug my keychains and he said I could! He also said he’d buy one from me. That was nice of him. A few minutes after we talked it was time to go on! He introduced us by saying “I’m here with one person who I just met today and another person who’s an old friend of mine” then he said my name and put his arm around me! That was very sweet of him. I put my arm around him. Then he asked me the same questions as before we went on. Why I donated and how I got the money, then he asked my Niece why she donated and how she got hers. Then we got to reveal our checks! We had raised $60 each. Not bad I think! Then to end our interview off Peter plugged my keychains! He showed it on camera, read what it said (“Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation”) and said people could contact me if they wanted one. Then I gave out my e mail address. Hopefully that plug will get me some more business so I can get some more money for the Janeway!

After the interview we got a picture with Peter Peter! Then after saying goodbye it was time to go. As we were leaving the stage area I saw a pretty cool person sitting in the audience area with his family. Ashton Toope is one of this years miracle kids that was profiled on the telethon  He’s Newfoundland’s first cool baby. The little darling is even cuter in person! I told him how inspiring he was and got to shake his hand! After doing that Mom, my Niece and I left.

I had a great time at the telethon and can’t wait to do it again next year! Have you ever appeared on the telethon? What did you do? Tell me in the comments!


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